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25 July, 2012

Hold the front page! Stop the clocks! All that sort of thing! Eternal miserablist TRG is in a good mood. I know, amazing isn’t it? Primarily this is due to off-air events i’m not going to share with you, but which have my head full of happy (dare i say confident?) thoughts and have left me surprised and smiling.

In other news, GAW is out of the office today on a secondment to another location, which normally would upset me. Yes i am missing her, and i had to drink the whole pot of Green Tea by myself this morning. But who did she choose to send chatty emails to when the boredom of the other office kicked in? Yep, that’ll be me! 🙂 (Still using the No Chance tag though)

So yes, i am in a happy mood today. I’d say i’m around 7 or 7.5 which really is pushing towards unknown territory. I am also managing not to assume this will all come crashing down any time soon. So as the Americans say, Go Me!!

  1. I’ll say it too: Go you!

    So tell me, are there any plans on sharing your feelings with GAW?

    • Bonjour Madame, and merci for the encouragement and support 🙂
      Declaring my feelings, sadly, is a dead end street. Even if she has feelings even slightly beyond Chatty Mates, her mortgage and live-in boyfriend suggest she wouldn’t want to take it further. (for more details read all my posts tagged No Chance)
      And given that GAW stands for Girl At Work, things could get pretty awkward when she rejects me. Probably best to stick to ambiguous friendliness/flirting, and lusting/fantasising from afar.

      • I see your point. I’ve been there too. Seriously, come to the States—my fellow American ladies would love you. 🙂

      • i think you may be right – i do get nice comments when people find out i am english.
        if my accent had its own blog, it would have millions of followers and likes!

      • You could do an audio entry—that would bring them in… 🙂

      • now THAT is a good idea!

        if you promise to reblog it for all your american lady friends then i will post pics of England’s green and pleasant land accompanied by my audio tour…

        i might get out there with the camera (ok, the camera in my phone!) this weekend while the sun is shining

      • watch this space….

  2. Delilah permalink

    Having been to England already…I still approve this message! My daughter is already asking to move there. ::sigh:: the accents are lovely.

    • thanks delilah, im already mentally planning the tour.
      and thanks for saying accentS. plural. we dont all speak like hugh grant 😉

      • Delilah permalink

        no problem! i’m more of hugh laurie fan though

      • he’s great. i’ve never seen house though. i love his comedy stuff with stephen fry

      • Delilah permalink

        oh indeed! I just love that he plays piano and sings. I loved him before House, it was just a bonus….minus his accent.

      • He’s on a world tour playing piano blues at the moment. An all-round talent

  3. RG, you are happy. Really? For some reason I feel my world has just shifted slightly on its axis. BTW – Love all the flirting in the comments. Made me smile and in a very good way.

  4. This is hilarious. But I don’t appreciate the ambiguity of your first paragraph. Quite rude, really. Are you very up and down with your moods? I am, that’s why I ask. All over the place. 🙂 Loved the bit about approaching 7.5—unknown territory. So funny.

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