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23 August, 2012

My sister has been on holiday in Crete for two weeks, meaning that i have had to go to her house twice daily to feed the cats and let them in/out.This has put my usual routine out of kilter, which has been strange. I am one who hates the idea of getting into a rut and having a routine, but when my routine is upset, i feel lost.

I have had to get up earlier than usual every day to feed them before work (even on weekends – the cats dont lie in because the day starts with S) but what really breaks the routine is dinnertimes. There is no guarantee what time they will come home so i can’t make any plans, and am spending hours waiting. So i am looking forward to saturday when i get have my routine back.


In other news, here are various interesting events of the past fourteen days:

Watching saints go 2-1 up away at man city last week (ok, we lost 3-2 but for ten minutes, it was magical)

Receiving such great support from everyone regarding my GAW posts.

Receiving a facebook message from her when she arrived in california – see, she does think of me 🙂

Seeing a friend of a friend i had never met perform as a Pink tribute in a pub last week – and seeing her get the whole pub involved and completely dominate the room, only to be a really a quiet and down-to-earth person chatting afterwards.

Having a bottle of homemade wine explode in my bedroom, meaning i was scrubbing alcoholic vimto from the carpet and picking shards of glass from the wall at 1am monday night.

But the best was at a time when i was having a major confidence crisis, a “what’s the point of me?” day. not that i was considering anything drastic, just couldnt see what i was adding to the world. anyway, i heard about a friend having a bad time and emailed my support, my sympathy. I had helped more than i could know, she said, and was extremely grateful. So maybe there is a point to me.

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  1. There is definitely a point to you!

  2. It really does help to reach out to someone else when you’re having those feelings of worthlessness, doesn’t it? I’m glad both you and the person you helped are doing better. And yay that GAW sent you a message!

    • i hadn’t thought about it that way, i was just responding naturally to a friend having a tough time. but yes, i guess it does help.
      And YAY indeed 🙂

    • Ditto this. Sometimes you just have to be proactive in having purpose. Do you know how valuable your sense of humor is? Laughter is one of the greatest gifts you can give the world. Oh wow, I sound like a Hallmark card.

      “the cats dont lie in because the day starts with S” … Hilarious! You are so clever.

      • Laughter is indeed a great gift, but i’d quite fancy a new shed too.
        clever would be teaching the cats to tell the time and work out when weekends are

      • “but i’d quite fancy a new shed too” … You see how funny you are?! You should write comedy routines for other people … since we know you don’t do well onstage. 🙂 What about when you sing? Does that make you nervous?

      • Comedians should write their own routines imho. but writing in general… maybe a novel… good idea!
        I’m fine singing, prob because i know i can do it 😉

  3. Who else would I talk about penguins to? There is definately a point to you!

  4. TheOthers1 permalink

    First, your sister is in Crete?! My jealousy knows no bounds right now. Second, a point to you? Of course there’s a point to you! You’re more a joy to others than you realize.

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