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At last! A picture of me!

11 December, 2012

I’ve been blogging for nearly nine months now, and I am aware that I have never posted a picture of me. Some bloggers have asked me before and I’ve always refused. Some have even suggested I may be dashingly handsome, and it seemed unfair of me to burst this bubble.

Until now. Yes folks, if you have ever pondered what I look like, ponder no more. Today, I am posting a picture. Granted it’s a picture of me at 6.45am today, about to cycle to work in a temperature of -3C but, you know, it’s a start.

And if any ladies feel the urge to rightclicksave and use this pic for their nocturnal “private” time, be my guest.

Ladies and gentlemen…. this is ME!!!



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  1. Tin Woman permalink

    LOL! I knew from the first word that you weren’t going to give up the goods, but I still love the pic 🙂

  2. You had me fooled! I thought for sure I was gonna see something, albeit covered up for -3*. 🙂 I have succumbed and shared photos of myself of the G nature…lol… I have no regrets.
    Nice to meet “you”, how ever much of you that you are comfortable sharing, LOL.Hope you stay stayed warm!

    • even sharing that much was a big step for me!! maybe one day i’ll lower the scarf…
      and no, i didn’t stay warm it was bloody freeeeeezing!!

      • LOL, lower that scarf only when and IF you are comfortable to do so. You get that control always. 🙂 That is why I like our silhouettes… they allow us some classy mystery. Hahaha.
        I can’t imagine that coldness… Brrrrr! It was 36 here this morning but its a nice 45* now. No wind or anything. The desert spoils me… but this summer will be brutal!

      • i had never made the connection that we both have silhouettes. guess im not that observant haha
        the desert would be ewaaaaay too much for me. i went to vegas once in january and that was about right! i am more of a cold person than a hot person. even today at work i had the window open 🙂

  3. I just knew you had the reflective jacket hehehehe

  4. There is something about a man in gloves….. Someday maybe I will put up a picture of me…I am really really shy 😉

  5. Well, you certainly can’t miss you coming a mile off with that jacket! Its freezing out, cycle?! Ouch :s I think the next one should be of you in a reclining chair with a black suit on, your face hid by a 1920’s Gangsta only to see a little smile…

    Say CHEESE!


  6. TheOthers1 permalink


  7. EXACTLY what I pictured!! (I always imagine men in reflective gear in case they try to run!)

  8. LOVE the two-tone gaiter! 😉

  9. Very funny. About what I expected. Kind of shifty eyes.

  10. May I say that I like your pic very much though? It gives sooo much away indeed! You’re such a funny bunny – did you know that before I told you? 😉

  11. Awww. And I wanted to see what color eyes you had. Maybe you will surprise us with them soon??

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