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Choon Choosday: Björk – Enjoy (live)

7 August, 2012

I love Björk, i really do. She is cute, she has the most extraordinary, supernatural voice, the poetry of her lyrics is sublime, she isn’t afraid to experiment and push boundaries. Alot of you (well, alot of the handful that read my music posts) will think this is just noise, but i don’t care, this is a majestic rethink of a fine tune. Watch Leila in the background at 2:45 when she literally throws all the faders up to 11 and that dark and menacing threat that has been building explodes out in one  thrusting release of light and sound and passion. Or something. You get my point.

Plus i claim all sorts of credibility points for being able to say i was at this gig.




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  1. That is flippin’ bad ass. First of all, I love the way you describe the light, sound, and music with such passion.

    Also, I am off to make a new playlist. You are so lucky to have seen that performance live. I completely agree about the magical moment at 2:45. The intensity on the sound girl’s face was priceless. And Bjork is just the cutest little pixie fairy ever. You can see her magic in the way she bounces from one foot to the other, like she’s about to sprout wings and fly over the crowd. I think there’s a little bit of demon in her as well. 😉

    • We may disagree about eggs at breakfast, but our minds completely meet when it comes to Iceland’s finest. Have you heard her talking? She’s got this incredible mix of Icelandic and London accents that just make me want to cuddle her, hold her hand and write a post for my Adult section.

    • ps who will be on your playlist?

      • Bjork, silly. 🙂 I’m obsessed with music (and art and poetry and books and candles). Let’s just say I have an obsessive personality from time to time. 😉

        So now I will obsess over Bjork. I’ve heard her many times and am always reminded of how much I love her. But then I forget … until I am reminded again. There is a playlist in my blog sidebar and another one at the bottom of the page. I’ve made dozens over the years. Perhaps a hundred by now. But I’ve never had any mp3 players or ipods or any of that fancy stuff. I only use radios, CD players, and the computer to play music. I enjoy being behind the times.

        Always recommend music, even if only three people listen.

      • of course, björk! i am a fool.
        i will have to work my way through your playlists, i love being introduced to different music. And yes, if only one person clicks on my music posts and enjoys them then thats fine. even if that one person is me.

      • I do exactly the same. I try not to post music too often because those posts are never popular. In fact, I have lost three or four followers on days when I’ve posted music. So it’s clear people prefer the poetry. 🙂

        Some of my playlists are from mixpod, which you can access. Some are from And for those, you will need to join with an e-mail address and password. I apologize for the inconvenience. I was unhappy when they changed their format requiring a login. But I think it is the best site for searching high-quality music.

        You should try Kimbra, Emilie Simon, and Carla Bruni to start.

      • thanks, i will sign up and give those a go

      • i started learning icelandic once, just because of listening to The Sugarcubes. That’s Björk obsession! the only phrase i can remember now is “hello i am from england and i don’t speak icelandic” which i promised myself i will use one day in a bar in reykjavik.

      • That is hilarious. You should record yourself saying that. Too funny. 🙂

      • maybe in my next vidblog 🙂

      • I’m listening to Iron and Wine as we speak.

  2. Also try Of Monsters and Men (“From Finner” is my favorite), Katie Melua, Melody Gardot, Colbie Caillat, and Diana Krall.

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