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Momentum Is Building

5 December, 2012

I am 70k words into the second draft of my WIP, and I can feel I have built up some momentum. I think I am about 25k words from the end, most of which will be revelation and conclusion, and I have pretty much all of it planned out. I even know how most of the conversations will go so when I sit down and write, there is a flow as the words almost write themselves.

The biggest, or rather only, snag I am coming across is continuity. During most scenes I have to think whether the door was unlocked two chapters ago, what was the wording of that conversation last night that one of them is relating to another person, and so on. And as I approach the end, I am realising that some aspects of the plot need to be emphasised more in earlier chapters to increase the impact of revelations in the final scenes. But I have decided not to worry not too much about these details, important as they are, and to keep marching on to the final scene of Rick standing by the tree. I will keep the questions in mind and give them proper consideration when I come to re-read and re-edit in preparation for the third draft, but for now I am enjoying the journey to the finale. I have never finished a novel before, I have very rarely made it further than chapter one, even the first draft of this one only got two thirds through before I started again, but this time I will make it.

In my mind I have the Christmas and New Year week as the finishing post, but I know how easily I can become blocked or disracted, and I know how a dark mood can make me unable to write a word, so I am not setting a target and not making promises to myself. But it would be wonderful to be finished before January, and to go into 2013  able to lift the reading ban I imposed on myself while I wrote this. And I have many other projects on the back burner so it will be nice to have a different WIP filling my head and dominating my thoughts.



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  1. RG, nearly there. Please ensure you message me and tell me exactly how those two little words feel. The End. I am about a third through my estimated 70,000 wip. I think I am going to make it this time. Chin up and eyes down my friend! 🙂 Wishing you perfect prose.

  2. If a dark mood descends let me know and shall remind you of more tunes okay it might not help the typing straight away as it is hard to type while bouncing around the room glow sticks aloft but it will certainly cheer you up I had yet another couple of classic tunes pop up on my ipod today i had forgotten were on there it took so much concentration not to start dancing while walking to pick my son up from school lol

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