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The Pool

29 July, 2012



It only took a minute to fetch the wine from the kitchen but in that time, she had left her spot on the lounger. As I stepped out to the patio again I heard a ripple of water and looked across to the pool. She was in the water already, leaning against the side of the pool, wine glass in hand.

“You took your time,” she joked, “come over here and top me up.”

Just her head and shoulders peered above the poolside as she watched me from the water, leaning her arms on the pool’s edge. The light summer dress she had been wearing was lying discarded on the poolside, the thin straps of her white bra glowing against her dark tanned skin. She held her empty glass out to me impatiently. I tried to act cool, but inside the thrill was immense and I knew now that the bulge I had hoped to conceal was now growing so big it would now be clear to us both.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked, “bring me some wine and get in the pool with me.” I put the bottle down and nervously, slowly pulled my t-shirt over my head and dropped it next to the bottle. When I looked up again, she had set down her glass and was now holding her white satin bra high in front of her, warm pool water dripping from it as she dropped it theatrically to the ground. She was still hidden behind the poolside, just her head and shoulders visible, and her now wet hair was slicked back to fully show off her beautiful face. Droplets of water glinted against her tanned skin as she watched me undress.

I took a breath, slowly undid my shorts and slid them down to the floor, stepping out of them and kicking my shoes to one side. Thoughts of wine were now far from my mind as I stepped into the pool in just my bulging underwear and we stood face to face in the warm water, the ripples lapping around the fullness of her breasts, the light hairs of my chest.

I stepped forward into her arms, and we kissed hungrily, our tongues insistently probing their way into each other’s mouths, licking and sucking as they explored. The feeling of her firm breasts their aroused peaks pressing into my chest, brushing against my own hardening nipples, sent another sensuous rush of arousal straight to my cock, now achingly hard and pressing insistently against my cotton pants, begging to join with her. Her hands were caressing my shoulders, my arms, my back, with a gentle, barely perceptible stroke. She pushed her hips even closer to me, and she moaned as her hands move downwards to press herself against me, to feel the eagerness of my cock reaching for her, aching for her sweet moistness.

My hands were matching her every move, sliding first lightly, then more insistently over the smooth skin of her back, devouring every part of her skin, her body, and as they followed her lead my hands swept lower and I slipped a hand inside her white cotton knickers and caressed her rounded behind. She moaned again as slowly my lips moved across her cheek, her neck, her chest and to her breasts. I could feel her heart was beating powerfully in her chest as I licked and sucked at first her left breast and then her right. She brought one hand back to my head, stroking me, pushing my mouth closer to her pert nipples as I carefully nibbled and teased. The fingers of her other hand trailed forwards across my stomach, and moving downwards again, began to rub my now rock hard penis through my thin pants. As she stroked me, I brought my hands forward and my fingers began to echo hers, slowly stroking through the thin layer of cotton. She cried out with passion as the friction of the fabric stimulated her clit, sending waves of desire cascading through her entire body. For a few ecstatic minutes, our hands massaged and stroked each other, first through our underwear, but quickly our hands slipped inside and we both moaned each others names as we experienced the intimate touch of each other’s fingers for the first time.

She broke away from our embrace as she stepped back to the pool’s edge, and with a light push, she rose up and sat on the poolside, her legs in the water, parting, invited. I took a step towards her, my eyes staring directly at her now translucent white underwear. Again she grasped my head and pulled it to her, stroking my shaved skin and I stepped between her legs to begin kissing and stroking her taught stomach, her navel, and soon my mouth and fingers journeyed down her slender body to where her moist arousal awaited me. My kisses reached her white knickers and she gave a breathless gasp of pleasure as she lent back on her arms, her eyes closing to enjoy the pleasure of my mouth and fingers.

She lifted her hips from the ground and I quickly eased her from her underwear, slipping her knickers down her smooth legs and into the water. She relaxed her perfect and now naked body on the patio and stretched out before me, waiting for the sensual pleasure of my touch. My kisses now found their way to her core, and she gasped loudly as my tongue entered her warmth, pressing past her lips, licking against the delicate mound of her clitoris. My hands caressed her thighs, her hips, her stomach before running the merest of fingernail touches along the very tops of her inner thighs. She wrapped her long legs around me, pulling me closer to her, surrounding me with her sweet smelling skin as her hands continued to stroke my head and shoulders. I could feel her hips moving and thrusting towards me as her arousal increased, and I knew that she had lifted her head and was watching me as my kissing and licking and fondling continued. Her sighs and moans increased, becoming quicker, more frenzied, as I brought my hands underneath her, lifting her from the ground  and stroking her as I nibbled at her stomach with my teeth before returning my mouth to her clitoris. I took it carefully in my mouth, sucking and licking teasingly at first, but then more and more hungrily. And then her hands pressed my head to her, and her thighs grasped around me tightly. Her body quivered as her climax broke over her, and the erotic tension of her orgasm forced another loud moan from her.

Her grip on me lessened as her breathing slowed and she lay back on the poolside. But only for a short moment before her hands were sliding underneath my arms as she gently persuaded me from the pool.

“Now I think it’s your turn” she smiled, and I climbed from the water and lay down next to her, the dress removed so long ago protecting my skin from the cool of the patio. Her hands wasted no time in grabbing at my underwear, pulling it smartly down, freeing my desperately hard cock.

Her hands rekindled their exploration of my naked wet body as she stroked my stomach, my thighs and then the length of my shaft. She brought her mouth to join her fingers, and as I lay back I could feel her cool wet hair tickling my stomach, her light kisses on my throbbing head. I gently stroked the soft skin of her shoulders with one hand as I gripped at her discarded dress with the other. Her hands continued to caress my shaft as her kisses gradually turned to licking and then sucking as she took me into her mouth, her lips working up and down the full length of my cock. The deep thrusts of her lips alternated with light nibbles and licks of my head as brought me closer and closer to orgasm. She brought a hand higher to lightly rub at my stomach, and I could feel my muscles quiver at the arousal of her touch. I could hear myself calling her name as this roving hand stroked downwards again to lightly tickle and stroke behind my balls.

And just as I was on the verge of coming, I felt her mouth lift away and rise to meet mine. As my eyes opened our tongues probed each other’s mouths again and we gasped and breathlessly kissed. I embraced her tightly as we carried on our kissing, my hands were running all across her naked body, her shoulders, her back, her bum, her thighs, desperate to feel the touch of every part of her tanned skin. My right hand found its way between her thighs, and as her hand pulled at my bursting cock, I again pressed my fingers inside her, penetrating her, stroking at her sweet spot. Her grasping of the shaft and head of my cock grew stronger and faster to match the rhythm of my hand, our passionate sighs were stifled in each other’s mouths and kisses.

Our lips separated and her mouth nipped and bit at my neck and shoulders. I desperately brought her towards her release and she gave a frantic cry as I felt her thighs clasp around my hand, her second release of that night engulfed her. I knew that I could wait no longer. With a thrust of my thighs and a deep moan, my climax erupted from me, my cock in her hand as she directed the sticky flow to cover us both. Our moans and gasps slowly receded as our fingers playfully rubbed each other’s sweat-covered skin, spreading the wetness of our orgasms around our bodies before entering each others mouths to be sucked and licked. We separated from our embrace and lay next to each other, naked, sweating, cooling, satisfied, exhausted.

“So,” she smiled, “weren’t you fetching the wine?”

  1. WOW. That was brilliant!

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    I love the word knickers. Erotic and very very sexy. I felt like a voyeur peeking in on them. Mm, just lovely.

  3. I’ll pay you big money to turn this into an audio blog entry……

  4. A far cry from Riverside Park! On either side of the Atlantic!

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