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Maybe GAW is jealous

27 November, 2012

I like to write at lunchtime, but before I do I check my emails, twitter, facebook and wordpress on my phone. I was doing this today, refreshing my hotmail inbox, when GAW wandered into the canteen. I put my phone down to talk to her – even though I am over her, she still gets my full attention.

‘What sort of phone have you got?’ she asked me, ‘I’m looking for a new one.’

‘It’s an LG,’ I said, ‘it’s okay but the screen is too small.’

‘Let’s have a look,’ she said and picked up my phone to examine it. Now, I hadn’t closed my internet page so the screen was on my hotmail inbox, so while I’m sure she wasn’t being deliberately nosey, I wonder what she thought of the fact that there were emails there with the name “The Reclining Gentleman” and alerting me to the fact I had comments. She doesn’t know I blog, so maybe that made her wonder what it was all about. But the really interesting question concerns the email at the bottom of the screen from a female friend, also a writer, discussing how hard it can be writing about sex. The email itself wasn’t open so she won’t have read it, but she will definitely have seen that I had an email from a woman, the subject of which just read “sex”.

Neither of us mentioned it, she put the phone down and we carried on chatting, but hopefully she now thinks I am getting some, and maybe that made her a bit jealous.

  1. You have no idea how much I love this post! 🙂 So…..what was she writing it about??? haha

  2. This is a good post. I especially liked the last line… kind of a universal thing where ex’s are concerned.

    I can only guess who the ‘female friend, also a writer… writing about sex’ is… I’m sure I win a prize.

    Of course Your email provider is ‘Hotmail’!

    Facebook… you must ‘friend’ me, old boy.

    p.s. that Hasty is a naughty girl…

    • I love your assumption Ted… sadly she isnt an ex, she’s a never was i admire(d).

      feel free to guess, but i am too discreet and too much of a gentleman to name names 🙂

      HAHA!! hotmail – i never made that connection!!

      speaking of connections… my FB is in my real name and part of my real life so i keep it separate from my blog. but if i open up an account as TRG then of course i’ll friend you sir!

  3. TheOthers1 permalink

    I’m curious about the stuff the female friend wrote about as well. I like a good rude story as you call it. Maybe it did make GAW jealous. Maybe indeed.

  4. I like how she took your phone w/o asking. It’s sort of a possessive move. To me that says she’s (still) into you. And I like how you assume she wasn’t being nosy…. 😉

  5. Or, what do you want her to see in your pics?

  6. Maybe the only reason she didn’t look at the pics was she would have had to ask you how to use the phone to get to them lol

    • LOL you may be right! she has her new phone now (already!) so i can be on hand to show her how to use it – something her BF will never be able to do!!

  7. I love this post.

    Hmm unusual to just pick up a phone like that, says she’s quite friendly with you, more than you know…

    Ah you two should have just got it on, *sighs*

    And the fact you think she may be jealous, suggests that you want her to, and still admire her. You’ve just given up not gotten over..


    • Well ive said many times… if she was single then maybe we would have.

      i think youre right with your last point but hadnt realised till you said it. The fact i stop writing and emailing and talk to her says it all… everyone else just gets a grunt if they get anything out of me at all!

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