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Romantic Interludes 4

31 October, 2012

More evidence that I do occasionally have some success with the ladies. CC’s post about seduction and films reminded me of this liaison.


It was late, after the pub, and a few of us had stopped in the kebab shop for something to eat. There was quite a crowd at the counter as there always is on a Saturday. I was browsing the illuminated board, full of pictures of burgers and pizzas and kebabs that never look as good as that when they’re served.

‘I love Jay and Bob,’ a voice to the side of me said. I silently agreed, Kevin Smith is a hero of mine. I carried on choosing. ‘Dogma is the best film ever,’ the voice said, and I felt my shirt being tugged. And then I remembered I was wearing a tshirt of Jay and Silent Bob and realised she had been talking to me. I turned to see her smiling, the hem of my shirt in her hand, the buttons of her shirt open far enough down to reveal a not unimpressive cleavage. ‘Where did you get this tshirt?’ she asked me, ‘I want one.’ I told her it had been from the View Askew website where all the best Smith merchandise is.

‘And you’re wrong by the way,’ I said, with a teasing smirk, ‘Clerks is the best.’

‘Clerks?’ she asked.

‘Clerks,’ I confirmed, ‘don’t tell me you’ve never seen it?’

‘I’ve never seen it.’

This astonished me. Luckily I had a plan to rectify this. ‘You’ve got to see it,’ I said, ‘in fact what are you doing after this? I’ll show it to you.’


We ate our kebabs on the way to mine (I still ate meat then), and I put the dvd on. We settled down on the sofa, armed with glasses of vodka from the bottle in the freezer. She snuggled up towards me, I put my arm round her, we started watching the film. But before we had got that far into it (Dante had only just arrived for his shift) she got more comfortable, more relaxed, laid out on the sofa and rested her head on my thigh. I massaged her shoulders, her neck, my hand sneaking beneath her shirt. Her hand stroked my thigh and as it wandered higher, she found a bulge awaiting her and she smiled up at me. My jeans were undone, my underwear pulled down, and while her mouth joined her hand, I undid the rest of her buttons. I helped her out of her shirt and slipped a hand inside her bra, caressing her while she licked me and stroked me. It wasn’t long before our clothes were in a pile on the floor and the film just an ignored background.


We did in fact watch Clerks all the way through the next time we met up, and she agreed it was Kevin Smith’s best. A mutual admiration of New Jersey’s finest is not really enough to build a relationship on though, and we only saw each other a few more times. But watching Clerks always brings back happy memories.


  1. Jay and Silent Bob strike again…. (I can’t believe no one beat me to it!)

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    Never consider Clerks a movie that got people in the mood, but it works… 😉

  3. It’s a classic . . . Come and watch a DVD at my place really means… Do you want to fuck? I don’t think I’ve ever made it all the way through a DVD whilst a guys at my side. I’ve never seen this film you mention, I have to watch it, it seems.

    • yep, that was exactly what i meant when i said it! but also i am always happy to show Clerks to anyone who will watch, it’s one of my favourite films ever! its not a rude film, but you know i could have shown bambi or texas chainsaw massacre or high school musical that night and we wouldnt have watched it 🙂

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