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We’re all Americans tonight

6 November, 2012

You don’t want a Brit poking his nose in your political affairs – you made that much clear back in the 1780s – but this Brit takes an interest. Many of us do in fact, because what you decide affects us all. So please vote wisely, vote intelligently, vote with your conscience.

I have a preference for who wins tonight and some of you may be able to guess where my vote would go. But even though I can’t vote, I can still care, and come 6am tomorrow my time (barring any hanging chad tie-breaks) we should know who has won. Most commentators are calling it for Obama by a nose, and it will sound like lazy bandwagon-jumping for me to do the same, but honestly I have been saying this for the last 2 or 3 years. Sadly I didn’t have a blog back then so you will have to take my word for it, but I can tell you now – and you can mark this post in your favourites to check back in four years time – that I am calling it for Condoleeza Rice beating Hilary Clinton fairly convincingly  in 2016. You heard it here first people.

I will be up all night watching the results come in, as I have done every four years since Clinton’s win in 1992. And I’ve watched every British general election since the same year. Ok, maybe I need to get out more, but I find politics fascinating and I love to watch it all happen.

Right, kettle on TRG, it’s going to be a long night…


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  1. Condolezza and Hilary… That will be interesting but If it happens, I think Hilary owns it :).

    • i think it would be wonderful for 2 women to run, and both Hilary and Condi have enough experience and credility to stand. i think too many people have the impression that Hilary was back seat driving when Bill was in charge, and they resent her for that, hence i think she would lose. Condi gave a good speech at the Republican convention, and at that point i thought “that’s the first speech of the 2016 campaign”.

  2. I’ve said that myself. The Republican Party is in a sad state of affairs. I would have preferred Hillary myself. And Condoleeza would be perfect! Maybe we can send Sarah Palin over across the pond to straighten up your Parliament. So sit back with your tea cozy and enjoy yourself… nothing to worry about this time.

    • I’m trying not to express any preferences here, it’s not my place. but as messed up as our place is at the moment with its coalition infighting, i’d take that over Sarah Palin!

  3. I’m keeping my eye on the Massachusetts senatorial race and keeping my fingers crossed that Elizabeth Warren is victorious there. I believe she could change the political gender landscape significantly…we’ll see!

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I am most happy to live in America but somehow, I feel like you are getting dirty at America’s expense by caring. It’s comforting to know you do care and aren’t hating our system with it’s slimy underbelly… I just wish it was more admirable because you do care. I’m voting sometime today – pretty much on the fact of who I would rather place Superior Court Justices. I’ll also be voting no on all of the measures to raise taxes since the slimy bastards who write the measures have back room deals, exclusions and basically lying advertisements of what the measures will actually do!

    • every country’s (or indeed state’s, town’s etc) political system has its share of slime, of sleaze and of lying bastards.Our parliament had a massive scandal over MPs expenses last year. But this sort of behaviour overshadows the honest politicians of whatever persuasion who are genuinely in it to make a difference and to serve the people, not just to make a few quid/dollars/euros.

  5. you said since the 1780’s. Why does everyone outside of the USA say that? It started in 1776, lol, thats when we got free of you guys. I have to admit, u Brits do a great job of spawning great nations, though. God bless u guys

    • Hi Brad, thanks for dropping by. yep, you’re right my histrory is a bit off there. you were free in 76, but it seemed to take us a while to accept it 😉

  6. Thank you for caring about what happens on this side of the pond.

  7. hmmm, interesting….I will have to read more of your semi-political rants before commenting further but I must warn you- I’m fascinated with the subject and while I believe both parties over on this side of the pond need to get their shit together before we implode- I had to give myself a self-imposed time out with politics, it was making me crazy as it sometimes becomes all I think/read/talk about… write about it? not so much, Big Brother is reading you know 😉

    • same as anything, you can get too involved and engrossed and that isnt always a good thing. Take a breather, look around, relax, then go back in.
      I have no doubt BB is logging my blogging 🙂

      • I am SURE that BB is logging my everything! There’s a big mess a’brewing over here right now about how the government is watching us and going after ‘certain’ people (read:anyone who doesn’t support the fools on the hill ) and using the tax men to go after people; ever since I got involved in the political process (even a lowly poll worker such as I is part of the process :P) I’ve learned so much about the misuse of power it boggles my mind…oops, BB is watching, better shut up lol

      • Theyre watching everyone in the name of “security” which reduces the freedoms they say they are protecting. ironic isnt it?

      • oh yeah! and intentional of course, i’m no tin foil hat wearer but whatever happened to that good old “we won’t get fooled again” train of thought? “meet the new boos, same as the old boss” only a trillion times worse- that song by Jeff Beck is in my head now, about the HP “nothing is being done” I think it’s called ‘a day in the house”, it’s perfect that song, mostly instrumental with lots of HP members yelling politely at each other :my lords, we must come to order: and such; how’d I get on a jeff beck rant? he’s awesome, you’re lucky, he’s yours 😀

      • We tend to go for the least worst option which is usually still not great but at least that other lot didnt get in.

  8. that’s really hard to do when there really kinda is no least worst option, at least it seems that way the last decade or ten 😀
    as corny and naïve as it may sound, adding more parties never works and somehow makes the $ game part of it all worse ,more vote buying, i’m probably not saying that right….but, and this is the biggest corny part, we have to vote and vote from the bottom up, and keep on their backs before they get caught in the political machine…I also want a pony 😀

    • it’s hard for new parties when it costs so many million (dollars or pounds) to run a campaign.

      • that’s what drives me insane, money….a necessary evil which unfortunately buys power- I look forward to some vigorous political conversations

      • I try not to write too much about politics as that is covered elsewhere by others who are better informed and better writers. but now and again i cant resist

      • here we must agree to disagree; imo, we are the ones who have to live with the repercussions of their (mostly) stupid decisions therefore we are in a way, the most knowledgeable, also, better writers than you? Pshaw (or however you spell that sound) i’m still looking forward to a REAL political discussion; usually I watch news 24/7 but that stupid Jodi arias trial had me hooked and I needed a break from politics, but I’ve been peeking a bit and just as I thought, my blood pressure rises lol; besides, primary election is next Tuesday so I need a refresher course- don’t resist! resistance is futile,ha! (BTVSlayathon????)

      • agreed we are the ones whe live with the consequences but there are (over here certainly) a big percentage of voters who have little or no knowledge of politics.
        I dont follow to the degree you do, but i listen to a couple of hours of news radio a day, and when there is an election coming (ours or yours) i increase that.
        I havent heard of jodi arias, and judging by your recent post i dont think i really want to know too many details.

      • over here some of us more rabid politicos refer to them as LIV’s- low information voters 😀
        it drives me crazy when people vote based on nothing other than “oh he’s cool” or something along those lines. I’m starting to get back into political mode, we have a primary election coming up on Tuesday and I’ll be working the polls as usual (long day, 5am till 9pm); we’ve got quite a few political scandals going on right now but most people don’t even see what’s happening and to that I blame the media; this is the first time the media has been so blatantly biased to such a degree that they report nothing that doesn’t show the president in a glowing light- problem is, the government has gone a little too far and we’re in the middle of a battle where the press is finally beginning to wake up and do their jobs, i’m just being optimistic because the last 5 years or so our country has been headed on a very dangerous road to such an extent that i’m relieved I never had children, I fear for the future of my young nieces and nephews…politics can be a dangerous subject anymore, I’ve literally lost friends due to my political views because I dare to believe in the Constitution 😉
        As for Jodi arias (shudder) I feel like I have to follow it thru the end because it was something my Mom got me hooked on, even while she was in the hospital she had the trial on the telly every day!
        Any girl who drives 3k miles to stalk her ex then kill him 3 times over deserves the harshest punishment available- 29 stab wounds, his throat slit from ear to ear then she shot him in the head after he was already dead- there is no reason in the world that merits that! At least she’s now a convicted murderer they have to retry the penalty phase because the jury couldn’t come to a unanimous decision- 8 for death and 4 for life in jail…i’m sorry, you don’t want to hear the details and i’m rambling on about them- i’m not a crime watcher, just something about this trial has gripped the entire nation!

      • even Low Information would be a step up for some. there was a case recently here where a pair of radicalised and extremist British muslims killed an off-duty solider – obviously a horrific act. but in reaction we have had petrol bombs in mosques, marches by far-right groups calling for them to be sent home, and facebook statuses for our borders to be closed. It makes me angry that some people lach out and react in such an ignorant fashion. Im obv not condoning what was a horrific murder, but none of those reactions make any sense.
        I will have to read up on your primary – i’m guessing it’s for governor/senator? way too early for presidential.
        The arias case sounds truly sickening, im glad it hasnt been covered here.

    • ps a free pony for every voter would be a winner, you should stand on that pledge 🙂

      • oooh! do you think it would help if I threw in a Cadbury flake or two? 😀

      • a vote for me is a vote for the voters- hows that for a campaign slogan? hee! believe me, the political bug was nipping at my toes big team, a girl I know ran for a local position and tries to lure me in that direction…i’d be awesome! tired and with no time to write like ever, but awesome 😛
        oh crap.the newsman just said president that-one is coming here today, there goes traffic everywhere!!! 😀

      • nice slogan! You certanly have the passion and rhe knowledge to run and give it a good go, and that is essential. If you don’t care enough you will be a rubbish politician

      • and your last sentence just summed up perfectly what the problem is, most politicians care only for their careers and/or the power (“it’s not about control, it’s about power”- there’s a Buffy quote for everything lol)

      • from the little direct involvement i have had in local politics – leafleting, canvassing, attending counts – i know there are a percentage who are genuinely in it because they want to make a change for the better in society. They are present in all parties but sadly there are not enough of them. as we saw a couple of years back with an expenses scandal, too many see the public purse as a free bank. And too many ex-MPs (and sometimes serving MPs) are too keen to take jobs in industry and use their influence dishonestly.
        I can respect a politician who genuinely cares about the country, even if i disagree with their policies, but i cant accept a politician who is in it to make money for themselves, even if i support their party

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