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Romantic Failures – C

8 August, 2012

I can put this failure down to youthful inexperience i think, although even now i’m not really sure where i stood with C.

I was 16, and i had shared a few classes with C for the last couple of years. She had a dark, almost mediterranean complexion, was precisely my type before i realised i had a type. She was fantastically pretty, scarily so for a young innocent like me who was terrified (“was”? TRG, i think you mean “is”) of approaching girls as pretty as her. Oh, and did i mention her boyfriend R was the hardest boy in the school? On the rare occasions I spoke to C, usually instigated by her copying my answers (i was, shall we say, an “academic” child), my part in the conversation was usually restricted to “yes”, “erm” and “…” as my nerve gave out.

In drama class, i was a little more outgoing. I was terribly shy, but acting grabbed me and i was actually pretty good. Hiding behind a character allowed me to appear more confident. In the last year of school, we had to choose groups to work in, and write our own sketches for the final exams. C, and a female friend of hers, M, approached me and asked me to work with them. I’m going to write that again. THEY chose ME to approach to work with THEM for their EXAM PIECE. We were a good team, we were funny, we wrote well, we acted well. And then one week in drama class, she asked me if i wanted to be her boyfriend. Fucking hell! Did i hear that right? Was she serious? It didn’t seem like it, but M was there too and was nodding, so she must have been. I said yes, and waited to see what would happen. She said “good” and we got on with rehearsing. The teacher came over, talked about our scene, started chatting about other things, and C mentioned her boyfriend. “My boyfriend TRG i mean.”  So she was serious then. wow.

Sadly that was the last day before a week’s holiday.  I didn’t know her phone number but i knew where she lived and the next Friday was Valentine’s Day. So i bought a card, wrote that i loved her, posted it. Friday came, and a card arrived at my house. For me! From her! “It’s from my girlfriend” i proudly told my astonished sister. I looked up C’s number in the book, phoned, but got no reply.

Monday morning, we were back at school. C was in a different class for registration, but i would see her later that day. Before classes started, i heard R telling his mates about the card i had sent her, laughing, telling them what i’d written. I didn’t understand this, but knew it wasn’t good. I saw C in a class later, she thanked me for her lovely card, i thanked her for mine. The cards were never mentioned again, neither was our supposed girlfriend/boyfriend status. I wasn’t heartbroken, i just pretended the whole thing never happened.

When it came to our exam presentation, our sketch wasn’t the best on the class, but it was the second best. Whose was widely acknowledged as the best sketch? Well, that would be Andrew’s, who we all knew was destined to be an actor anyway. Neil and Rachel were in it too. Oh, and so was I.

  1. You have it rough with the ladies. Funny, intelligent men are usually brilliant with girls! Ahh, did make me laugh a lot though. Sorry.

    • Being brilliant, winning the girls heart and living happily ever after would be a cliche, too Hollywood. Artistically i think i’m the winner here.
      don’t apoligise for laughing, it *is* funny, in a weird way 🙂

  2. That might be one of the most peculiar boyfriend/girlfriend stories I’ve heard in a while.

  3. “And then one week in drama class, she asked me if i wanted to be her girlfriend.” … I do hope you mean “boyfriend.”

    I’m sure she was the one confused; she just thought it was common to have multiple boyfriends at a time. Sometimes guys get confused about that too.

    There’s something very clever in your ending, and I feel like I’m missing it. Did you switch to a new group at the last minute? Did you act in both groups? Are you saying people named you as being in that group, but you really weren’t? I feel like I’m missing something obvious. 🙂

    I think you’re probably subtlely saying you switched groups (because of C?) and that you thought your sketch was the second best but everyone else thought it was the best (perhaps largely because of Andrew’s contribution … and you listed yourself last because you always feel like you are last in everything).

    • Will you make that “subtly” in the final paragraph? That was a crazy typo! 🙂

      • I didnt notice my typo (now corrected) or yours (forgiven)
        I’ll never know the truth, but your explanation sounds as possible as any other. or maybe i was officially her bf but didnt do anything about it and she went back to R. who knows.
        i was in both groups (everyone was in 3 each). The best one *was* the best one, mainly because of andrew’s drive. But the one with C and M and me got the most laughs and ended on a song!

  4. TheOthers1 permalink

    I don’t much care for teenage C; I wonder her intent. High school antics, I think. Was she the popular girl? I can picture that in my mind for some reason. I think of you as a sweet quiet kid. But perhaps there was more to it then I’m giving her credit for. There was a boy in middle school who always asked for my picture on photo day. I never could figure out why he wanted them. I reasoned he probably made fun of me behind my back, he and his football friends. Why else would he want it? It still baffles me 16 years later…

    • She was popular but not in an arrogant, superior way. she was a lovely girl , and i genuinely didnt/dont think she was being malicious. but it was a long time ago…
      as for the boy with your pic, if that was me it would certainly not have been to make fun, and if it had been, why do it every year? I think you had an admirer there CC 🙂 But again it was long ago and i wasnt there so who knows?

      • TheOthers1 permalink

        Maybe. Perhaps I underestimate my desirability or perhaps your a kind soul. Either way, time has made it a wondering to me.

      • Maybe a bit of both. but youre alot like me in this i think, looking at past events and analysing, rethinking, wondering…

  5. My explanation was actually just a joke. 🙂

    Three groups each—ah, that explains it. I knew I was missing something.

    I think you should call up all these girls with whom you’ve had missed opportunities/malfunctions and jokingly (or not) ask for a second chance. It sounds like there were numerous mishaps, so surely you’ll have some luck at rekindling love with a few.

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