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11 June, 2012

Inspired by the fact that I saw Girl At Work again today (hence the “no chance” tag), I tried something a little different. Let me know what you think, whether it works or whether it’s cheesy rubbish. PLEASE be honest in any comments, and be warned it’s a bit racey. Not as much as some of the posts on WP, but more so than the stuff I usually write…


I closed my eyes and unfurled my body from its foetal rest, stretching across the diagonal of the bed. The toes of one foot crept outside of the thin cotton sheets, and in the mental images behind my closed eyes I saw the waft of the light curtains as clearly as I felt the summer breeze they allowed into the room.

I felt a hand carefully explore its way across my chest, discovering the light contours of first one breast and then her twin. The fingers teased against my nipples, swirling, dancing around them before caressing them keenly, enticing them into aroused peaks. The hand reached to my side, smoothing along the length of me, surfing across the waves of my ribs, before coursing across my smooth stomach, slowly gliding downwards, further downwards. It caressed my hips, my thighs, before gently but insistently probing between them. My legs melted apart, and as I felt the sheet slide away from me, the hand lightly, almost imperceptibly, tickled its way to the top of my thighs. I grabbed at the sheet with a hand, tugged it fully away from me, a desperate foot kicking at the cotton to leave me completely exposed, vulnerable, naked.

The hand gently stroked, circled, warmed as it made its first enquiring caresses. I heard a small moan come from me as my back slowly arched, my body pulling itself towards the hand. It was more insistent now, and first one of its fingers and then more entered into me, the thumb still tickling, teasing as the fingers explored deeper inside me.

I turned my head, and I could feel his breath on my neck as I brought my mouth to the pillow to stifle the increasingly desperate cries I could hear bursting from me. My eyes forced themselves ever tighter as the fingers increased their rhythm, their force, and my hand found its way to my breast where it grabbed, stroked with growing intensity. My thighs slammed themselves together, trapping the hand, entrapping it, capturing it as its thrusts became ever harder. My body enfolded itself back to the foetal position as the tension grew within me, a tiny dark spark of passion expanding through my body, my self. How had he waited this long? How had he resisted? How I had hoped I would finally feel his hands around me, on me, in me.

With one catastrophic explosion of desire, the surge of tension boiled inside me and burst across my body. My thighs jumped from the bed, lifting, rising towards the hand which now froze, feeling my pulses possess me as I called out in relief and ecstasy.

My breaths slowly reduced. I felt the breeze skate across the sweat that covered me, raising tiny chills across my bare skin. I lay flat, I smiled, I sighed. The fingers quietly withdrew, and flitted across my body before the hand, my hand, drew the sheet across me.

I curled again, ready for sleep, imagined just once more that the hand had been his, that those breaths had been real. And wondered if he would understand the meaning of my smile when I saw him the next day.


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  1. haha love it

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    From the lady’s pov. I did like this. No critique to offer on the first read.

    • thank you! i am happy writing in voices of different characters, but feel nervous describing the naughty stuff from a female perspective so I’m glad you thought it worked.
      now to fight the biscuit craving and get back to the WIP…

  3. Wow, RG, just discovered this…. That was seriously hot! – No, critique, flowed and reads brilliantly.

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