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Romantic Interludes 3

23 October, 2012

It’s been too long since i posted a Romantic Interlude. So here’s another one.


We happened to be at the bar getting a round in at the same time. She ordered a gin and tonic and the barman decided he would have a go at the Tom Cruise cocktail thing, and chuck the bottle in the air. It was only one of those little mixer bottles of tonic, but he missed it, it hit the shelf at the back of the bar, and glass and tonic went everywhere. While he sorted out the mess, we laughed at his ridiculous posturing, got chatting and, as I was pretty drunk, I had the courage to ask for her number. I waited a couple of nights before I called her (I’m so cool), and we arranged to meet the next night.

Rather than the formality of a restaurant, we went for a pub we both knew that served nice food. It was the middle of a very hot summer, and she looked stunning in a light summer dress. Its mid-thigh length showed off her legs beautifully, and the thin straps made it obvious she had gone for the no-bra option. I, not surprisingly, looked as average as ever but I did have my legendary knees out, so I figured that would put me in with a chance and if things went well, she might even get to touch them. We sat outside by the river where it was cooler, and had a very pleasant evening with tasty food and easy conversation. We moved inside when the mozzies started to circulate in the growing dark, and found a table in the corner where we continued our chat, got to know each other more, whispered intimately, giggled flirtatiously, and closing time soon came round.

She had stopped by the ladies a few minutes before we left, and as I opened the door for her and followed her bum outside to the car park, I couldn’t help noticing that there was no longer an underwear outline. And even a chump like me can read that as a positive signal. I held her hand as I walked her across the distant corner where her car was parked, as we reached it, I moved in for a kiss that she was happy to accept and return. Our tongues and hands explored for a minute or five, and without breaking the kiss she reached behind her and opened the car door. She climbed into the driver’s side, I went around to the passenger door, and as I climbed in, she was kicking off her flipflops. We sat and chatted for a short while but it wasn’t long before my hand was on her knee, her thigh, and our mouths, lips, tongues were dancing again.

And as my hand ventured further along her thigh, tiptoed beneath her dress, creeping higher as her breaths grew louder, my suspicions were correct. There were no knickers to pull aside as my fingers began their first delicate touches.

My kisses also began to explore, and as my lips and tongue skipped past her neck to her cleavage, she pulled at those thin straps, her dress parting, inviting me to her bare breasts. And then, amongst the hungry flurry of hands, tongues and clothing, her dress was in the footwell alongside my shirt and shorts.

The front seats were not the most convenient place though, and as she slid her hand inside my pants and ran her fingers along my keenly erect cock, she gasped “back seat,” and opened the driver door. I dropped my pants to the floor, pushing off my shoes and socks on the way past, and opened my door. And so it was that on the count of three, we both rushed, stark naked in the car park, from the front seats and into the back.

I’ll draw a discreet veil over the precise events that took place on the back seat that night – I’m sure you can all imagine what a boy and a girl got up to naked in the back seat of a car – but a good time was had by all. And good times were had, often several good times a night, for the rest of that summer.


  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    So she got to touch your knees? 😉

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