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Summer Heat – Part Nine (the director’s cut)

11 November, 2012

I posted part Nine of this story last week, but it was a rush and it wasn’t good enough. A day later I issued this apology and promised you a rewrite. Well, this is that rewrite.
As usual, here is a link if you want to know what happened previously on Summer Heat. I am aware it is now Autumn, but in Jess & Toby’s world less than 24 hours have passed since she nipped out the bag for a sneaky smoke. And now on with the action..


Summer Heat – Part Nine

Jessica let herself in through the front door of the block and dashed upstairs to her flat. She walked through to the lounge and dropped her bag on the sofa before checking her phone again, smiling at Toby’s last picture, excited at the thought of seeing him again. All her thoughts of taking things slowly, all her doubts that morning, her resilience after his first text, were overtaken by the anticipation of being with him again, feeling his hands on her again, his prick inside her again. ‘I’m home,’ she texted to him, ‘I’ll be upstairs in a minute’, and she walked through to the bedroom. Last night she had been angry and had deliberately worn an unflattering baggy jumper and an old pair of jeans, but tonight she would make an effort, would dress to impress. She would dress to be undressed. She stripped quickly, tossing her clothes onto the bed before opening her underwear drawer. For a minute she considered her black pushup bra, knowing that her breasts and her cleavage always looked their most tempting with a little encouragement, but there was no need for seduction tonight, no need for persuasion, and she decided instead on the sensual, the erotic. She slipped into her favourite red lace knickers, put on the matching lace bra, and admired herself in the mirror. Red underwear always made her feel sexy and she smoothes her hands over her body, let out a tiny giggle. She would only be wearing these for a few minutes, she realised, before Toby would be teasing them from her body.

She opened the wardrobe and was flicking through the hangers in search of the perfect top when she heard a tap at her door. And again, an impatient, insistent knock. That must be him, she thought, and strode quickly to the door. The excitement of his arrival gave her confidence, and she opened the door wide, revealing herself to him and anyone else who might be passing on the landing. Her gasped with surprise as her eyes ran up and down his body. ‘Oh my god,’ she laughed, ‘I can’t believe you walked downstairs naked.’

‘Well,’ he shrugged, ‘I figured I wouldn’t be needing any clothes so I thought I would save us some time.’ He held his arms out wide in a gesture of presentation, allowed Jessica to study the body she had come to know so well the night before, to admire his physique. Her eyes came to rest on his cock and she imagined taking him in her mouth again, feeling him twitch as he hardened in response to her fingers tickling behind his balls.

‘So,’ he said when her eyes came back to his, ‘can I come in?’ and stepped inside without waiting for a reply. ‘You look amazing,’ he said, admiring her as he pushed the door closed behind him, ‘your lingerie is so pretty.’ He stepped forward, kissing her, placing his hands on her hips and gently easing her backwards. She felt the wall against her back, she felt the urgency of his growing erection against her front, and as she returned his kiss, their tongues hungrily exploring the novelty of each other, he pushed against her with more force, his hands caressing her breasts through the lace. She moaned as he teased her nipples, pinching them lightly between his fingers. She strained for his touch, and his hands slipped quickly inside her bra, arousing her further. Her hands too began to explore too, coursing across his back, his strong shoulders, and along the length of his spine to his firm behind. She grabbed at him with both hands, pulled him closer to her, keen for his strong cock to be nearer to her, against her, in her.

His kisses trailed along her cheek, her neck, and while one hand continued his delicate stroking, his mouth found the strap of her bra. His free hand gently persuaded this over her shoulder, his fingers dusting against her arm as he did so and his mouth was immediately on her, sucking desperately, noisily at the curves he had released. Her hands skipped lightly up his back and she grasped at his head, holding him to her as his teeth lightly nipped. His brought his hands behind her, deftly unclasping her bra before teasing it from her and dropping it to the floor.

‘Shall we go to the bedroom,’ he asked, looking up at her, but her feet remained still as he took her breast fully into his mouth once more. Jessica replied with a gasp, tightened her grip on his head. He took her nipple between his teeth, tugged at it lightly, and she felt a quick, wonderful charge of sensual pain that sent a pulse of pleasure directly to her core. He trailed his tongue across her chest, her cleavage, before his mouth devoured her other breast, bringing her that same intense pleasure again.

And while he continued to suck and to nibble, his hands dropped to the already dampening lace of her knickers, gently stroking her. His hand became more insistent, caressing her through her underwear, the friction of the lace against her clit drawing increasing gasps from her and she shivered as his fingers darted beneath to touch her, to part her moist lips, to slip inside of her. She grabbed at her knickers, smartly tugging them down. His mouth swept away from her breast and downwards, his kisses journeying across her stomach as he knelt before her. His hands eased her underwear down her calves, and as his tongue joined his fingers between her thighs, she lifted first one foot and then the other, freeing her body from the last of her clothes.

Her hands were back on his head now, her hands in his hair as his tongue tickled at her entrance, teasing at her clit before sliding effortlessly inside her, tasting her arousal. She raised one leg and placed it on his shoulder, at once embracing him and opening her core to him and he stroked at the inside of her thigh with one hand whilst tracing electrifying circles on her clit with the other. She felt her legs begin to weaken as her approaching climax gathered inside her, and he felt this too. He placed his hands on her hips for support, pushed her harder against the wall, brought his tongue higher to lick her clit as it thrust repeatedly inside her, and she released his head from her grasp. Her hands grasped his shoulders as she attempted to steady herself, and took her clit in his mouth, sucking forcefully. Her hips bucked against his him as her orgasm crested over her and she called his name, cried out with passionate release as his skilful lips enticed a harder and longer climax than she had ever experienced before.

Gasping, satisfied, she stood straighter again on both feet and took his head in her hands, guiding him upwards. She kissed him, tasted her own wetness on his lips and tongue.

‘So,’ she said at last, ‘you wanted to see my bedroom…’




  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    I didn’t think the other part was bad. Ballsy of him to come down sans clothes. Very arousing. 🙂

    • it is improved with the edit though (i think)
      yep, he’s a brave one! he brings out Jessica’s sexual nature which she has kept hidden up to now

  2. Niiiiice! I like the rewrite better. 😉

  3. I am gonna get fat…need more zumba. REally REally nice!

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