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Is it wrong to fancy your characters?

8 July, 2012

In my current WIP, a male character is openly and unashamedly flirting with a female character he has just met (a colleague of his sister). She is based on and inspired by a female actress i happen to have a massive crush on, and as a result i think i enjoy the scenes featuring her a little too much.

I have written short fiction of a slightly racier nature before, and the WIP is not the place for the description to go too far in this direction. But i can’t help describing her in so much detail though, and enjoying doing so. I justify this to myself by saying that these scenes are written from the male character’s POV who he is a creepy, lecherous guy, and the uncertainty that he and the reader have of her intentions towards him are a major plot point. But am i allowing too much appreciation of her figure and allowing it to become my fantasies about the actress? There is a scene later on where she emerges from the bathroom naked, but this (honestly!) (conveniently!) is fairly central to the plot.

And if all fiction is essentially self-expression and all characters are an extension of the author’s self, what does it say about me if i fancy this character? Is that weird? Or do you get that too?


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  1. Not weird by me, i would go for it 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s wrong at all. You’ve created a character with a personality and traits that are interesting and important to you, so why wouldn’t you fancy her?

  3. I haven’t really written much fiction, so it’s not something that I’ve ever experienced, but from what you say it sounds like it will help to inject life into your characters. I imagine writing how a character feels when it’s something that you’re actually feeling yourself will make for a richer reading experience once it’s completed.
    It it doesn’t sound weird at all.

    • To me the characters feel real enough to be their own people with their own lives, so they do feel separate from me. But yes, writing something i know is always both easier and more satisfying

  4. Delilah permalink

    I struggle with the same thing. I wonder if I should clarify whether I have this problem with female or male characters. Hmm, think I will let everyone wonder. It is very hard for me to pull back though. I don’t like the idea of writing something that I felt restraint when writing.

    • “I will let everyone wonder” hmmm now youve got us interested 😉
      I have written bits and then realised i am fantasising too much and not furthering the plot. so in that sense i pull back but i would remove anything that isnt essential anyway

  5. TheOthers1 permalink

    If its based off a real person, it’s not that weird. I’ve never formed any noticeable infatuation to my male characters though I’ve liked them as people a great deal. I think that’s good if you like your characters, you tend to write them convincingly that way.

    • i like the sister too, but she is purely fictional and hasn’t had quite such an effect on me.
      the male character is a really sleazy bloke so i don’t like him as a person, but as a character he is great fun to write!

  6. I dunno. Depends on the actress. ; )

  7. I nearly always fall in love with my characters… then I have to break up the relationship otherwise I become to indulgent with them! I can always come back to them in my imagination once the book is finished, then I can indulge all I want… and sometimes this leads to another story”

    • HI Lois! yes, it does make for more complete and complex characters if you can get to know and understand them fully. and as you say if they are like old friends then it is nice to see what they get up to after that story has ended

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