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Summer Heat – Part Six

30 September, 2012

If you’re new to Jess and Toby’s story, have forgotten what came before, or just want a catchup, click here for the previous chapters. Here’s the latest chapter:

Summer Heat – Part Six


They had laid together, chatting easily, their hands lazily exploring the novelty of the body next to them, their feet and toes tickling at one another, as the late hour caused their eyes to slip closed. Before dozing turned to sleep, Jessica collected the couple of clothes she had been wearing, and opened the door she had knocked on so angrily a couple of hours earlier. A lifetime earlier. Toby followed her, and they embraced, kissed once more before parting. Her bare feet tapped almost silently down the stairs, and she looked back to smile once more as she turned the corner of the landing to her flat. For the second time that night, she dropped her clothes into the wicker basket in the bathroom. But this time she left her bathrobe on its hook, and walked through to the bedroom. It was her habit to sleep in pyjamas, but creeping into her bed so late, creeping into it straight from Toby’s, she slipped straight inside her own duvet and, still naked and still smiling, drifted into sleep.

Bright sunshine awoke her a few hours later, and as she rubbed her eyes, memories of the night came back to her. At least she thought they were memories, at first they were just emotions, remembered sensations, echoes of arousal, and she wondered for a brief moment if she was waking from a dream. Her recollections – going outside, the storm, his kitchen, his bedroom – all seemed so unreal, so unlike her. But as she became more awake, more aware, she knew that it had all happened. The events of last night were real, were fantastically, beautifully, ecstatically true. And as she rolled over in bed, turned away from the open curtain and the daylight it allowed in, she was conscious of her body. The way it felt against the covers. The way it felt against her hand as she explored it. The unmistakable feeling of last night’s perspiration, of last night’s sex, of last night’s climax, hers and his, still on her. She gave a low, satisfied sigh as she stretched. One reaching foot tugged at a corner of the duvet, pulling it away from her, exposing her shoulders, her chest, her breast, and she smiled. Whereas before, even alone, she would have shyly covered herself, today she was proud of her exposed body, of her newly brazen sexuality. She let the duvet lay as it wanted, and drifted back to sleep.

An hour or so later, she awoke again, this time more completely. She kicked the duvet away from her a little more, allowed the summer warmth to bathe her body, enjoyed her nudity for a few minutes more. But as much as she loved having last night’s sex on her body, she needed to run a bath. She headed to the bathroom and opened the taps. She lit her usual two candles, added her favourite bubbles, and sat on the soft rug. She had brought her phone into the bathroom, and as the water rose, she checked for emails, messages, texts, her usual Sunday morning routine of keeping up to date with all the social media. Satisfied she had answered, liked and retweeted as much as she needed to, she tested the temperature of the water and closed off the taps. She moved her phone out of range of any splashes, and lowered herself into the refreshing depths.

Her head rested against her pillow, her eyes closed, her thoughts rewound. She lightly washed the water across her body, gracefully washing away the physical reminders of the night whilst reliving the memories. She smiled as her hands skimmed across her breasts, remembered the sensation of his hardness and his hotness against her. When her hands dropped lower, the memories of her touches from the night before intertwined with the memories of Toby, and without her realising, without her deciding, her fingers crept inside her once again.

The shrill notes of her phone alert flashed her eyes open, brought her back to the present, and she hastily dried her hands before picking up her phone. Toby’s name showed on the phone’s display, and she clicked on the message icon. The display took a second to show the picture he had sent, a photo he had taken of the two of them lying on his bed smiling, releaved, satisfied. Below the picture he had written the words “last night was magical” and added two hearts.

She placed the phone back on the floor, and laid back in the water. Her hands were not exploring now. Thoughts of desire, arousal, wanting, were replaced by feelings of belonging, of completeness, of contentment. Everything last night had felt natural, had felt safe, even the things she had tried for the first time had been right, as though their time had come. She smiled again, and closed her eyes.





  1. I love the beauty and love in this!

    • thank you 🙂 i didnt want to just write a series of erotic scenes, i wanted to get to know the characters and to follow their emotions too.

      • You captured one of the best emotions…content and peace. If only that came in pill form 🙂

      • i’d have a box of those pills in the cupboard if they did!
        i wonder if that contentment will continue for Jessica? hmmmmm

      • I am hoping it is an everlasting and enduring love but….he probably has kids…or a boyfriend 🙂

      • he’s still a bit of a mystery and i’ve had a few thoughts about him. But a boyfriend hadnt occured to me!

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    Ah, now this was nice

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