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Fiction Relay

27 September, 2012

I had an idea today for what might be a fun project / meme / game / pastime. Something which isn’t a prompt, isn’t a writing circle, isn’t a blog meme, but at the same time is all of these things. My thought is this: Gather a group of likeminded bloggers who enjoy writing fiction and, in turn, we write an entry each of an ongoing  piece of fiction, passing the baton to the next person on the list. Then we can either continue with the first person, or we can start a new theme depending what we fancy doing.

I’ve done a similar thing before with one other person and it was a fun challenge which kept the writing muscle working. I know alot of us enjoy writing to prompts, so this would have that element as we would be following on from what others have written. And also, it will be like reading another’s take on a theme. The plot doesnt need to lead anywhere, just meander wherever it goes.


So, is anyone interested? If you are, leave a comment below during the next week or so, I’ll draw up a list of Relayers and we can get started.


  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    Yes, I would love to play. 🙂

    • and i’d love you to play! i knew you’d be the first to sign up!

      • TheOthers1 permalink

        Lol. Am I that easy? I do think it would be fun.

      • haha i know how you love a prompt, so i knew this would be right up your street. I’m all for getting started, but i guess we should wait and see if anyone else want to join in first…

  2. Delilah permalink

    Count me in! I need to be inspired.

    • hello stranger! welcome aboard

      • Delilah permalink

        I’ve done something similiar to this before with…well, the man who inspired the Delilah Diaries #1. I’ve always been a bit dark so the opening line he gave me was “the taste of blood and ho-ho’s was sweet…” (Ho-ho’s are like twinkies, which Elvis loved to eat by the way) I was able to write about six pages about a seriel killer. I would kill (no pun intended) for a copy of what I wrote. Sadly, my computer crashed and I lost it a long time ago. I can’t wait to start this though!!! Yay.

      • thats a great opening line.
        i’d hate to lose a single word, i am paranoid and back up EVERYTHING so that nothng will ever be lost.
        i’m really looking forward to it too, and seeing what direction others go in. and the challenge of picking up where they leave off will be a good test

  3. Looking forward to my turn with Suzi… Oh, that doesn’t sound right! Thanks for the invite. Can’t wait to see what Deliah leaves for me.

    I am not familiar with the term ‘meme’.

    My favorite example of this ‘art-form’ is ‘Naked Came The Manatee’; with Dave Barry starting off, Carl Hiesaan finishing the tale, and in between, a bunch of writers, each inserting their hero into the story.

    • i’d not come across the word before i started blogging, it’s a kind of idea or theme that passes from one person to the next. i’m genuinely excited to see where the Suzi story goes, it s kind of like chinese whispers. i wonder how our fiction relay will compare to “naked came the manatee” 🙂

  4. Dear R G… it appears that the Fiction Relay Homepage is suffering from lack of attention. I hope the custodian can break away, from the temptations of the flesh, long enough to update.

    Here is part 9…

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