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All change at work

13 October, 2012

I told you recently that I was going to a Jamie Oliver kitchenware party. You won’t be surprised to hear that I didn’t meet the woman of my dreams, but I did buy a rather fetching tea cosy. I decided I was never going to learn to knit well enough to make my own, so twelve quid seemed a good investment. It’s now at work keeping the tea warm for GAW and me.

In other news, Larry is getting a big boy now, and so has moved house. GAW helped me do this a few lunchtimes ago. He seems happier and even appears to have grown a bit since then too.

Of course when I say ALL change, some things remain the same. GAW is still with her bf, I am still keeping my lust to myself, I still have more work to do than one person can manage in the usual working day, and I still want to leave. Hopefully some or all of these things will also change shortly, and I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, here’s a pic for you to enjoy:




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  1. I’ve always been perplexed about the usefulness of a tea cosy…now I finally get it. Thanks! xoM

    • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

      the clue is in the name – it keeps your tea cosy 🙂

      • Margarita permalink

        Yes, I get that. lol! My experience of drinking tea is: you make it, you drink it, when do you keep it cosy? So your visual: brilliant! At least to me 🙂 xoM

      • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

        even i can’t drink a whole pot in one go, so the rest needs to be cosy. and i make the tea a bit before GAW gets in the office so it stays warm for her. see, i look after her 🙂

      • Margarita permalink

        Ahhh, I make tea one CUP, not POT at a time. Pots definitely need a cosy! 😉

      • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

        one cup in the morning is never enough!

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    Lol. Love the picture in Larry’s pot. I hope things change for you soon as well.

  3. I don’t think your tea is cozy. I think it is suffocating. 😉 But Larry looks happy, probably because he has such a fetching nametag.

    • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

      Well it’s october, even the teapot needs a jumper on! And yeah, larry loves his tag 🙂

      • flipside records permalink

        I wrote you a tiny poem, using a few of the words you gave me. I will write more using the rest. But that’s the one that came to me first.

      • Ignore me. I was using Yousei’s list actually. But yours is coming up.

      • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

        didnt think i recognised the words. but i enjoyed the not #3 comment 🙂

      • flipside records permalink

        That was definitely for you. 🙂

      • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

        no #3 for me – that sounds about right 😉

  4. A friend of mine knits tea cosies. But the one you bought is fancier than hers. Larry’s looking good! Sometimes they just need a new house to spread out in. I still have to try growing a lemon pip myself, maybe I can have a Larry type plant of my own.

    • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

      yeah grow one, yours and Larry will be transatlatic cousins

  5. I think your tea pot is ready for the slopes – skiing. Larry looks healthy for a work plant! The photo makes me think of wild animals in a pseudo “natural” environment. You must have those special lightbulbs that mimic sunlight.

    • yep, a very cosy pot indeed!
      i honestly dont know how i’ve managed to get Larry to grow so well. It feels like they use special lightbulbs that drain your enthusiasm. whenever i get there i have this feeling of “i dont want to do anything”

      • jayne ayres permalink

        You made me laugh – I’ll have to stay away from THOSE lightbulbs. Jayne

  6. Oh. My. God. I thought that part of Harry Potter with the knitwear for crockery was fiction. Turns out I was mistaken.

    • The Reclining Gentleman permalink

      yep, we really are that eccentric

  7. Now that’s exactly what I do love about you British people: you’re so funny and always make me smile 🙂

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