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Video Blog – Walls and West Quay

6 August, 2012

Hello. As my previous video post proved so popular – and thanks to Madame W for directing so much traffic in my direction – here is another instalment of my video tour around the town. A specific hello also to TheOthers and to Delilah, who if they don’t enjoy the video as a whole, will like one word in particular 🙂



A couple of clarifications. The walls as they stand today are 14th century. The land beyond them wasnt reclaimed specifically to build West Quay, that was a ridiculous thing to say.  It was done centuries ago and the shopping centre only opened in 2000. Also the sales figures I mention at the end refer to sales in M&S across the whole of Britain, and i made it sound like this branch was the most popular shop in the country. What a fool. But that’s the kind of inaccurate reportage you can expect from someone who films in one take, using a mobile phone.

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  1. Ladies Knickers. Oh MY! Love the video. :o)

  2. Delilah permalink

    Grinning from ear to ear! It makes me want to post all my pictures from London. I have some great ones from Lacock….I could have spent all week there! Sigh, gosh I miss it now more than ever. My daughter is begging for us to move there after she graduates.

    • would love to see your pics! And yeah, you should definitely come on over 🙂

      • Delilah permalink

        We were leaving a store Saturday and my daughter asked if we could walk to the next store instead of getting back in the car. She said, “come on…it’ll be just like London”

      • LOL! how can you say no to your daughter? 😉

      • Delilah permalink

        Almost impossible. We have been saving for our next trip since it has been over a year since we’ve been there. It’s weird, I actually felt more at home there than I do here.

      • well you must let me know when you are coming over, i’m only an hour from london. you can visit all the sights that youve seen in my videos 🙂

      • Delilah permalink

        Sounds splendid.

  3. But can you imagine if your forebears had filled in that land because they knew there would eventually be a shopping center there? That would have been pretty impressive.

    And I too like the way you say “knickers.” I had no idea Benny Hill was from Southampton. Shouldn’t there be some sort of shrine to him there?

    • it was a factory before, so maybe they filled it in knowing that would be there one day!

      there is talk of statues and memorials every so often but none yet.maybe one day

  4. TheOthers1 permalink

    I missed the previous video! Your voice is absolutely delightful.

  5. The new walls of the mall juxtaposed with the ancient wall are quite a sight!

    • the city has alot of history, it’s been here in various forms since the Romans 2000 years ago. But it is in a constant state of development, the old sitting comfortably next to the new

  6. What a shame to build such a big fancy shopping center next to that beautiful old wall. It made me sad to see your camera hit the left side.

    • VIrtually all of the old walls are complete – must be getting on for a mile all the way round. They coexist peacefully with the modern and new, and are well-maintained. Most of the time i dont even see them, i am so used to them being there, but making this video made me realise again how lucky we are that so much remains

  7. Nice voice, but where’s your lovely face?

  8. Can you just do one where all you do is say ladies nickers????

    • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

      haha i might just do that 😀

  9. Wonderful! I would be inclined to reblog this if it wasn’t for the fact that the land is now full of construction work.

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