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Summer Heat – Part Ten

18 November, 2012

Part TEN? How did that happen? Here is a link to the previous chapters in case you need a quick recap.


Summer Heat – Part Ten

Jessica’s alarm sounded as usual at 6.30 the next morning. Despite the late night, she felt refreshed after an unbroken, if shortened, night of sleep. Reaching for her phone to silence the alarm, she wondered if Toby had texted after he had left, and she checked the display. Two unanswered messages told her he had. The first was timed as 12.33, immediately after he had arrived back at his flat. ‘Goodnight beautiful,’ it said simply, and signed off with three kisses. The second message had arrived three hours later. ‘Was just dreaming of us,’ it said, ‘can’t wait to tell you what we were doing.’

She knew she had been right to insist that he leave last night, and she had been right not to give in to his pleas for her to join him upstairs to sleep in his bed. However much the thought of the two of them climbing the stairs naked and hand-in-hand appealed, however much she wanted to wake up next to him, today was Monday and they would both be back at work. After the late nights, she needed sleep.

Jessica sighed, her mind returning to her doubts of early yesterday, wondered if she was being too cautious. She had missed out on relationships before by being too nervous, too reserved, and potential partners had not wanted to wait for her to be ready. This was their loss, she told herself each time, any man who would not wait did not respect her and did not deserve her, and although her friends agreed with this, supported her stand, although she felt justified, Toby was the first man she had been with for nearly three years. They had shared a wonderful weekend, she had glimpsed at a life she had been denying herself by waiting. Maybe she would wake from this semi-real experience and decide that this weekend had changed her, she would allow herself to be more impulsive. Maybe she would regret it, find she was becoming someone she never wanted to be, and hide the last two nights in the deeper corners of her memories where she kept her regrets. Either way, she liked being with Toby, enjoyed the time they were spending together, and wanted to enjoy him again. They were two people attracted to each other, having some fun. Noone was getting hurt.

Her phone beeped another text. A rush of excitement swept through her as she saw his name, and tapped the message open. ‘Take the day off work and spend it with me,’ it said. She replied, explaining she had too much work to do, but as she pressed send, she hoped he would insist. He did. ‘Just one day,’ he begged, ‘call in sick.’


She had not quite followed his instructions – she was wearing pyjamas but also a bathrobe in case she met any neighbours on the stairs – but she still felt overdressed as he answered the door wearing just a pair of black boxers. He grabbed her hand, pulled her into the flat and into his arms, and the smell of freshly made toast infused with the smell of his aftershave as they kissed. Toby broke their kiss first, walked to the kitchen. ‘I’m making us some breakfast,’ he said, ‘I hope you’re hungry.’ He returned carrying a wide tray filled with toast, bagels, jam, butter, cream cheese, orange juice and two mugs of coffee. ‘Do you normally eat this much for breakfast?’ she asked, helping herself to one of the mugs. ‘Not usually no,’ he said, ‘but I don’t usually have breakfast in bed either.’ His eyes glinted as he gave her a smile. ‘Come on,’ he said, and she followed him to the bedroom.

Jessica dropped her robe on the floor as she slipped beneath the duvet, shuffling close to Toby to allow the tray to rest across both of their laps. He had arranged the large, comfortable pillows against the headboard and she sat back, sipped at her coffee. And for a few minutes, they ate breakfast together, chatted, compared notes on how their bosses would react to their sick day. It was nice, Jessica decided, to spend time, to relax, to feel comfortable with him. She took a slice of toast, spread a thick layer of jam and bit into it noisily. Toby giggled. ‘You’ve got jam on your chin,’ he said, ‘let me.’ He lightly collected the strawberry spillage on his finger, and brought it to her mouth. She looked from his hand, hovering in front of her, to his face, staring at her lips, his desire for her openly showing in his eyes, and the spark of arousal she had felt so many times in the few hours she had spent with him flashed through her again. She licked the jam from his finger, a quiet sigh revealing her pleasure at the taste, and at the feel of him. He lightly probed at her lips, and she took him into her mouth, the sweet taste of fruit covering her tongue. Her eyes closed as she clasped his hand with hers, gently guiding him further into her mouth, sucking and licking, and felt the other fingers of his hand caressing her cheek. Her breaths grew deeper as she began a slow rhythm with his finger, in and out, and her toast was dropped, forgotten as she grabbed his hand with both of hers.

She felt his free hand brushing her hair from her face, gently stroking her ear, her neck, and his breaths quickly followed as he nuzzled her, kissed her lightly, carefully, sensuously. She sucked harder on his finger, exploring it with her tongue as has she had explored his shaft in the kitchen, and the same arousal tugged between her thighs. Toby’s lips danced across her neck as his hand felt its way along her shoulder before dipping lower and enquiring lightly at her breast, holding and stroking her through her cotton top. A sound of knocking crockery broke the spell for just a second, and they parted. Toby wordlessly moved the tray to the foot of the bed, ignored the spilled coffee and jam on the duvet, and returned to her with an increased passion.

They were instantly in each other’s arms, kissing deeply, their tongues probing and tasting, and Toby knelt astride her, above her. She surrendered to him, pushed herself down to the flat of the bed as his hands persuaded her top upwards. Their kisses paused as he lifted her top over her head, and as he tossed it to the floor, he dipped his head, opened his mouth wide to take her breast full into his mouth, sucking hard. He withdrew slowly, his teeth teasing at her, rasping against her skin, and her hips bucked against him. He took her nipple in his teeth, and the intense pleasure skirted on the very outreaches of discomfort, of pain, as he pulled at her hardening tip. She let out a small cry, grasped his head as his lips took over, sucking and devouring her again.

Her thighs clenched together, and she was suddenly aware of the damp of her pyjama shorts. Without a single touch on her core, on her clitoris, she knew her climax was already gathering deep within her, and her gasps meant that he knew this too. Switching his mouth to her right breast, he repeated the same intense arousal, clasped his lips around her once more, and as Jessica’s gasps grew louder and her grip on his head tighter, his hand tugged at her shorts. He grabbed them, pulled them sharply down, and before she could free her legs from them, his fingers, still wet from her lips, dipped inside her, thrusting into the slick honey of her arousal. Jessica released him from her grasp, and as he withdrew his fingers, stroked insistently at her clit, she took handfuls of the white cotton sheets in each fist. Her head snapped backwards, her mouth forced wide open by the cries of her passion, and as Toby’s fingers entered her again, her hips rose, desperately pressing against him. His mouth released her, she heard him moving up the bed, and his mouth was on her ear. The yearning pleasure from his fingers soared higher, and as her climax burst over her, her body shuddering as he stroked against her ever faster, somewhere beyond her own shouts of ecstatic relief she heard his voice whispering in her ear, begging to know how they had taken so long to find each other.


  1. I keep wondering when the other shoe is going to drop…

    • I honestly don’t know if there is another shoe. OK, he is a mystery and wasnt completely honest, but i think he really likes her. He was watching her for a while, maybe he won’t want to mess it up.
      Or maybe he is stringing her along and having his way before he throws her away when he finds how unsure about all this she really is.
      I have no idea.

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    I loved that last line. This, I enjoyed this. Most definitely. Nicely done.

  3. I agree with CC that last line was fantastic. The whole damn story is good. But that last line. Sigh.

  4. My favorite so far! But I would have had to eat everything he made after…

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