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Weekend Wonderings

6 August, 2012

Marian‘s new game of Weekend Wonderings looks fun, and i never shy from a chance to talk about myself or blurt my opinions . Feel free to argue with my answers below. Or better still, post your answers the questions on your own blog – don’t forget to link back to Marian’s post if you do. OK, here goes…


In order to have any wish granted would you sleep with someone you weren’t attracted to?
Good first question! i have gone further than i should with women i didnt particularly fancy and for not terribly noble reasons, so i guess the evidence says that if there was a wish at stake then yes i would.

What’s your favorite chick flick?
Thelma and Louise is pretty damn good, does that count?

Would you rather date a famous athlete, CEO, great chef or esteemed writer?
An athlete could be fun (to be topical, i am a bit obsessed with Jessica Ennis at the moment), but a famous one? Too much media attention. A CEO? lots of cash would come in handy (yeah, she could be the wage-earner, i’d sit at home and write unpublished novels all day) but she would probably have to work  a million hours a week, so where is the fun in that? An esteemed writer? The feelings of inadequacy would destroy my already shaky confidence, and i doubt two writers together is a healthy mix – i don’t like living with me and my head, so two of us together? Disaster. So i guess the great chef. I like my food, I love cooking. Like the rest of the country I have a kind of soft spot for Nigella Lawson, and although she isn’t mainly known as a chef, Sophie Dahl has done a couple of books and TV series. Yeah, i think i’ll date Sophie Dahl please.

What song evokes the strongest memories?
Fragile by Sting. My mum died at 11pm, and the morning afterwards I played this to myself. I know its more about war but the chorus summed up my thoughts at the time. 23 years on, whenever this song plays I am back in my bedroom again, waking up to an uncertain and unwanted new world.

Is pornography harmful or harmless?
Complicated question. It’s a bit like asking are computer games harmful or harmless. Yes, some games are tasteless, violent and desensitising but not all games are. But even those that are not can have a harmful effect on those who are predisposed to violent or antisocial thoughts. Similarly, porn that is exploitative, or posted on the net without the participants’ consent, is not attractive or even justifiable. But if it’s tastefully made, featuring two (or one, or three, or more) consenting adults enjoying themselves, why not? If you are inclined to objectify women, insist that they moan and shriek at all times during sex, and never take off their full make up or their six-inch heels in bed, then you are going to be a misogynist anyway. That isn’t the porn’s fault.

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  1. Guys have it easier when it comes to the choice of appealing chefs — female chefs seem to be much less unseemly than their male counterparts. Gordon Ramsay? Mario Batali? Marco Pierre White? Brrr.

    • How about Heston Blumenthal? He’s cute right? Or Gregg Wallace from masterchef? No? (The fact i also sport the shaved head and glasses look in no way influences this question :/)

  2. “If you are inclined to objectify women, insist that they moan and shriek at all times during sex, and never take off their full make up or their six-inch heels in bed, then you are going to be a misogynist anyway. That isn’t the porn’s fault.” – Love this.

    And Thelma and Louise and Sophie Dahl – both excellent choices.

  3. You song choice and the reasons behind it… wow. Thank you for sharing that. I won’t ever hear that song again without thinking of you.

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