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Toy Story

15 December, 2012

When CC posted these pictures a week or so ago, I suggested they might be inspiration for a spot of fiction. As it turned out, it became a fiction duet. Well I say duet, CC wrote most of this, I just joined a few dots as I read her awesome work. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. We both agreed it was the most erotic thing either of us had written, so be aware it has adult themes, and mature and graphic content: i.e. there is fucking in it. Okay, if everyone is suitably warned, let’s carry on. Oh, and before anyone asks, no I’m not going to do an audio version even if it is nearly christmas.


Paul walked into the bedroom, his bare feet padding lightly on the thick carpet. Beth watched him, admired his slim athletic build as he reached the bed and slid under the duvet. They embraced, kissed lightly, and enjoyed the closeness of each other at the end of the day. He lay back, his arm around her as she rested her head on his shoulder. Her hand gently stroked at his chest, her fingers running through his light hairs. ‘Have you had a good birthday?’ he asked, a finger tracing along the strap of her slip. ‘It’s been wonderful,’ she said warmly, laying a kiss on his chest, ‘thank you for a lovely meal. And all your presents too, I feel spoilt.’ He smiled, kissed her forehead in recognition of her thanks. ‘You’re welcome,’ he said, his hand wandering to the small of her back sending tingles along her spine.

His lips dropped to meet hers, and they kissed, lightly at first, but as his hand drew circles on her back, her fingers teased at his nipple, and their mouths opened for their tongues to meet, to tease at and explore each other. He tugged at her slip, closing his hand around the satin and pulling it upwards. Their lips separated as she sighed with anticipation. ‘I have one more present for you,’ he said, ‘but you have to close your eyes first.’ Beth looked quizzically at this interruption. ‘Now?’ she asked. ‘Now,’ he whispered. He kissed her once again, lightly on her forehead, and climbed out of bed.

‘Close your eyes,’ he repeated, and she followed his instruction. She heard him open a drawer and walk back to the bed. ‘Keep them closed,’ he told her and climbed onto the bed, pulled the covers from her. He was kneeling over her now, and she felt his hand on her knee, persuading her legs apart. His hand moved upwards to her thigh, its movement matched on her other thigh by his mouth kissing, nibbling.

She brought her hands behind her head and held the frame behind her in expectation of the pleasures his tongue was about to bring her as his mouth and hand journeyed further upwards. A quiet sigh dropped from her lips as the sweet honey of arousal awaited his touch, and he lifted her slip to her waist. ‘Keep your eyes closed,’ he insisted as his hands left her. ‘Happy birthday,’ he said, and Beth heard a high buzzing sound from the foot of the bed.

Her eyes popped open. She made to push herself up, but a firm hand pressing down on her belly stopped her movements. Beth hesitated for a moment and then lay back to look tentatively at Paul through her spread legs. Glancing at the toy in his hands, she felt a certain degree of trepidation at the object even as arousal licked through her loins. The shaft of the pink vibrator went from thick at the base to slightly thinner as it reached the curved tip. A small nub jutted from the side, causing a tingle to streak straight to the part of her body that it would stimulate.

They’d never ventured into this realm before. While their lovemaking never felt anything less than amazing, she knew they’d slipped into a routine over the course of their three-year marriage. She’d started hinting at wanting to spice it up, and had excited him with descriptions of the times she had used her hands when she was on her own, but they had never mentioned toys and she still felt a little anxious at trying this something new. She swallowed some of her roiling emotions, turning her eyes back to Paul.

His eyes seemed to glow, filled with a darkly erotic light that tickled across her skin as he held her gaze. ‘This is a special part of your present, love.’ He allowed all the passion he felt leak into his voice. It was easy to see from everything flickering across her face that Beth was nervous, but he saw the liquid arousal coating the lips of her slit, and knew this was the first step into something new for them.

Leaning forward, he allowed his tongue to dance along the crease where her thigh connected to her body. So close to where he wanted to taste, but he denied himself, instead trailing his lips back up her leg. ‘Let me show you how it works,’ he whispered against her skin, hiding his smile when she shivered. Her nod was imperceptible, but he could feel her acquiescence in the way her legs spread a little wider.

Beth couldn’t help tensing even as the buzzing dropped to a mere hum. She couldn’t help but watch as he touched the toy to her thigh and slowly moved it along. The vibrations started a buzz down her leg that went straight to her clit. As if against her will, she found herself whimpering as it drew closer. She gasped softly when he allowed the curved head to caress her lips. He parted her with his fingers, circled her clit until she moaned low in her throat.

Unable to resist, Paul tongued her open slit and gathered up her honey. Her flavour, tangy and sweet, flooded his mouth and he pressed the toy more firmly to her as he tasted her again. She purred and he had to grit his teeth to hang on to his fraying control. ‘Take your slip off,’ he growled out. Her breath caught in her throat at how the roughness in his voice. ‘Now, Beth, I want you naked.’

She did as she was told, tugged at her slip with both hands, wriggled as the silk tickled her taut nipples, and let it fall over the side of the bed in a dark puddle. Paul grabbed her thigh, lifted her leg onto his shoulder as he brought his mouth to her lips again, slipped his tongue inside her while the pink toy buzzed at her clit. She felt the vibrations through her entire body, and shivered as she let out a cry. His tongue switched places with the ecstatic pulses, and he licked and sucked at her clit as he slipped the hard length effortlessly into her slick channel. His hand felt its way up her body, stroking her waist, her navel, and up along the silky path of her stomach to the round curve of her breast. She tossed her head back as his hand kneaded her breast, eager to offer her entire body to the pleasures of his hand, his mouth, and his toy.

He slowly increased the rhythm as he thrust into her, out again, into her, and with each stroke she gasped at the inner conflict she felt. The electric pulses of the toy were racing her towards a climax she was desperate to reach, but the pleasure was so intense, so all-consuming, she dreaded the time when it would end.

Suddenly, Paul withdrew the vibrator from her, lifted his mouth clear, and her eyes flashed open, begging him to return to her. He brought his face to hers, where their mouths met, hungrily devouring each other. She grabbed him in a tight embrace, and as he brought the toy to her breast, its first light touch against her already erect nipple caused her to moan loudly, and her fingers to grasp at his back.

Beth rocked her hips, loving the slide of his cock against her wet slit. Their mouths continued to tangle, her sweet taste transferring from his tongue to hers as they duelled, and the low vibrations skirted along the slope of her breasts. Paul used the toy to trail the sticky juice of her arousal all over her skin. She could smell her musky scent all around her, heightening her excitement all the more. Her senses felt overloaded and she wanted him to take her right then. Instead he pulled away leaving her panting.

‘Open your mouth, love.’ His tone left no room for argument and she parted her lips at his command. He slipped the toy back between her thighs, stroking it inside her body once before lifting it to her mouth. His eyes glowed hot with lust as he stared down at her, and Beth didn’t think she’d ever look so delicious. ‘Suck it. Show me how you’d take me.’

A hot shiver ran down her spine at his words. Allowing her tongue to dart out, Beth twirled it around the tip, her mind picturing the hard length of Paul’s cock in front of her. She closed her lips around the toy, watching his eyes as it disappeared deeper into her mouth. The texture was smooth and her taste lingered along the shaft, and she found a heady delight in the act. The head slid almost to the back of her throat before Paul pulled it back out. She moaned softly unable to tear her eyes away from her husband.

Paul swallowed back a groan as she tongued the head once more, his cock jerked as he watched her sucking the plastic phallus into her mouth again. If he didn’t get inside of her soon, he would explode, but he had to be patient. As it was, she undulated like a snake beneath him, tempting him with her voluptuous body to end their play before it’d even begun. He drew upon a reserve that he didn’t know existed.

‘Keep sucking.’ Reaching over, he grabbed the set of small leather straps off of the nightstand. He lifted up between her splayed thighs and took himself in hand while he watched her suck off the toy. He couldn’t help pumping up and down a few times, his mind imagining her warm pussy engulfing him. Very soon.

Beth watched in fascination as he fisted his cock with long strokes. Her mouth watered as precum beaded up at the tip. Mmm, she needed to taste him. She abandoned the toy beside her on the bed and went to lift up on her elbows, but again he stopped her.

Impatience flickered across her face, but it was quickly replaced by confusion as she watched him loop the straps around the base of his cock and then his balls. Within minutes, the veins along the length of his shaft stood out in stark relief. He lifted up to his knees and beckoned her. When she rolled on her stomach before him, he threaded his fingers through her hair and brought her face close. He brushed the weeping head along her parted lips, his need clear when he spoke, ‘Suck.’

That one word was all the invitation she needed, and she slid her lips along the length of him until she reached the strap at the base of his cock. She shook her head slowly from side to side, gagging as she felt his head on the back of her throat, his engorged veins grating against her tongue. His hands ran through her hair and she held this position as long as she could. She felt her lungs burn as they begged for air, a burn that coursed straight to her cunt, where her sweet juice begged for a solid length inside her.

Finally she relented, had to breathe, and she began a slow rhythm with her rounded lips, back and forth along him. Her hands found their way around his body, grabbing at the flesh of his behind with a strength that made him gasp with pain and pleasure. The rhythm of her mouth gradually quickened, her fingers stroking his behind matching the thrusts of her lips, and his hips began to buck in response.

Her hands switched again, grabbed hold of his cock, her fingers stroking his veins as her tongue traced its way past the strap to his balls. She took one fully in her mouth, sucked it hard as if she could coax his cum directly from him. She released him, switched her attention to his other side, and filled her mouth with him again.

He gritted his teeth against the intensity of the desire she drew up from the soul of him. Without the straps he would surely have come by now, but instead her mouth and hands were raising him higher and higher. ‘You want it don’t you,’ he gasped, ‘tell me you want it, you beautiful, dirty girl.’

‘Fuck yes,’ she panted, lifting her mouth from him for just a moment. Through the blurred vision she was causing him, he could see the vibrator lying on the bed, humming quietly and he reached down to pick it up. He bent forward, teased its peak along that softest of skin behind her slit, and then with one huge thrust, powered its entire length inside of her. She spasmed in shock and pleasure, arched her back and sucked at him with extra force and they both let out a shout. She returned her mouth to his cock, began a fast, frantic rhythm, which he matched with vibrating thrusts.

Beth felt the toy stretching her, her cunt as full of it as her mouth was full of him. The curved tip of the toy touched that secret spot inside of her and she hummed around him every time he thrust it inside her. She was on the brink, loving the taste of him and the wicked sounds he made as she sucked harder. She wanted released and the thick coat of his cum at the back of her throat. A simple taste of it couldn’t satisfy.

She stayed his hand and the vibrator fell away. Pulling his saliva coated cock from between her lips; Beth lifted her eyes to his face. Lust had twisted his handsome face, his fight for control slipping away. She wanted to plead with him, but she did one better. Rising up a little, she painted her nipples with the slippery fluid on his cock. Her gaze stayed locked to his, need clenched deep inside of her as she watched his jaw flex and tick. She leaned forward to flick her tongue across the tip before releasing him.

‘Paul,’ she murmured as she lay back on the bed before him. Splaying her legs wide, Beth parted her wet lips, opening her pussy so he could see the pink centre of her body. She begged him then; unashamed of the wanton way she presented her body to him. ‘I need you, baby.’

The cock ring was released with little finesse before he fell on her, his body pressing hers down into the soft mattress. The tip of his cock teased at her slit before he slid home. She arched as he filled her to the brim, overwhelmed her with the sheer size of his cock. She’d never been so possessed by him and the ecstasy of it almost pushed her over the edge.

She felt unbelievably slick and tight around his cock. The soft flutters of her muscles as he held himself inside of her nearly numbed his mind. Beth’s warm body welcomed him home and he was almost reluctant to move. Just the way she gripped him, held him tight against her, and the way his balls rested against her lush behind felt exquisite. She wrapped her long, smooth legs around him and the feeling forced him to move inside of her. He pulled almost all the way out of her body, gratified at the way her pussy clung to him, before plunging back inside. A growl slipped from him at the helpless way she moaned. He lost himself in the slip and slide rhythm of their bodies, then something drove him to satisfy the need their play had awakened in him.

Every thrust brought a cry to her lips. Beth tried to meet his thrust, but he held her hips in a tight grip turning her into a mindless woman as he took her. When his mouth latched on to her nipple, she arched hard, her hands tunnelling into his hair to draw him closer. The bite of his teeth, the hard slide of his cock, and the rough pull of his hands on her hips sent her cresting up over that hill. She screamed his name, her cunt clamping around him as she spiralled out of control.

The way her body milked him proved too much. His cock swelled to an impossible size inside her sweet channel, and he buried himself deep, coming with a shout. Spurts of hot cum jettisoned from him, bathing her womb and leaving him utterly breathless. He collapsed on top of her, resting in the cradle of her soft body. Paul would’ve lay there forever, but the flutter of her hand through his hair reminded him to move, allow her to breathe. Leaving the warmth of her body was hard, but he pulled her back against his body and held her close.


  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    Now don’t lead these people to believe I drove the story! You do wonderful work, BT. And sad on the no audio. 😉

  2. Gosh…. It was mistake showering after read that. LOL Good work guys!!!!

  3. gathered up her honey‘… You two slay me!

  4. Damn! Thanks for reminding me I’m still alive…I think my vibrator is calling my name now…

  5. A truly great story, to both of you.

  6. I really do pick the wrong time to read these. Really….dirty… 🙂

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