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4 November, 2012

The present is a prism which refracts history
splits the singular line of the past
into an infinitely detailed rainbow of regrets

And each colour is a future projection
of inescapable repetitions
of inevitable revisions
each subtly different
but each identical to those before

We see the past
We see the future
We learn the lessons
We seek to change
But the mistakes return like a refrain


From → Poetry, Writing

  1. Yes they do my dear. Because although we want to change, we are still the same. Our souls are the same. We wish for change, even as we get older. But what we really want is to feel the way we did when we were young. At least that’s the way I feel. Maybe I’m crazy to want to be who I was 20 or even 30 years ago. Maybe…..

    • youre not crazy to reminisce over the past. life seems simpler when you are young

      • It wasn’t though my dear. It wasn’t. Our problems just become more complex the older we get. I’m not sure I want to go back in time. Maybe to find what I think I lost. To find the people I lost. To find the self I lost.

      • yes, that’s true. i guess it seems from today’s perspective that it was simpler, but at the time it didnt seem so. i would like togo back in time to change some things, do them differently or say things i should have said. but then what would the effects be, and where would i or others end up?
        a standard fiction idea is to go back and kill hitler before he comes to power, but what if hitler was the alternative that is more pallatable and he replaced the thing that others had gone back to be rid of? sorry, im starting to sound like a bad scifi film now 😉

      • No you’re not. I like what you said. We can’t go back and change anything my dear. Only move ahead and change our ending. It’s what I try to do every day. Live, love, connect and write. It’s how I change me story. It’s how I want to be remembered. By what I write. What I say. Who I help and connect with. It’s my legacy. Yours is the same. Hence the reason that you write. To share and connect. And leave your mark.

      • That’s a good philosophy. i don’t really think much beyond the now. and as to why i write – there has never been a “why”, i’ve always written since i could read. it would be nice if i became published and could do this for a living and something lived on after me, but if it doesnt happen, i will still write. See the headline on my blog page!

      • Honey we don’t have to be published to be remembered. I’ll remember things you wrote and because of that you will live on. You will remember things I wrote and because of that I will live on. Our dreams of course are to be published. I pray for it. But if it never happens, I know that in some small way I have changed a life but something that I have written. And my dear, so have you.

      • I hadn’t though of it that way. you’re right, our works are already out there.

      • Yes my dear, they are. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

      • It is! It might not count as “published” but we are “read” and that’s the next best thing

      • Honey with what you write, I do hope you get published. I’d buy your book in a heartbeat.

      • thank you darling that’s very kind. i need to finish it first though 😉

      • Yeah me too. Sometimes my words flow and other times barely a drip. Ah well. I’ve got nothing but time. The story is there in my sparkly brain. Just gotta get it out. It’ll happen. As it will for you.

      • Maybe we will meet on the book promotion circuit 🙂

      • Wouldn’t that be fun? Giggle.

      • It’ll be great! We can go for dinner and drinks and our publishers will pay!

      • Oh honey it’s a good dream. I see it happening for you. Me, I’m just a girl that likes to talk a lot. But yes it would be great. We’d have fun drinking and goofing off on the publisher’s dime. It’d have to be somewhere warm though. I see myself jumping into a fountain in my underwear and bra. 😉

      • Well youre a pretty good writer too, so keep at it and who knows? I’ll join you in the fountain in my underwear but i will probably skip the bra

      • Ha! What fun we will have!

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