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Is it Sunday night already?

16 September, 2012

So I’m back to work tomorrow. In just about 10.5 hours time I will arrive in the office, switch the computer on, wade through a million emails, and find out what jobs that were meant to be finished by Friday at the absolute latest have been left for me to do first thing Monday before I can start doing my job. In about 11 hours time, I will make a fresh pot of Earl Grey, ready for when GAW walks through the door 15 minutes later. If there are any exciting developmentson that front, I will recount them for you tomorrow evening. For now though, a quick review of the week’s most significant activities:

Non-achievements include not reading or even starting Anna Karenina, not constantly texting/emailing GAW, not moving on from the things I just can’t seem to get past, not meeting the girl of my dreams, not getting a bloody life.

Achievements-wise I have pickled and bottled, I have written or half-written a handful of posts (in addition to those I posted during the week), I saw Anna Karenina, did some allotmenting. And also…


On Friday, I went for a picnic with my gorgeous-but-married friend and her dog. Had a lovely time, chatted about this and that, and the reason it is significant is the fact that she invited me to a Jamie Oliver party. It was a strange invite, she mentioned she was having this party, that she was inviting some other mutual friends and then said “oh you can come too if you like”. I’ve had not-really-meant, sympathy invites before, and this sounded like one. Plus I don’t fancy the idea of being in a room full of people that (apart from a handful) I don’t know. Especially as I know this friend is very keen to see me paired off, keener than me in fact, and I will be the only man there. And I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I don’t want to put myself in the position of being placed in front of an available woman and then watched while I fail to work my magic. So I doubt I will go.


There has been good progress this week. About 5 months ago, after 18 months and 95k words, I realised I was not happy with the thing, and spent a month rethinking the whole direction it was going in. I knew the main plot had to be re-thought, and a lot of subplot was going in the bin. I figured I would keep about 60k words and then carry on to the end. Well since then I have been working on the rewrite, and the second draft has just about caught up with where I left off. The wordcount stands at 56k, and I have a couple of scenes which have moved chronologically and are yet to feature so incredibly my estimate of 60k words staying in is just about spot on. Tomorrow lunchtime when I start to craft chapter 23, it will the first completely new chapter for 5 months. I am a little nervous, but excited. The remaining 30-40k words are roughly planned out, it’s just a case of writing it now, a process which I think will take me about 6 months max. The time is approaching (if it isn’t already overdue) when I start to look into agents, publishers, printing manuscripts, introductory letters and writing my Booker Prize acceptance speech. All of which will be chronicled on this blog alongside the usual smut and self-pitying. A thrilling ride awaits, and you all have tickets.




  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    Lol. I’m glad I have a ticket.

    Just so you know, I did manage to write a couple of words on my WIP. Progress, my friend, is nice even when it’s only a little.

    Happy new work week. 🙂

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