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Summer Heat – Part Four

9 September, 2012

Even though we are now in September, in my head it’s still summer and it’s about time I gave you the next episode of Summer Heat. Sorry that part three was so heavy on dialogue, but if you were waiting patiently for more orgasms (it was way back in part one that Jess came, and this is supposed to be in the Adult category)  then maybe Part Four will be more to your tastes!
For earlier episodes, click previously on Summer Heat, otherwise let’s get back to the mystery man’s kitchen…


The first image was of him standing in his bedroom. His hands were behind his head, extending his firm chest, emphasising his toned stomach. And as Jessica processed the rest of the picture, she realised that he was nude. She flicked to the next picture. It was in his room again, this time standing side-on to the camera. Again it was a full-length shot, and again he was naked. And in this picture, he was slightly more aroused.

She glanced round to her neighbour standing behind her, watching her as she viewed the images, his anger at her invasion of his flat, his privacy, reducing. He said nothing, his hand dropped from her shoulder. There was no point trying to stop her now, she had seen them, the damage was done. She turned her attention back to the phone, continued her search for the pictures she was sure he had taken of her. She swiped image after image across the screen, a slide show of his naked, toned body. He was posing proudly, sometimes smirking, sometimes with an alluring look, but Jessica was magnetised towards his manhood, its length increasing, its girth widening as with each shot he grew more erect. He was lying on his bed now, his face, his chest, his lightly defined abs were all relegated further outside the frame until his hard cock filled the screen, filled his grasping hand.

She began to speak but the words were caught by the gasp in her throat. She had seen images like these on friends’ computer screens before during drunken girls’ nights, and had giggled appreciatively. But with the star of these pictures standing behind her, laying a hand on her shoulder again as a renewed, more polite attempt to reclaim the phone and the pictures, she felt a quiver skip through her chest, her stomach, between her thighs. He was in the room behind her, he was naked and hard in front of her. He was handsome, he was well built, he was hot. She felt the first moistening of a surprising passion, and suddenly felt exposed, vulnerable, aware that she had entered a stranger’s flat without wearing underwear.

His touch on her shoulder grew stronger, and he carefully guided her, turned her towards him. She lifted her face to his, the annoyance he had felt before was replaced by a victorious smile. ‘So do you believe me now?’ he asked, ‘I wasn’t taking pictures of you was I?’ She had been wrong, he had falsely accused him. She opened her mouth, but her embarrassment prevented her from speaking. Her arousal prevented her from leaving.

‘I’ve just joined a gym,’ he continued, ‘I thought I’d take a few before pictures. And I guess I got a little carried away, enjoyed it more than I thought…’

She glanced at the close up image of the deep red head of his cock, pearls of translucence seeping onto his tightly-gripping fingers. Another shiver filled her as she remembered the pleasure her own hands had brought her outside in the storm, imagined him with her, his hard length sliding into her, those fingers teasing moist pleasure from her. ‘Well, the before pictures are pretty good,’ she said finally, handing the phone back, ‘you’ve got a great body.’

‘Do you think so?’ he asked, enticing an affirming nod from her as he stepped closer, ‘Well you have the advantage over me, because now you’ve seen my body.’ Jessica squirmed slightly as he reminded her of the anger she had been feeling towards him, her insistence, her accusations. ‘And despite what you thought,’ he said, his hands on the hem of her jumper, his lips whispering into her ear, ‘I haven’t seen yours. Not even through a wet shirt. Not yet.’

He laid a kiss on her ear, her neck, her cheek, and her mouth turned to meet his. All was a sudden, hungry, desperate lust as their lips met. Their tongues quickly followed the lead, and were entangling, exploring, tasting, teasing as their kisses deepened.

His hands slid under her jumper and glided across her navel, her stomach, to grasp desperately at her breasts, stroking and massaging forcefully. She felt the tightening arousal of her nipples hardening, and a pulse of pleasure shot directly to the core of her as she felt a spasm of desire within, and from somewhere deep inside her, she heard a moan of passion.

Her hands followed his, and she lifted his shirt, felt each of those abs she had seen in the images, lightly skipped her fingers across that hard, wide chest. She pulled his shirt higher and their kiss broke as she lifted it over his head, tossed it to the floor. Her jumper immediately followed, and they both gazed at each other’s bodies, anticipation stalling their movements.

‘So why were you outside in the rain’ he asked her, pulling her back into his arms.

‘I was having a cigarette,’ she said.

‘In just a t-shirt?’

‘Well I wasn’t wearing it all the time’ she said with a grin, and reached a hand down to his boxers, stroked his cock through the thin cotton.

‘Tell me more’ he said, his eyes widening.

‘Well,’ she said, dropping a kiss on his neck, ‘the rain started,’ she kissed his chest, ‘it was wonderfully cool,’ she kissed his abs, ‘it got me wet,’ she dropped to her knees, ‘and before I knew it,’ her hand continued its stroking as he responded to her words and her touch, ‘I was naked,’ her hands crept inside his boxers, her fingernails grazed up and down his thighs, ‘on the grass,’ she tugged at the waistband, lowering his boxers, ‘in the rain and the storm,’ his now fully hard cock sprang from its confines as his boxers dropped to the floor, ‘with my hand on my clit and my fingers inside me,’ her fingers traced along his hardened length, felt his engorge veins, ‘and then I was coming.’

He kicked his underwear away, his breath hissing through his clenched teeth as she took him in her mouth. Her tongue licked at his dripping head before she ran her lips along the length of him, gagged as he pressed against the back of her throat. Her hands grabbed around him, nails digging into the muscles of his behind as she stroked his strong manhood with her lips, teased with her teeth. He reached behind to steady himself against the worktop, and she felt the quiver in his muscles, the bend in his knees which told her he was already close.

She took him in her hands now, arched her back and looked up to his face, contorting with desire. She could see surprise in him too, surprise that with so few climactic strokes, she had brought him so near to orgasm. He did not, could not, resist and let out a cry, a whimper, a moan, a plea. It was all of these as the rush of pleasure exploded from him, covered her breasts. The body heat of his cum on her caused her own arousal to increase further, and she teased more of his ejaculation from him, used his cock to massage the warm stickiness into her skin.

‘So,’ she said, ‘wouldn’t you like to take some pictures of me now?’


  1. I would comment….well I guess….this comment……comment. My turn to say beautiful.

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    Just realized I was behind on this. I enjoyed it. 🙂

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