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Let’s Play

4 December, 2012

Hasty and I have been working on another fiction duet and here is the resulting work. It was tremendous fun to write, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you don’t already follow Hasty, well shame on you! Get yourself over to her site now. You won’t find any rude fiction but you WILL find the best poetry on WordPress.


Let’s Play

Sarah drew the last two tiles from the bag and placed them in her rack. T and a blank. She shuffled the letters, randomly changing their order as she hoped for inspiration, waited for a high-scoring word to appear amongst the random selection. The game was coming to its conclusion, she only had six letters now and she needed a large score if she wanted to win against her husband, to regain her pride after he won so convincingly last time.

Joe smiled as he began placing his letters on the board. The B, R, A and V led onto a spare E, and he laughed triumphantly as he counted the score.

‘That’s on a double word,’ he said, ‘I make it twenty.’ He noted the points on the scorepad and tapped his pen. ‘You’re ten points behind,’ he said, ‘it’s not looking good for you.’ Sarah studied the letters again. She brought the vowels together, moved the R to the left. And then she spotted it.

She placed the R below the B, followed by the E and the A. The blank came next. ‘That’s an S,’ she said, and placed the T after it, and finished with her last letter, an S, on a triple word square. ‘Breasts,’ she said seductively, and Joe smiled as his eyes dropped instinctively to her chest. ‘And on a triple word,’ she continued, ‘that’s twenty four, and all my letters out.’ Joe’s smile disappeared as he looked again at the scores. He placed the pen on the pad, knowing he was beaten. ‘I think that means I’ve won,’ Sarah said, smugly enjoying her moment of victory, ‘And you know what that means,’ she continued, smiling and leaning towards him to whisper in his ear, ‘you have to do whatever I want you to.’ She kissed his neck quickly and sat back.

‘Well done,’ Joe sighed. He was a little disappointed to have lost the game, but he could already feel the first twitch of arousal at what would follow, ‘what do you want as your prize?’

Sarah made an act of thinking, of twisting her face, of um-ing and ah-ing, but it was all to make her husband squirm. ‘Oh, don’t tease,’ he said, ‘tell me what you want me to do.’

‘I want you to fix us a drink’ she flirted. ‘Oh, really?’ He questioned with a look that knew he was in for a good time. ‘Yep,’ she said not looking at him but instead putting the game back into the well-worn box. Even after all these years Sarah never tired of playing this game with him. It was rare that all the children were gone at the same time so the word tiles hardly ever saw the light of day. This game was their game. She listened to her husband in the kitchen opening and shutting cabinets and clinking bottles. Sarah smiled to herself when he started whistling some random made-up tune. Joe hadn’t been this happy in months and she was glad they had finally found time to be alone.

The memory of the first time they played Scrabble was like a beautiful woven tapestry in her mind. It was New Year’s Eve and they had just been married earlier in the day. They could only afford a modest honeymoon so they planned to stay in a nice hotel in the city. After a full day of family, food, wine, more food, cake, and more wine she was feeling less than beautiful. Even back then Joe had a way of reading her without words. He told the guests he was going to take his gorgeous new wife away and carried Sarah to the car where she apologized before falling fast asleep. That night they consummated their marriage by playing Scrabble and eating fast food in their luxury hotel.

The sound of his footsteps brought Sarah out of her reverie and she landed a grateful smile on him. He had rolled the sleeves on his dress shirt up to make the drinks and she thought it made him look even sexier. She was lucky he was such a great husband considering how handsome he was. ‘Here you go, beautiful!’ he handed her a Raspberry Chocolate Martini, her favourite. He sat down next to her and they clinked glasses as they smiled at each other and took a sip. ‘So….’Joe teased putting his glass down and scooting closer to her on the couch. She could feel the same flutter she always got deep in the pit of her stomach. That crazy sensation she always got when she was anticipating the sexual urges he was bringing to life.

‘So are you driving or am I?’ he whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck, one hand on her back and the other tangled in her hair. ‘Mmmmm I really love when you drive. You drive me crazy you know?’ she said as he stopped kissing and held her face in both his hands looking into her eyes. ‘Do I?’ he looked and sounded serious. She giggled as she responded by hopping up and straddling his lap.

Looking quite serious herself she held his gaze for a moment before kissing his eyelids, then landing fervently on his lips. They clung tightly in each other’s arms kissing as if for the very first time.

She was still wearing the short cocktail dress from their night out on the town. They had lobster for dinner and then went dancing, which he wasn’t crazy about but knew she loved. Now they were holding each other, loving each other, as he found her bare thighs with his hungry hands. He held her thighs as her hands tangled in his hair, feeding each other their lives.

‘I love you,’ he moaned through a kiss and she reached down to feel the erection that had begun to strain against his zipper. ‘I love you…and this!’ Sarah breathed as she began to stroke what she desperately wanted to feel inside her. She loved how hard she made him, she loved how his breath sped up, and she loved how his hands grasped wantonly at her.

‘Well I love these,’ he said with an impish grin as he cupped her breasts, stroked her through the cotton of her dress, the delightful friction teasing her nipples to attention. His eyes widened with lust as she undid the button to his jeans and reached inside his underwear to take him in her hand, pulling him free. Her gaze dropped to his firm manhood, standing proudly to alert in response to her touch.

‘I’ve been looking forward to this all night,’ he whispered, gliding his hands to her back, and smartly pulling down the zip on her dress. His fingers parted the black cotton to reveal her bare back, and his fingers traced along her spine, his touch as soft as his whispers, causing her to gasp with pleasure. But he could only resist for a short time before his hands found their way to her breasts once more. ‘From when we were dressing and you decided not to wear a bra,’ he said, ‘I’ve barely been able to think of anything else but this,’ His skilful fingers drew erotic circles around her nipples, the touch of him directly on her skin sending sparks of desire between her legs.

‘Shall I make that easier for you?’ she asked, and stepped from his lap to stand before him. She reached behind her to fully open her zip and tease the thin straps from her shoulders with a suggestive pout, his eyes widening as he watched her dress puddle at her feet. ‘You are so beautiful,’ he told her, stroking himself as she stepped from her dress and stood before him in just her tiny g-string, and she believed him. When she was alone, when she looked in the mirror, she saw stretch marks, she saw breasts that did not stand as proud as they once had, she saw a tummy that needed toning, but when she saw the way he looked at her, desired her, wanted her as he always had, she felt as beautiful as he assured her she was.

‘And you are the most handsome man I’ve ever met,’ she told him, and knelt on the couch beside him. They kissed deeply, passionately, again and she gently pushed him downwards until he was lying beneath her, succumbing to her, waiting for her next move. She began undoing the buttons on his shirt with her teeth and they both giggled at how awkward it became. She teased 3 more buttons open before they were in a full out laugh and she decided to finish the rest of the buttons with her fingers. They kissed to quiet the laughter while he continued to feel her breasts with the full grip of his hands. He pushed her away so she was sitting straight up straddling him and Joe admired the way her flesh moved in his palms. She loved the look on his face, like a kid full of wonder even after all these years of looking at her. She could feel his penis hard waiting for attention under her lap.

‘Can I?’ she asked biting her lip. ‘Can you what?’ he said mischievously. ‘You know what I want but I want to know what you want.’ She matched his tone. He grabbed her and before she could catch her breath he had carried her over and laid her on the rug in front of the fireplace. He darted out of the room and returned with a few pillows off the bed along with their thick red and gold comforter. She wrapped the comforter around herself, partly for warmth, partly to shield her near-nudity, and smiled as she watched him scurry from here to there, first starting the electric fireplace, dimming the lights, then starting some music. He went into the kitchen and refreshed their drinks and practically leaping across the living room he landed next to her, drinks in hand.

‘My lady!’ he whispered with a huge grin as he handed her the glass, ‘my wife. I love you, and will always love you!’ he continued as she felt the love she had been losing over the last few years flourish anew in her heart. He really was amazing and wonderful and she really did love him more than ever. She returned his sentiments and they toasted to a beautiful life. She took the drinks from his hand and rested them on the stone surrounding the fireplace, and before the glasses had found their place of safety, soft warm kisses tickled against her arm.

Wrapping one arm around her waist, his kisses crept higher towards her shoulder, his hand meeting no resistance as it slid the comforter from her arm, clearing the way for his lips. His kisses met her neck, her cheek, her mouth again, and the red and gold wool slipped to the floor. With light pressure, he persuaded her backwards onto the pillows, and they lay, embracing, kissing, their hands searching, discovering the bodies they both knew so well.

His hand found her tiny underwear, felt her wetness through the thin fabric and, gently at first, began the caresses her body had been aching for. ‘How do you always know what I want next?’ she whispered through the gasps his touch brought from her. ‘Because I want the same thing,’ he smiled, and his mouth dipped to take her breast into his mouth, sucking hard as his lips withdrew to leave just the very bud of her nipple between them.

He lifted one leg across her body, the denim enclosing them feeling rough on her bare skin, and her hands reached for his zip. His fingers dipping inside her underwear claimed her attention, causing her to fumble slightly, but she grabbed at his jeans and underwear together and shoved them smartly down his thighs. His erection sprang free from its confines, and pressed insistently against her thigh, teasing another gasp of anticipation from her. He quickly helped her, tugged his clothes from his legs, tossed them behind him. And then knelt, naked, in front of her, his lust, his desire for her obvious in his eyes, his solid cock twitching, begging to be with her. He shuffled closer, quickly stripped her knickers from her, and gently pulled her to her knees. In front of the fire, naked, exposed, comfortable, safe, aroused, they embraced again, feeling the warmth of body on body, lips on lips.

At this moment nothing else mattered. All their worries were melting into a passionate hunger. She pushed him onto his back and turned around so he could get a good view of her ass as she kissed the tip of his cock. She loved how smooth the head of his penis was and how ready it was for her mouth. Using one hand she pumped the length at the same time she devoured it whole. He grabbed her head and said, ‘Whoa not so fast…I want to play too.’

He grabbed her ass and positioned his head under her pelvis where Sarah nearly orgasmed just thinking about the strength in his tongue. She couldn’t help the moans she produced as he licked the length of her red hot pussy. Normally she hated this word but when he worked his magic with her clit that was the only word she could think of. ‘Oh God you lick a fucking good pussy,’ she huskily moaned. She was certain if this was a porno movie those watching would be super jealous of her position at the moment.

She took him slowly into her mouth again while she squeezed his butt cheeks, then just as she was about to come he stopped. ‘Ahhh no don’t stop’ she begged, but he had other plans. Joe flipped her over onto her back and lifted her legs to his shoulders as he dipped down to finish the job. His tongue circled her clit vigorously building her orgasm quickly. As soon as one of his fingers slid inside of her pussy and one in her ass her whole body shook. He had a habit of continuing on this path until she passed out and this time was no different. As her climax radiated across her body, waves of ecstatic release spreading from his hands, her eyes darkened, her head grew lighter. She was only distantly aware of her own cries as his skilful, knowledgeable fingers brought the sensations she craved.

After a few seconds of silence, she felt his kisses on her closed eyes and she was back in the room again. His lips met hers, and as they hungrily devoured each others mouths, he laid alongside her, his erection insistent on her hip. She could feel the sticky droplets of his arousal on her skin and rolled him onto his back, taking his cock in her hand again and stroking his shaft. Her palm caressed the slick head, bringing gasps of pleasure from him as she laid light kisses along his chest, his stomach. She took him in her mouth, her tongue replacing her hand before licking the length of him and returning to swirl about the base of his head. His hips twitched as his breath hissed through clenched teeth and as she looked up to see him watching her, she knew he was close now. ‘Where do you want to come,’ she asked him, ‘in me or on me?’

‘In your mouth,’ he managed to pant, and as she dipped her head and fed on him again, his hips bucked and his cock twitched. He let out a deep moan, and his hot, thick seed spurted from him, into her mouth, into her throat and she sucked him, drew more of his climax from him as his hands ran through her hair.

When his body had stilled, his breaths slowed, she stretched alongside him, in his arms and they kissed once, softly. He reached for the discarded comforter, drew it across them and, embracing next to the warmth of the fire, they both drifted into a contended, loving sleep.



  1. It is so romantically dirty. 🙂

  2. Ummm best poetry on wordpress??? Flattered!!!!

  3. I’m feeling a tad warm. It’s either a hot flash or this fantastic story. I think I’ll go with the story. Beautiful.

  4. TheOthers1 permalink

    This was actually very sweet. How do you two do it? Just write a paragraph a piece until the end of the story?

  5. pharphelonus permalink

    Very sensual

  6. i had to reread this today lol…It was like a trip down memory lane.

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