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Friday Fictioneers – Frost

9 November, 2012

Big thanks to Rochelle for running FriFic and for this week’s prompt:

I have come in at exactly 100 words, all comments and criticisms welcome.


They moved here in summer, when the view from the wooden seats on the back porch was spectacular. The distant hills where they walked, the lake where they skinny dipped, the wide meadow where they made love – all in one breathtaking vista.

But now she was working away for the winter. The hill paths were icy and treacherous, the lake was frozen and unsafe, the meadow grass browned and dying. It was too cold now to sit on the porch. Instead he spent his evenings alone in the study, the frost on the windows oppressive, denying him his perfect view.

  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    sounds like there’s more going on there than just winter frost. Nice job.

  2. Winter sucks. I can say that since I don’t ski. It would have been a good time to have her back.

    Did you mean ‘spent’ in the last line?

  3. The relationship was perfect in the summer sun, but changed as the season did. She’s gone. He lost and alone. He wonders why he moved there. She’s everywhere, though she is nowhere to be found. Only her ghost lingers. In dust, in corners, in empty hallways.

    • wow, you say it so much better than i did!

      • No honey, I was just elaborating on what you said. I want to do something like this? How do I go about it? So many of my stories come from photos that inspire me.

        The words are coming easily for me today that’s all.

      • do you mean you want to write with Friday Fictioneers? Just follow Rochelle’s blog (click on the link above the pic) and you will receive the prompt each week
        or do you mean starting your own weekly prompt? that’s easy too – publish your pics or your prompts and invite people to write and link back to you. if you do it regularly then people will know when to expect it.

      • Thanks for the information my sweet. I’ll be sure to follow her so I get the prompt.

        Honey if I ever figure out a format for my blog I might just do this. But for right now I kinda like flying by the seat of my pants. You just never know what I’m going to write about. Damn my impulsive nature!

      • You might like Five Sentence Fiction too, see my earlier post. or you might want to join the fiction relay too 🙂
        My blog is the same. i have a few regular(ish) things i do but between those i just upload random thoughts

      • Random thoughts are best. I think I’m going to have to write a little story about Frost now. Thanks my dear. Do you mind if I use the words from my original comment to you? I’ll change them up a bit.

      • Theyre your words my dear, of course use them!

  4. I love this…

  5. A hauntingly well written piece, Gentleman. I wish you’d put your link somewhere on the blog. .I found you only by the pingback to my blog. You deserve more reads.

    • Let me know if I can assist in any way.

    • HI Rochelle! Thanks for your kind comments, and thanks as always for coordinating FriFic. To be honest I am a bit shy about putting my work out to a wider audience, but i may link properly in the future if i write one i am particularly pleased with. I hope you dont mind, i dont want to sound like some sort of freeloader using your prompt but not linking back.

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