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Let’s Talk About GAW’s Bum

30 August, 2012

GAW has never been a prolific facebooker, but while she has been away these last two weeks she has posted updates of her holiday every few days. And then on Monday she posted this:

Ouchie, burnt my backside in the sun today!

Well I’m sure she didn’t mean that she had been sunbathing nude, but that didn’t stop images of herΒ  naked in the sun, and wonderful thoughts of her bum, to play on loop on my mental Power Point slide show, and there was no way I could let that comment go unremarked. But what to say? I clicked like as a kind of holding position while I considered my reply. Early on I decided that it would be a private message rather than a comment on her wall, that would allow me the oppurtunity for a little extra cheekiness. But I’m not Marian, and this isn’t the Office Games, so I had to be careful not to go too far.

Comments I rejected included “I will gladly apply after sun cream for you” , “your bikini must be alot smaller than I have been imagining it to be” and “all this talk of your gorgeous bum has me aroused and desperate for you.” After a day’s thinking I eventually went for

What sort of beaches do they have over there that your bum got burnt lol

which I thought just rode the line between suggestive and matey, as all my flirtatious comments to her do. I waited for the sun to work its way westward, and sure enough last night, her reply came back:

Lol, i did really well with the sun burn until Monday just gone

Fairly tame but she was never going to say “yeah, i was laid naked on the beach, my hand between my thighs and thinking of you while I came harder than I ever have before” so I was happy enough. After a few comments about missing her cats, she signed off with

I am missing our tea big style πŸ˜‰wink xx

Get that – she is missing our tea runs to the extent that she put TWO kisses. One is a rare event, two is almost unheard of. Combined with the fact that she then emailed me this afternoon (her morning) asking if I had been on a tea run today (with kisses again), I am riding high in GAW’s thoughts. She is back in England on Sunday, back at work on Tuesday. I am counting down the days, and wondering if she will greet me the same way she said goodbye – with a big hug.


  1. I LOVE your answer! Just flirty enough to give her an opening. And the kisses… yeah. She likes you. And more than just as a buddy.

  2. Is there a Green Tea named envy…or jealousy…or…..

  3. I want her to like you so much RG it hurts, but two kisses do not a “jump my bones make” if you get my drift. A-hem, who is she on holiday with? Is it the boyf?

    • I know but its a step in the right direction. no, she went alone to visit a friend. the bf is at home feeding the cats – and she left him with a daily checklist of household chores lol

      • It could be you…. With the chores. It is a step in the right direction.

      • i wouldnt need a daily checklist! he is shockingly undomesticated – he is probably going to his mums for dinner every day as he never cooks (i’m not joking). whenever she complains about him i like to roll my eyes theatrically and say “i keep telling you he’s no good that one”. Just planting seeds…

  4. TheOthers1 permalink

    I chuckled when I read this > β€œyeah, i was laid naked on the beach, my hand between my thighs and thinking of you while I came harder than I ever have before”. But she could’ve been… ow ow.

    There’s something there. A good bit of affection reserved just for you, my English friend. πŸ™‚

    • Hi CC! Well in my dreams thats what she said and what she was doing πŸ™‚ but in the real world i’ll settle for a good bit of affection.

      • TheOthers1 permalink

        Now I want a story to go with that sentence. lol.

      • What an excellent idea! I’ll write something as soon as i get a chance. in the mean time you’ll just
        have to imagine it…

  5. I’m so sorry if this is crass; I know you would hate that … but my brain read this differently, altering one letter and adding a hyphen so that it said this instead: “I am missing our tea-bag style πŸ˜‰ xx”

    I think her wink followed by kisses (not one, but two) says a lot. You have plenty of make-up (for lost time) flirtation in your near future.

    And you totally should have said, “Your bikini must be much smaller than I was picturing.”

    • Hmm tea-bag does change it somewhat!
      Dont worry the flirting will continue. even if it ultimately leads nowhere it’s fun. and i think i’ll use the bikini line(!) in person next week, it needs the right amount of cheeky grin and you cant put that in a message

  6. Reading comments above, I think you found your way in. If you can cook, you should start taking her leftovers to work to sample/give feedback on … you could even harmlessly invite her to take a friendly cooking class with you. If you have a skill he doesn’t, that’s your best shot.

    • Brilliant idea. We talk about cooking and swap recipes all the time. So it’s time for me to stop talking and for her to sample the goods!! Hang on is that a double entendre? πŸ˜‰

      • It most certainly is. You’ll have to work in that exact wording when you bring in your first meal … “I thought it was high time you sampled the goods. Are you ready to taste my dish? … See, I told you I could cook.” πŸ™‚

      • I am sooooo going to do that!

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