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Fiction Relay – Part 1

6 October, 2012

So last week I invited you all to join in with a new project – a fiction relay. Each blogger writes a chapter in turn, and we see where it goes. It will be fun, and it will be a good way to write to a prompt. CC and Delilah have signed up to take part, and it’s not too late for you to join in too! Just leave a comment below if you want to be part of the relay and I’ll add you to the list.
A couple of pointers for those taking part – try to post your chapter within a week to keep it moving, number it so we know what order they are in, try not to go over about 1000 words, tag your post Fiction Relay, and link back to the other Relayers in your intro. If/when anyone else asks to join in, i’ll post an updated list of writers and the order we will write in. For now, it’s me, then CC, then Delilah, then back to me.

Right then,  here is Part One of the Fiction Relay:


Suzi checked the staff room mirror for a final time, wiped away the tiniest smudge of mascara from the corner of her eye, and opened the door. A few steps along the passage and she was standing at the counter. ‘Uniform fit okay?’ Melissa asked her. ‘Perfect, thanks,’ Suzi replied, running her hands along her sides of her yellow and white blouse and resting them on the drawstring of her red apron. ‘Good,’ Melissa smiled, ‘let’s go over the menu.’

When Premier Promotions had finally gone under, Suzi had called each name in her diary, each contact in her phone, used all her networking skills, but every call ended with the same result – they were sorry, the recession was a struggle for them too, and they weren’t hiring. As a pick-me-up, she had paid one last visit to Maisy’s Diner before the frugal times of unemployment began, and when Melissa had seen her normally cheery smile was absent, Suzi told her everything and Melissa hired her on the spot.

The next morning she arrived at eight to begin her new career. Suzi had never seen herself as a waitress, she was one of life’s customers not one of the servers, but as she tried her hardest to concentrate on Melissa’s explanations of vegan options, to memorise the specials and the abbreviations, she was quietly excited. Waiting tables might be a drop in salary, but she could afford to earn a little less if she cut back – working in a diner would mean a free meal every day for a start – and she was looking forward to the luxury of a job she could leave at work. No more late evenings trying to find ten percent savings on a potential client’s tender, no more sleepless nights worrying that she was not going to meet her monthly targets, no more having to smile and nod when a customer was talking down to her. No wait, maybe she would still have to do that last one, but overall, she was going to enjoy her new job. It would be busy, Melissa had warned her, but busy was Suzi’s speciality.

They skipped quickly through the desserts – the selection of luxury ice cream and homemade cakes was simple and straightforward – and then it was nine o’clock. ‘You ready?’ Melissa asked. ‘Can’t wait!’ Suzi said, suppressing a giggle of anticipation. Melissa took her place behind the counter, Gino the chef wandered through from the staff room, his feet scuffing lazily on the tiled floor as he arrived in the kitchen area behind her with seconds to spare, and Suzi flipped the sign on the door to “Open”. She turned the latch with a click and opened the door.

‘Good morning everyone,’ she said brightly as the half-dozen waiting customers filed into the diner, ‘Welcome to Maisy’s.’


Okay then, CC, over to you…



  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    Oh, I like the start of this. I’ll try taking this in a decent direction.

    Just so I’m clear, relay so I’m writing the next part of the story. Put part two on mine, link back here and direct them to Delilah? Oh and don’t write anything crappy? That everything?

  2. Delilah permalink

    What an interesting start! I can’t wait to read what CC writes.
    This made me hungry as well.

  3. Chantel sent me. This should be fun…

    • Hi Ted! you joining the Relay? The more the merrier 🙂 I can put you on the list after Delilah?

      • tedstrutz permalink

        Oh no, I’m not a writer… but I do like these types of challenges…

      • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

        Well i hope you will enjoy reading as much as we will enjoy writing!

  4. You know, I shouldn’t have said that. I like to think of myself as more of an observer and commentator. I have written a few fiction pieces… I enjoyed the experience, and I guess you never grow if you don’t challenge yourself to new heights. Put me down for a chapter… we’ll see where Suzi goes…

    • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

      good man! you’re after Delilah!

    • working ok now, i think it was because i had to approve the link.

      • Delilah permalink

        woo hoo. Had a great idea of where I wanted to take the story…only I didn’t want to rush it, so it’s up to Ted to figure out now.

      • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

        you did a great job of moving it along but still leaving it open. wonder where ted will take it…

      • Delilah permalink

        aww, thanks love. If it’s still open when it comes my way I will probably jump right into what I think Sam should be.

      • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

        that’s the great thing – we have our own ideas about where it might go, but by the time we get it back it’s gone somewhere completely different. It’s a good writing test i think

  5. I’d love to give this a try. Please? 🙂

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