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Kitchen Holiday

10 September, 2012

I spent yesterday morning on the allotment harvesting the tiny amount of produce I have managed to grow during the wettest “summer” of all time.

My two lines of beetroot had been doing well and it had always been my intention to pickle them as I love baby beetroot from the jar. Well I left them in longer than I intended, so I ended up with two lines of beetroot the size of grapefruits. Today I have been in the kitchen all day washing, boiling, peeling, slicing and vinegaring ten jars (and by jars I mean BIG jars) of purpleness. And cleaning up behind myself so that other than the now purple rubber gloves in the bin, there is no sign that it ever happened. I’ve kept a dozen or so of the biggest beetroot back for chutney purposes a bit later on.

Also, while the boiling was going on, I cleaned and prepped my poor onion harvest and took them back to the allotment for storage in the shed over winter (Not that they will still be there come the winter as there are so few). And if that wasn’t enough, I peeled my equally poor shallot and pickling onion crop. These are now lying in trays and coated with salt, ready to be pickled tomorrow. There will only be a couple of jars of each, which will all go into my christmas hampers that I make up for friends and family because I am too broke to buy proper presents.

So quite a productive first day of holiday, and I feel like I have earnt the right to lay on the sofa and watch 4 episodes of Buffy season 2. But no. I am instead telling you all about my day and will shortly be embarking on the voyage to the end of chapter 20 of my WIP, which yesterday crossed the Cape of 50k Words.

Kettle is on, Friction is playing on the Radio 1 i-player, inspiration will surely follow.


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  1. Ummmm…this was a super sexy blog.

    • there’s nothing sexier than a man who stinks of onion and has purple stains on his fingers!

      • Nothing sexier than a man who can garden and work in the kitchen. Milling around alone in a house being domestic. Seriously….it’s a good thing.

      • well i live alone so if i couldn’t cook i’d starve 🙂 but thank you!

      • You live alone as in….far away from fast food? That is how most of my single friends cook. 🙂 And gardening and pickling? You have no idea how amazing I think it makes you!

      • i do have my “pizza from the freeza” days too you know 😉 but seriously, thanks again, you are giving my ego a well-needed boost!
        oh and did i mention i make homemade wine aswell? 🙂

      • OMG I haven’t made wine in forever. I have fond memories of making wine with my in laws. It wasn’t amazing wine but the experience and accomplishment were happy ones.

      • i know what you mean, the satisfaction is great, and the wine is pretty strong too! My plum wine is like drinking sherry, so sweet and full-bodied, just don’t drive afterwards.

      • So basically I need a bottle of your wine as I watch GWTW this Christmas? I’ll send you a box to ship it in 🙂

      • LOL yep, wine with Scarlett and Rhett. A perfect christmas treat!

  2. You managed better than I did all mine drowned and i would much rather have a home grown hamper that was grown and prepared with love than an expensive gift and am sure your family feel the same, let me know how your beetroot chutney goes am looking for a recipe for one that isn’t spiced

    • hi paula! yeah, its been the worst year anyone can remember. we needed the rain, but not that much! hopefully next year will be better.
      i havent looked for chutney recipes yet but will let you know which i go with.

  3. Miss Hasty, are you not in love with Gone With the Wind?! I simply adore the books and movies!

    How does one go about making homemade wine? I’ll have to read up on it; it sounds interesting. I do love plums.

  4. You make my mouth water… Yummy

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