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Something You Made

19 May, 2012

This is the title for day 18. I did start it yesterday, honest! But Friday’s are always busy and I didn’t finish it until today. So a bit late, here is yesterday’s entry for the May Fiction Challenge.

I made budget at work this month. A few of us did, and now we earnt a bonus for the quarterly performance. Keira said we should go for a drink after work to celebrate.

I made a call to James, told him I would be late and at half past five we all went to the pub. While we were sitting there chatting, Mark from accounts came in. We all looked over, sneakily so he wouldn’t see us. All the girls fancy him, he’s gorgeous. Dark hair, quite fit looking, he must go to the gym a lot.

I made Gemma laugh telling her about a call I had today with a dog barking so loud in the background I couldn’t hear what the man was saying. Mark heard her laugh and came over. “Hi girls,” he said, “what’s so funny?” “Tell him Katie,” Gemma said.

I made myself look stupid by getting the story a bit wrong, and even though he laughed I knew it was just pretend. He only came to sit with us to get to Keira anyway, she’s the pretty one. I’ve only ever seen him in the corridor, sometimes he says hello but I don’t think he knows who I am. Mark said we should go for a pizza. I thought why not, we’re celebrating, and I love pizzas

I made another call to James, told him our new plans and we all went on to Pizza Hut. I knew the bill was going to be a lot. We’d all had dough balls, some of us had ice cream too. We all had more wine with our food, so as well as being full up, and spending more than I should, I was pretty drunk. Mark walked me to the taxi rank, then as we live the same way, said we should share, it would be cheaper.

I made him so aroused, he whispered to me as he put his hand round me, stroked my arm, he loved that top I was wearing. It was a bit lowcut I suppose, but I hadn’t ever thought it would have that effect on anyone. On Mark. He told he thought about me a lot, sometimes when he was at home, when he was alone, when he was in bed. He kissed my neck. Light, soft kisses.

I made a real effort to stop him, I really did. Okay, I enjoyed his kisses and it did get me a bit excited and his hand was on my knee. But I moved it away and I was going to tell him we really shouldn’t and then he started kissing my mouth, and well, it must have been the wine and him telling me all these things he had imagined we would do together, but suddenly we were kissing. Kissing so hard, so desperately, so sexily, and his hands were on me and all over me.

I made the decision, I did. I can’t say I didn’t. We stopped at his first, and he asked if I wanted a coffee and I said yes. I knew he didn’t just mean coffee, but I made the decision. Mark wanted me, and the wine and the smell of his aftershave and his kisses and caresses told me that I could do this. That James would never know.

I made a mistake, I knew that as soon as we were in his bed, as soon as he was in me. When he had finished, I told him it was a mistake. He turned is back, said if that was my fucking attitude it was him who had made the mistake. He made me leave.

And now James wants to know why I am crying. I say it’s because I am so happy and so in love with him. But he doesn’t believe me, and he wants to know where I’ve been. He smells Mark’s aftershave on me.

I made such a mess of everything.

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