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Summer Heat – Part Fourteen

30 December, 2012

Ah, the Christmas/New Year break is upon us, I’ve finished the latest draft of my WIP, so you get two SH posts in a week. You’re going to freak when you read this one. I had no idea this is how this part would end until I got most of the way through, and then realised. I’m so glad I’m off wok tomorrow, I have to find out what happens next and when I know, I’ll tell you. Previous chapters can be found here.


Summer Heat Part Fourteen

Jessica fumbled with her key, the fourth glass of red wine blurring the lock. ‘Do you need help?’ Simon asked, his hand grasping hers, steadying her grip, helping her to turn the key. ‘Thank you Simon,’ she whispered, pushing the door open. They walked through, her hand still in his, their fingers threading as they climbed the stairs to her door. ‘This is me,’ she said, and reclaimed her hand to frown at her keys as she searched for the correct one. ‘I’ll get it,’ Simon said, taking the keyring and quickly opening the door. Jessica smiled her thanks and led him to the kitchen where she reached in a high cupboard.

‘You wanted coffee?’ she asked him, taking two mugs and placing them on the worktop. Simon slid his arms around her waist, held her to him. ‘No,’ he whispered into her ear, ‘I want you.’ His lips found her cheek, he kissed and licked as his arms held her tighter. Jessica backed into him, pressing herself against his growing erection, gasped as he clamped his mouth onto her neck, nipping and sucking with a force she felt tugging between her legs. His hands found her breasts, and grabbed at them firmly, desperately, his fingers caressing her nipples through her clothes.

Jessica reached a hand behind her, stroked the back of Simon’s head as he gasped, ‘I’ve always wanted you,’ through hot breaths. She turned her head to meet his mouth with hers. They kissed passionately, low moans coming from both of them as she turned fully, matching his embrace with hers, feeling the worktop in the small of her back as Simon pushed himself against her.

Amid a whirlwind of hands and mouths and clothes, they stumbled their way along the passageway, and fell onto the bed, their underwear all that separated them. Jessica unclasped her bra, and Simon snatched at it, pulling it from her, throwing it to the floor. She lay on her back as their kisses continued, Simon’s leg straying across her, the thrust of his solid length and the cold touch of the tiny dampness on his boxers against her thigh. He broke their kiss and lowered his head, pausing for a moment to admire her breasts, her peaked nipples, before taking one in his mouth. Jessica cried out with the force of his lips, her back arching as she felt her wetness readying her slit for him. But she was surprised to feel that although her body was reacting to him, was calling her him, she did not feel the spark that she had done with Toby. She closed her eyes, focussed on Simon’s mouth, his hand stroking her stomach, concentrated on the enjoyment she knew she should be feeling.

His fingers found the waist of her knickers, traced along the boundary before tugging them down her thighs. She bent her knees, shuffled her legs to shrug her underwear along her calfs to her feet, and kicked the damp white cotton to the floor. She parted her legs, felt her sweet arousal along the inside of her thighs as Simon’s fingers dipped into her, searching, probing. A light, persuasive touch on his head guided his lips down her body, and she stretched her hands behind her head, grasped the headboard to steady herself for the thrusts and bucks he was about to bring from her. His mouth stopped at her navel, his tongue teasing around and inside as his fingers continued to slide in and out of her. And he stayed there, his lips sucking and his tongue dipping.

She snaked beneath him, felt her dampness on the sheets, cool against her bum, and squirmed against his hand. One of her own hands left its grip, and slid down to guide him to where her clit was begging for his touch. At that first contact, her hips rose from the bed, pushing against him, eager for him. She showed him how to stroke her, where she needed him, and with a few short caresses, he brought her closer to orgasm.

‘I want you in me,’ she begged, the newfound confidence that Toby has released from her directing Simon’s actions. He quickly pulled off his boxers, positioned himself between her legs, and as he took his twitching, dripping cock in his hand and guided it inside her, she hands grasped behind her head again. Her hips pushed against his bucking body, she moaned as her climax grew nearer, but she knew she was reacting to sensations she was expecting but not experiencing. This was great, it was hot, but the moans of her voice where greater than the arousal of her body. She closed her eyes again, centred her senses on Simon’s cock, pictured his hard shaft thrusting inside her, imagined his face contorting with his imending eruption, but as she tried to lose herself in the enjoyment of him, it was Toby’s cock, Toby’s face that she saw. The vision of him gave her the extra push she needed, and she ground herself against him, against Toby, as she climbed higher and higher towards the ecstatic release she knew would come. Simon paused, groaned deeply, and came before Jessica had reached that plateau.

Three days ago she would have been grateful for the feeling of hard manhood inside her, but as Simon gasped, his cock leaping and twitching as his cum filled her unsatisfied channel, she just wanted Toby.


  1. What a naughty girl Jessica is – now I’m deeply shocked! 😉

  2. Ummmm….wow

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