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Prince Harry Exposed

24 August, 2012

Let me say from the start, if you’ve come here from a search engine looking for the pics, you will be disappointed. Thanks for the hit, but if you just want a peek at the royal sceptre and orbs, search through google images instead.


Ok, to those still here, hello. There has been controversy these last two days over the shots of the man who is third in line for the British and Commonwealth throne. Until today, we subjects of this man’s grandmother were technically not allowed to see them, although anyone with access to the internet could have done if they wanted. Judging by the shrieks in our office and the twitchat, most people have. Today, however, The Sun has decided to print them on its front page, going against the request of the palace and the advice of the Press Complaints Commission. Now I am all in favour of courageous journalism where it is warranted, and I support a free press, but with freedom comes responsibility. My problem with The Sun (ok, I have many problems with The Sun, but my problem in this case) is their justification for printing. There reasons are as follows:

The pictures were already in the public domain.
Maybe, but “everyone else is doing it” isn’t a defence. Last August there was rioting and looting around Britain, and this was condemned, quite rightly, by all of the press. Some papers looked into the socio-economic and political reasons for why the riots happened; some, The Sun included, were all for locking up everyone on the streets. This may or not may not be a fair request, but my point is this: If one of those looters had said “but everyone else is robbing Currys, the windows are smashed in so these tellys are in the public domain” then I don’t think The Sun would have accepted this. But haven’t they done the same thing?

If a senior royal is naked in a hotel room, maybe asking “what if the others in the room had been terrorists” is a fair question. A question which I’m sure his armed security detail considered and had under control, either out of shot or at the doorway. But that was a fair question when he still had his pants on, when the lady he hid behind in some pics still had her bra on. It became a fair question when the suggestion was made that they go into a room and play strip billiards. But a picture of a fully clothed man speaking to a fully clothed lady isn’t a sensational picture is it?

Public Interest
The public interest defence is a fair and valid one when it is relevant. If he had been selling the crown jewels or giving away security secrets then maybe there is a public interest defence. But he wasn’t. What is interesting to the public is not the same as being in the public interest. Yes, you can ask why a publicly funded ambassador for the nation is in Vegas playing strip billiards, but you don’t need to look at his willy while you’re asking it.


I am no defender of the Royals, but I am a defender of rights and freedoms. By all means raise these questions, but do it without invading the privacy of those involved. And before anyone makes the “but he’s in the public eye so he’s fair game” argument, bear in mind he was born in the public eye, he isn’t there by his own choice. Or indeed any of our choices. And neither are any of his family.

The reasons for The Sun to publish are, it seems to me, titillation, gossip and boosting circulation. Which are all fair reasons to publish if you are a celebrity gossip sheet that wants to print legally available naked pictures of the famous. Just don’t try to justify your actions as being worthy and brave journalism in a crusading newspaper.

I haven’t seen them, don’t want to,  but I’m not a prude. If there were naked pictures of his sister in law Kate on the net, I’d be there gawping at her bits the same as the rest of the world is gawping at Harry’s. But I hope there never are.




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  1. “royal sceptre and orbs” … Hilarious.

  2. At the end of the day he is a 24 yr old single lad on holiday in vegas with his mate, he is not the brightest of lads ( the ss fancy dress uniform proved that) but what is he actually doing wrong apart from making an ass of himself? If it were william fair enough he is the heir to the throne and a married man but generally I think the Sun failed to realise we aren’t actually that interested what I would be more interested in is if you are playing strip billiards where the hell do you hide the camera?

    • Agree with you paula. He may be a fool but he’s got the right to be a fool in private

      • I think that is a huge point aswell he was in his own suite if he had stripped off in the bar then that would be a different matter, sadly he has learnt one lesson the hard way you cant always tell who your real friends are until the fake ones let you down

      • Will he learn or will he carry on the same?

      • Am thinking gran might appoint someone to vet and probably strip search all his friends for cameras from now on

      • Well she is a bond girl now she could do it lol

      • Actually the other side to it where he may find himself in real trouble is the fact he is a serving officer in the army and they may not be amused

      • Thats true. I think a few people want a word…

  3. I agree, TRG—the poor guy is just having some fun, and even if he is a member of the royal family, that shouldn’t give the press the right to plaster photos of him on the front page. They wouldn’t do that to an ordinary citizen, so they’re obviously doing it just for more circulation and more publicity. Then again, I wouldn’t expect much different from The Sun.

  4. TheOthers1 permalink

    Lol. I felt bad for him. He was in his private space and had his pictures splashed all over. It implies that you can’t have any fun, even in his own room because having a good time looks bad. But what you do in private is a real determinate of who you are I guess. He’s the cuter brother in my opinion. 🙂

  5. He’s young, he’s rich, he’s pretty — it would be a crime if he WASN’T doing these sorts of things. The public at large should give the man some space and stop stressing out about it, I say. Isn’t there real news going on in the world?

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