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Attention California!

19 August, 2012

Keep an eye out from tomorrow my Cali friends, GAW will be visiting the Golden State for two weeks. If you happen to spot her, please try to eavesdrop her chats to hear if she mentions a bloke at work she is secretly attracted to. Or if she is talking of other things, try to start talking about office romances in her earshot. You know, plant seeds.
You can recognise her by her startling blue eyes, which she accentuates with sparkly blue eye shadow. She has a very cute, wide smile and her very dark bobbed brown hair usually has deep crimson lowlights. Her irish heritage means she has very pale skin, so she will only be wearing her new blue bikini for short passages on the beach before covering up. If unsure, you can always try calling her Munchkin – my personal nickname i call her by 🙂

And while we’re talking about GAW, here is this week’s news. My plan to reveal my feelings had to come into play now or never, and i knew i would have to try to get her on her own if i was to have even a chance. On Thursday, she asked me to spend lunch with her. I know, she asked me. This never happens. Sadly about two minutes into our time, someone else from work came along, joined in the conversation and didn’t go away. So that was that.

On friday i knew she was working through lunch to leave extra early, and i was superbusy so i didn’t expect we would get time to catch up. A shame, as i had been sort of rehearsing my “i will miss you because i really like you” speech which i was hoping to be brave enough to use. And i was wondering whether to at least go for a hug – she is very protective of her personal space, and although i do occasionally touch her arm or shoulder affectionately, i havent gone for anything more. Other than the time she touched my knee, she isnt that touchy-feely with me so a hug would be a big step.

Friday morning, she invited me on a tea run. I was swamped but dropped everything to go. Again, someone else came in, started talking, the moment passed. I assumed that was it. 1pm came and as she was saying her goodbyes to her department, i made sure i was at the printer which is on her route out. She stopped at the printer and smiled. “Bye then,” she said, and claimed a hug. I was genuinely shocked, but delighted and held her for as long as i dared.  “Dont miss me too much,” she said. “Oh i think i will miss you,” i told her. This was right in the middle of the office so i couldn’t follow up with the rest of my speech, but hopefully the big smile i gave her as she left gave her a clue.

So she was obviously trying to get to spend time with me before she went, and yes, she instigated our hug. I am more convinced than ever that she feels something for me, however unlikely it is that anything will happen due to her bf.  But that’s something. To be continued in two weeks…

  1. Hmmmmmm. She sounds lovely, btw. And just how solid, exactly, is GAW’s relationship with the BF? I wonder.

    • She is 🙂 They have a house and mortgage together. She declared on facebook how much she will miss him. Relationships split all the time, but not because anyone wants to be with me. I am a dreamer and a fantasist, but i am also a realist.

  2. I hope you meet someone new and fantastic while she is away. Although, this would be hard to forget: “… deep crimson lowlights. Her irish heritage …” Beautiful features, clearly.

    I love that you deemed it necessary to highlight text of import in blue. 😉

    • who knows what delights lie around life’s many corners, waiting to be discovered and lusted after.
      And although the knee thing was of import, *i* didnt highlight it blue, WP did that itself when i linked to my Knees post 🙂

  3. TheOthers1 permalink

    I second flipside’s comment about meeting someone new while she’s away. Not that she isn’t lovely! You deserve a little spicy romance in your life.

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