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Summer Heat – Part Eleven

3 December, 2012

Here is the latest episode. You can read past chapters here, but be warned they are ruder than this one which is a bit of a time out for Jessica and Toby.


Summer Heat Part Eleven

Toby kissed her, an affectionate goodbye as he left the bed, and carried the breakfast plates through to the kitchen. Jessica laid on her side, her hands underneath the deep pillows, and sighed loudly, contentedly. She had been in his bed for two hours, making love, cuddling, eating breakfast, making love some more, and it had been wonderful. Was it possible that she was falling for him so soon, just a couple of days after they had properly met? Just a couple of days after she had stamped angrily upstairs to confront him? Or was this lust that she was feeling, that carnal connection between two people who are sexually compatible, on the same page? Even if this was a brand new page for Jessica, so far away from her normal life that it felt like a completely different book? A different book that was making her happy but also, she knew, a little nervous.

Amongst the sounds of Toby stacking plates and cups in the kitchen, Jessica also heard his voice as he called his work, explained that he was feeling ill and that he wouldn’t be in today, maybe not even tomorrow. And with a jolt, she sat up and searched for her own phone, checked the time. It was approaching nine, and she should make her own call, offer her excuses to the office. The ringing tone sounded in her ear, and as her boss answered, she self-consciously pulled the duvet around herself, hiding her nudity as she told him in a weak voice that she had been up most of the night, she was exhausted and would not be able to come in. All of this was sort of true, she told herself, although the reason for her lack of sleep was not the bug she blamed. Her call was not well received, another colleague was also sick, and Jessica made a promise that she would try to come in later if she felt better. A promise that a small part of her, a guilty part of her, intended to keep, but which she knew she would break.

Toby, walking back into the bedroom, laughed silently at the fake illness she had added to her voice, and at her offer to work. Her call ended as he slid under the duvet, across the bed to join her, and she placed her phone on the bedroom floor. They kissed lightly, embraced, and Jessica enjoyed again the sensation of their naked bodies together, feeling him against her from their lips to their toes.

‘That was the worst sick call I’ve ever heard,’ he teased her, ‘you sounded completely unconvincing.’ She shoved him away playfully, ‘shut up,’ she said, ‘I’ve never faked a sick day before.’ Toby laid on his back, smirking as he repeated her call, mimicking her voice. Jessica punched him playfully on the arm, ‘I did not sound like that,’ she said, her face filled with mock anger, but she could not keep up the pretence and kissed the red mark she had caused on his shoulder before resting her head on his chest. She draped an arm lazily across him, ran her fingers along his abs. ‘Well my boss bought it I think,’ she said, ‘so we probably have the whole day. What are we going to do?’ Toby smiled, laid a kiss on her head. ‘I’m comfortable here,’ he said. Jessica looked up. ‘But we can’t spend the whole day in bed,’ she protested, ‘we can’t waste a day off.’

‘A day in bed with you would not be a waste,’ he grinned, his finger tracing lazy circles on her back. She returned his smile, but was not convinced. ‘Don’t get me wrong,’ she said, ‘this is fun, more than fun, but…’ Toby looked as her quizzically. ‘What’s the matter babe?’ he asked, concerned. Surely she wasn’t regretting this? Was she not enjoying it? She seemed to be enjoying it when her nails were digging into his back, when she was begging for him to do it harder, when her body was shuddering with a climax brought on by his thrusts inside her.

‘It’s just that I haven’t done anything like this before,’ she said, embarrassed. ‘Well you seemed to know what you were doing in the kitchen the other night,’ he said, his hand sliding lower, gliding along her curves.

‘Oh I don’t mean I’ve never done it,’ she said defensively, ‘but it usually takes a few dates before I feel ready to… do anything. It doesn’t happen this fast.’

Toby shuffled onto his side, their faces level on the pillow. He wanted, he needed, to read her expression as they talked. ‘You’re not having second thoughts are you?’ he asked, ‘I thought you were happy.’

‘I am,’ she insisted, ‘this is great. It’s just all a bit sudden. I don’t know anything about you.’

‘Well there are some parts of me you know pretty well,’ he smirked, and stroked a finger on her cheek. Jessica winced slightly at his touch. ‘I’m being serious,’ she said, ‘I don’t even know what you do for a living. But we’ve spent most of the weekend having sex.’ Toby fought the urge to smile contendedly at the reminder. ‘And you took those pictures of me aswell.’ He froze, felt a drop of sweat form on his temple. He swallowed as he remembered frantically deleting pictures as her footsteps climbed the steps. ‘I thought we established I was taking pictures of me,’ he said nervously.

‘We did,’ Jessica said, ‘I mean after that. In this room, on this bed.’ Toby felt a relief flow through him, ‘Oh those pictures,’ he said. ‘And a video,’ she reminded him, ‘and that’s something else I’ve never done before, not for anyone.’ Inwardly, Toby felt a little proud, but again he knew this was not a time to smile. ‘Well you can trust me,’ he said, and laid a kiss on her lips. ‘I know,’ Jessica said, a little embarrassed at her lack of experience, ‘or I think I know.’

‘Tell you what,’ Toby said, ‘let’s get up, have a shower, then you can choose what you want us to do today.’

‘Okay. We should get out of the flat, go somewhere.’

‘Like on a date?’

‘Exactly. I want to go on a date.’


  1. Hello my sweet friend. I nominated you for an award. Go to my page to find out more.

  2. I hope Toby turns out to be a nice guy, otherwise I would feel sad for Jessica.

    • i think them going on a date could be a bit make or break for them. having to, you know, talk and stuff. but even if they dont last beyond the date (and i hope they do – i have lots more rude chapters lined up for them) i think he had helped her open up a bit which has to be a good thing for her.

  3. TheOthers1 permalink

    I get a weird vibe from him, but maybe that’s just me. This date could be good for them though. Maybe it’ll make a difference with her hesitations.

  4. I read your ‘Summer Heat’ collection in one go today and I must admit it really cheered me up (as I’m not feeling too well at the moment). So I’m looking forward to part 12 of Jessica’s & Toby’s story. Your writing is very enjoyable indeed 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 sorry youre not feeling great, hopefully part 12 will cheer you up too!

      • Pretty sure it will! 😉 I posted my first poem in English recently. Would be honoured if you had a look at ‘A love so beautiful’ and told me what you thought of it. Thank you 🙂

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