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Summer Heat – Part Twelve

16 December, 2012

Sorry, I’ve been neglecting Jess and Tobes these last couple of weeks, and you wanted to know how their date went. If you’d like to read past chapters you can do so here, otherwise let’s crack on!


Summer Heat Part Twelve

There was a quiet tap on the door, and Jessica leapt up from the sofa, picking up her keys and bag on the way to the door. Her stomach fluttered excitedly with the nervous anticipation of a first date, even a first date with a man she had been in bed with for what felt like most of the weekend.

Toby stood before her, his hair slightly damp and gelled after his shower, a rugby shirt worn loose over that slim body she had already kissed and licked and stroked, the sleeves rolled past his muscular forearms. This all felt backwards to her, and she wondered if she could go through with this, whether leaving the flat with him, going for lunch with him, would damage the fragile dream-like feeling of their time together.

He looked her up and down appreciatively and lingered on her legs. Her short summer dress floated around her thighs, and static crackled as it brushed her freshly shaved and sleek legs. Jessica held one side of the skirt and swished it around her as she swayed from side to side. ‘So what do you think?’ she asked him, shamelessly fishing for compliments. Toby nodded as his eyes rose slowly, took in every part of her body. ‘Gorgeous,’ he said, and reached out to take her hand in his. She pulled the door closed behind her and they stepped lightly downstairs to his car.

At her suggestion, they drove a few miles out of town to a small pub where she knew they could enjoy a quiet lunch away from any friends or, more importantly, any colleagues that might spot them. She walked him to a table in a far corner, took the seat facing outwards to keep watch over anybody who came in, and mentally checked her list of first date questions and subjects while he went to the bar for the first round.

He returned with her glass of white and lemonade, and half a lager for himself – not really a drinker, she noted, most men would start with a pint even they were driving – and handed her a type-written sheet which acted as a menu. ‘This is my treat,’ he said as she began to read, ‘just to avoid any potential awkwardness later.’

‘Oh you don’t have to do that,’ Jessica said, privately glad that he had, ‘you made breakfast. We can split it.’ She turned back to the menu, waited for him to insist.

‘Don’t be daft,’ Toby said, ‘You’re a beautiful girl, it’s my pleasure to buy you lunch.’

‘Okay,’ Jessica conceded, happily, ‘but don’t think that buys you anything else. I don’t do it after just one date.’ She gave him a mock warning look, held his eyes for a couple of seconds. ‘That’s not what I heard,’ Toby whispered, ‘I heard you burst into men’s flats in the night and suck them off.’ A look of shock flashed across Jessica’s face, reddening her cheeks. Shock that he had mentioned it so openly, so unembarrassed, and shock at herself for having been so brazen. She hid her eyes in the safety of her menu as Toby began to laugh, and she quickly joined him.

‘You are so rude,’ she teased, handing her menu back to him, ‘Go to the bar and order me a lasagne.’


Toby returned from the bar with a small wooden boat, a number 1 drawn on its sail. He placed it on the edge of the table as he sat. ‘So they know where to bring our food,’ he explained. Jessica looked around the bar. There were just three other tables occupied, and one older man sitting on a barstool. ‘I know,’ Toby said with a shrug, ‘you’d think they would remember, but they insisted I take a boat.’ He shook his head, disbelieving, and Jessica allowed a moment to pass before selecting first date question from her list. ‘So tell me what you do for a living,’ she asked, sipping at her drink through a thin black straw.

‘I work in IT,’ Toby explained, ‘maintaining servers, installing and upgrading everyone’s kit, troubleshooting problems. Geek stuff really.’

‘And do you enjoy it?’

‘It’s okay,’ he said, giving the question genuine consideration, ‘the money’s good and the company are good to work for, but some of the people are pretty useless when it comes to computers.’

‘I’m a bit thick myself,’ Jessica admitted, ‘I have to put a call in when the printers are playing up or the internet goes down.’

‘That’s fair enough,’ Toby said, ‘but I get calls from people who just need their PCs plugged in after unplugging it over christmas, that sort of thing. Basics.’

‘Yep, that’s pretty basic,’ Jessica agreed with a laugh, choosing not to admit she had done exactly the same thing last year.

The conversation flowed easily between them, they chatted openly about their interests, their jobs, their families. When Jessica spotted the young girl behind the bar asking the other tables if they had ordered lasagne, she nudged Toby to share the joke. The lasagne was eventually brought to them, and Toby’s pointed returning of the boat when his bean burger followed was too subtle for the girl. ‘That will be a great first date story to tell our grandkids,’ Toby said, and Jessica could not tell how serious he was.


A couple of hours, a few drinks and a wonderfully pleasant date later, they were back home. Toby opened the door to the block for Jessica and waited while she walked in first, following her upstairs to her flat.

‘Thanks for lunch,’ she said, waiting at her door for him to kiss her.

‘My pleasure,’ he said, ‘and thank you for a wonderful date.’ He stepped to her, took both of her hands in his, and kissed her lips, fully but chastely. ‘I’ll see you soon,’ he said, and turned to climb the stairs to his own flat.

Jessica opened her door and walked in, dropping her bag on the small table and sitting on the sofa. She considered Toby’s leaving, unsure whether he was being polite and gentlemanly, had already made plans, or had already started to change his mind about her. She had discovered many things about his past and his life over lunch, he had been good company and it had been an enjoyable date but, she realised, she had not learnt very much about him.


  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    Interesting. They seem to have good chemistry, but I feel like you’re going to drop a bomb on me soon.this was a pleasant chapter.

    • I dont know whats going to happen with him. is he deliberately evasive or genuinely off to do other stuff?
      You cant really know someone after a couple of hours so J doesnt know how to read him yet.

  2. As I told you before, I do like your ‘Summer Heat’ story 🙂 With time passing you might have enough chapters to fill a whole book even? I certainly would buy it 😀

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 it’s just a diversion that i pick up now and again but maybe one day i will take it more seriously. If it does get published i will let you know when my book signing tour comes to Switzerland!

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