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Summer Heat – Part Fifteen

31 December, 2012

To those (like me) who were wondering what I would do with my time now the second draft is complete, the answer seems to be “write Summer Heat”. And drink port. And eat biscuits (which, to be fair, I was doing anyway).  Catch up on past events here before we dive into the third chapter of this week.


Summer Heat Part Fifteen

After lying together for a few minutes, chatting quietly, remembering their school days, Simon kissed her cheek softly and rested his fingers on her chin, turning her face to his. ‘I’m really sorry,’ he said, ‘I have to go, I’ve got work tomorrow.’

‘Of course,’ Jessica smiled, stroking the light hairs on his arms, ‘so have I. It’s fine.’ He kissed her again, pushed the covers aside and stood. Jessica rolled onto her side, the top of the duvet resting across her waist, and she leant on her elbow, unashamed of her uncovered breasts. She watched Simon as he stood, searching the floor for his underwear, and admired his figure. He wasn’t as well toned as Toby, he obviously didn’t work out, but his body naturally had that perfect balance. He was slim, but not thin; had a little extra padding, a few pounds of meat on him, but wasn’t fat. And she saw his cock for the first time, saw its smooth skin, darker tone and its pink circumcised head and felt a tiny pulse of desire in her, thought how much prettier it was than Toby’s. She grinned to herself. Was it right to describe a man’s penis as pretty? She didn’t care, it was. She imagined how silky it would feel against her tongue, how deliciously easily her lips would caress its length, and she unconsciously stroked a foot on her calf, flexed her thighs. The movement caused the duvet to ride downwards a few inches, to flirt around the ridge of her hips, and without taking her eyes from Simon, she carefully tugged it with her foot a little further, a little further until she felt the cool of the room air lightly ghosting around her neatly-trimmed curls.

Simon picked up his boxers, and put them on, carefully adjusting himself inside the cotton. He looked up and caught Jessica’s eye, noticed her smiling. ‘I really would love to stay;’ he assured her, ‘it feels so impolite to be running off…’

‘Don’t be silly,’ she said, ‘I understand.’ For a second she considered pulling the duvet further down the bed, lying on her back completely naked and exposed, wordlessly inviting him to stay. And maybe if he had been a little more skilled, if she had felt that spark, the oneness that she had felt with Toby then she would have done, but as polite as she was being, as slim as his body was, as pretty as his cock was, as much as she was tempted to rip down his boxers and take him in her mouth, she remembered the unsatisfied, incomplete feeling she had been left with and she stayed motionless, watching him as he collected his trousers from the bedroom doorway. ‘I’ll just get the rest of my things,’ he said, and disappeared into the hallway in search of his clothes.

Jessica did lay on her back now, and sighed. There was so much she had experienced since the storm that she had never done before, never imagined she would do. To that list she could now add sleeping with two men in the same day. She pulled the duvet back around her, embarrassed at her actions. Just that morning she had had, she had enjoyed, she had loved, breakfast and sex in bed with Toby, and now she was comparing his cock with another man’s. A man who, if she was honest, didn’t know how to use it as well as Toby did, didn’t instinctively know how to please her. She looked at the alarm clock next to the bed and saw it was nearly midnight. Time for a cigarette, the last of the day, and a think. She shuffled to the bottom of the bed, duvet loosely wrapped around her, and picked up a tshirt and track bottoms from the chair, slipping them on under the covers. Throwing the duvet aside, she stood just as Simon re-entered the room. ‘So I’ll be off,’ he said, standing at the doorway, allowing her one last chance to insist he stayed. ‘Okay, I’ll walk down with you,’ Jessica said, slipping on pair of flat shoes and fishing her cigarettes from her bag.

She followed him downstairs, a step behind and consciously not holding his hand as she had when they arrived. She opened the door for him, and he turned and kissed her, placed his hands on her waist. ‘It was great to catch up,’ he said, ‘I had a lovely time. In the pub and here.’

‘So did I,’ Jessica said, and didn’t return his kiss. ‘I’ll call you soon,’ Simon said, as he stepped through the door, unlocking the car with his remote. ‘Please,’ she replied, and hoped that he wouldn’t.

Before the door had swung closed, she had turned away and walked to the rear door of the block. She pressed the door release, and took a cigarette from the pack, lighting it under the wooden porch, and dragging deeply before walking across the grass. As she reached the knot of trees at the end of the garden, she turned and looked up to Toby’s lightless window and wondered if he was home.




  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    Was Toby watching her with Simon? I’m not surprised she didn’t feel for him what she felt for Toby. They seem to fit. Interested to see what happens next.

  2. So she has better friendship-communication with Simon, but better sex with Toby. Hmmm. I’d pick Toby and work on that friendship! 😉 (Her lack of safe-sex is worrisome, though. Is that a story element that will come into play?)

  3. Jessica is a bit in a muddle I believe. Sometimes women just don’t know what they really want – and then they take the wrong decision … That wasn’t fair on Toby 😦 Simon could turn out to be a bad guy as he seems to be a little obsessed with Jessica (his FB posts!) 😉
    I really wonder what will happen next – please don’t leave us waiting too long RG! 🙂

    • youre right, she is still working out what this week means for her, and what Toby is really like. He did disappear remember, and he DID take pics of her (although she doesnt know that). I dont think weve seen the last of Simon…
      Sadly i am back at work now so new chapters will take a little longer 😦

  4. Hmmmmm…..I am wondering about them.

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