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Five Sentence Fiction – Feast

24 November, 2012

Thanks as always to Lillie for running the wonderful 5SF, and for this week’s prompt. Here is my offering, all comments and criticisms welcome.


She opens the cupboard, and through her tears she sees the boxes, the bars, the bags.

A box of cupcakes is first, devoured one by one as she slumps, sobbing, to the kitchen floor, the six empty cases dropped beside her, the box discarded.

Her hunger unsated, her sadness unabated, she reaches for a second box and shoves each of the dozen cake bars into her mouth before its predecessor is finished, before any of them are tasted.

A wrapper from a chocolate bar joins the rubbish pile on the floor, its contents consumed in minutes, and a bag of crisps is torn open, eaten noisily, crumbs tumbling carelessly onto her clothes, onto the floor.

None of this makes her happier, none of this makes her stronger, she knows deep inside she will feel worse, but for now, for this moment, while she is eating, the pain and the torment are paused.


  1. This is brilliant! What a creative take on it!!! Love! You have a beautiful mind RG.

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    Makes you wonder what happened to the poor girl. Many people go this route, eating to cover pain. You captured it well.

    • There is no logic why food should be a comfort, especially when the person knows it does more harm than good. but as you say, that is how many see it

  3. Oh my, quite a different feast from the prompt. I thought this was pretty good. I could feel her pain, and perhaps the writers.

    I’m eating chips and salsa right now.

  4. Delilah permalink

    Amazing work, and Ted….I just had chips and salsa too.

  5. I have been this girl way too many times!

  6. This is exactly how I felt when I was morbidly obese. It’s exactly how I felt when I was stuffing my face with chocolate, potatoes, bread, fucking A everything. I weighed 325 and just kept eating and eating. I knew I had to stop or I would die. I knew it. I did. I became addicted to self preservation instead of self destruction. Still want to self destruct sometimes though. It’s how I’m made. Dammit I hate it!

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