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Weekend Wonderings – August 26th

27 August, 2012

Here is this week’s Weekend Wonderings as asked by Marian. Three questions I didn’t have to think about for more than a second each!


If two medications existed that would enhance either my physical or mental performance would I take one of them? And if I could only choose one, which would I pick? 
Mental. I don’t care that I am unfit and shit at every sport I have ever played, I’ve been like that my whole life, I’m used to it and I’ve gone beyond the point where it bothers me.  But not being mentally more able hurts me. I want to be cleverer, I want to be a better writer, I want to find the writing process easier, I want to be more confident, I want to know when and how to  make the right decisions, I want to be emotionally more balanced. And if one pill would give me all of that,  I would choose that over not being the shittest footballer I know.

Which celebrity do you get told you resemble?
Gregg Wallace from Masterchef every time. But try to imagine him a bit thinner, quite a bit younger-looking and with a round rather than pointy head. That’ll be exactly me.

If you could only have sex in one position for the rest of your life what would you choose?
No question, her on top. It allows you both to see so much more of each other, for her to control, and she can still crouch forward at times for us to embrace while my chest hairs tickle her nipples. It leaves so much potential for using your hands and fingers: for me to grab onto her bum, to tease her clit, to carress her breasts, to stroke her face, to have my fingers sucked, to rub my fingers along her sides; and for her to feel my sixpack (if i had one!), stroke my chest, tease my nipples, and do any of the things i listed for me to do, but to herself. Plus i love being pushed down onto the bed, stripped, mounted, ridden, fucked, dominated. And if she wants to tie my hands to the headboard with silk scarves, well this is the best position for that too 🙂


Feel free to play along too, answer the questions on your blog, and then leave a link on Marian’s post.

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  1. Gotta say that last paragraph made me a a little hot. Giggle.

    • you can thank marian for that, it was her that asked 😉

      • Oh I know that. I answered her questions too. But on her page. Wink.

      • Ive just popped over to have a look…
        Michelle Williams! mmmmmmmm she’s cute 🙂

      • Yes she is VERY cute. I kinda like the Marilyn comparison I get too. 😉

      • Michelle Williams and Marilyn – that’s quite a combination! MW was brilliant playing her in My Week With Marilyn, did you see it?

      • Of course I did. She was exquisite. She made me love MM all the more. The woman was sad, broken and brilliant. Read my post The Fear of Being Forgotten. For some reason I can relate to all of her weaknesses.

      • i knew nothing about MM before the film really, other than her fame and her image.I came away understanding her more, and i thought MW portrayed her “human” side away from the “actress” in front of the cameras with alot of compassion

      • I thought she did too. I don’t know why but I could so relate to those times that she was so inconsolable. I feel that way sometimes. I want someone to look at me and say I get you, ya know?

      • i know how that feels!

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    Well that was thorough. Can I have a cup of tea after that bit of hotness? And I think that guy is too cute so by deduction you must be too! 🙂

  3. Fanning self… WOW. You’ve made me completely rethink Girl On Top. Wow.

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