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Fiction Relay SUMMARY

1 January, 2013

As we have a few twists and turns, dual identities, and revelations of back story, I thought it might helpful to publish a chapter by chapter précis. Hopefully this will be useful for readers or authors who would like a quick reminder of what happened before, or to check a point of continuity. PLEASE can you link back to here on each new chapter? Thanks.

I will update this each time a new Part is posted, but won’t bother to link each post – a full list along with the guidelines can be found on the Homepage.


Part One

Melissa, manager of Maisy’s Diner, offers friend and customer Suzi a job as waitress when she is let go by Premier Promotions. This is her first day.

Part Two

Suzi serves the mysterious Sam, a regular. She is unnerved by him. Melissa knows him, but says little.

Part Three

Sam is the last customer left, and tells Melissa he only wants to be served by Suzi from now on. She goes over, he seems to know her and details of her life.

Part Four

Suzi asked Melissa who Sam is “you’ll find out.” She is followed home by a mysterious figure in a Panama hat – someone sent by Sam? She spots him

Part Five

He seems to follow her on her subway journey home, she knows him from before – from Florida. A storm, footsteps behind her. She reaches home, Sam is there. He startles her and she punches him by reflex. Sam shows her Suzi a pic of him – Khalid. Is she in danger?

Part Six

Suzi is not sure who to trust and tells Sam it was a long time ago. She admits she knows Khalid as Raj. Sam is still mysterious, tells her Melissa is not what she seems – does Suzi really know her? Melissa texts – Sam is not what he seems.

Part Seven

Suzi dreams about Sam, they are in bed, kissing and more. She hears Sam’s voice in her head, feels him close to her. She arrives at work – Melissa is dead. Sam is standing over the body.

Part Eight

Suzi teleports to her apartment, despite the risks that Raj will now be able to find her. She is opening a box when Raj crashes in. Sam is behind him.

Part Nine

The man in the Panama hat knocks out Sam. Suzi wakes tied up in the back of a truck. Did Raj look in her bag? Sam wakes at the apartment, finds a flash drive and Ipad in her bag. Suzi fights her way out of the van, sees a headline – Gino dead in massacre. Sam tracks her phone and pulls up in the car.

Part Ten

Sam speaks to Suzi telepathically. Raj appears, attacks Suzi telekinetically. Suzi gets in Sam’s car and they escape. Suzi has to go back to get her bag.

Melissa has faked her death. Sam was her opponent but now Raj is back, things have changed. She had killed Gino. She leaves her apartment.

Part Eleven

Sam calls Suzi Meagan – her childhood name – how did he know? He was once Daniel. She needs her bag – there is a flash drive with proof that Raj is a murderer. She is not convinced Sam killed Melissa and Gino, then realises she knows him from the orphanage. Melissa was a daughter of an administrator, told Suzi her father died in the accident.

Part Twelve

Melissa checks into a motel, focusses on Raj to tell him Gino is dead as requested. Raj comes, is pleased with the killing but not impressed she allowed Sam to see her. Sam will be planting false memories in Suzi about the accident. He gives Melissa two days “you know what to do”

Part Thirteen

Suzi and Sam return to her apartment – it has been trashed. She feels drawn to him again but resists. Sam tells her she already knows “it will happen” – he had seen her vision for himself. Suzi finds the chip and documents she has been looking for. Why did Sam leave the orphanage? He shows her a photo of 5 kids. He left when they came for her and he offered himself as a substitute.

Part Fourteen

Ephraim, a detective, arrives at the diner. He has had a vision already, knows what happened. His visions make him a successful profiler. He tells the officers his theories, goes back to his hotel. Sam and Suzi are waiting with the photo.

Part Fifteen

Sam and Suzi are scared and need him. He looks at the photo – from Mr Sanders’ orphanage in Kentucky. The five together. Melissa had been in R&D years ago, and theft of the information had been suppressed. And now Gino was producing wonderful, familiar-tasting chicken. In a diner owned by Melissa. Where was she now? Where was the recipe? Was Sam employed to track it down? And where was Raj?

Part Sixteen

Six months later… Suzi (now Meagan) has been in hiding (with 24/7 bodyguards thanks to Ephraim) and is now living in Kentucky in the abandoned distillery. She has revisited the remains of the orphanage, and the cave nearby which features on a map she cut from her bag. Ephraim regularly visits Florida to work on the Raj case, and Kentucky to see Meagan. Sam/Daniel headed up north and they haven’t met since. Meagan has a visitor…

Part Seventeen

Flashback: When Raj was 4, his family moved to the old distillery, where his Dad worked in the lab he has built in the cave . Raj’s Mum died in mysterious accident when he was 10, and his Dad took in abuse victim Daniel – they share a room, become friends. Soon there are 2 more, and his father is making donations to a private orphanage. One morning he steals into the lab, sees pictures of the children, more locked labs. Later, unsure when, Raj wakes up strapped to the bed in the silent dark. He hears Meagan’s scream…

Part Eighteen

Raj realises he hears Meagan’s scream telepathically, searches for Daniel and hears him too. Sam is being trained in viewing, Meagan is being fed the same pills Raj’s father fed him. Raj’s anger brings on telekinesis. The Colonel enters, reassures Raj they are all safe, and tells him his father blames him for the accident. Raj realises all of the children are here to be changed.

Part Nineteen

Ephraim wakes – he has been dreaming/experiencing Raj’s past, the latest of many from all of their pasts. Raj’s treatment was worse as his abilities were stronger, but this left him damaged. He can feel Raj is close, he explains to Daniel who is with him, they will have to act tomorrow.

Part Twenty

Melissa is with Raj, guiding him to where she knows Meagan will be. Melissa offered herself to him, but he only wanted Meagan.
Meagan sneaks out to the cave, sees the ruins. The hidden records are all gone, she will never find her parents now. Arms wrap around her. She overcomes him. “You always liked him better, Meg.” “He never tried to kill me…Raj.”

Part Twenty-One

Melissa is not pleased to be left behind when Raj goes to Suzi. Suzi finds herself tied to a table, awakes to see Raj on her, undressing her…
She comes to again, Raj is dead, she tastes his blood. Melissa stands over them, “he always liked you more.”

Part Twenty Two

Melissa pushes Raj’s body aside, comes at Meagan with the knife. Meagan manages to port, thinking “somewhere safe.”
Sam and Ephraim have realised Suzi is in the cave, and are rushing along the track when Ephraim “sees” Raj and Melissa, and Suzi ports into Ephraim’s arms, naked and terrified. Her injuries, the physical ones, are surface, and he will take her back to the cabin while Sam continues to the cave to investigate.
A female biker, Blue, is knocked by the force of Meagan’s port. She informs Sanderson via her comm that this is not the one she is looking, who she has been asked to use her “talents” on. She knows because… “she” is her mother.

Part Twenty Three

A lot happens, you are better off reading the chapter! But here is a summary:
Ephraim carries Suzi back to the distillery, explains what happened. Suzi remembers she and Sam have a daughter. Ephraim that Suzi had the ability to port to comfort whoever was suffering. The three boys loved her but her love for Daniel drove Raj mad with jealousy and he turned to Melissa.
After they all escaped they separated and agreed not to use powers in order to avoid detection. Daniel and Suzi split up, and 8 yrs later Raj tracked her to Miami. She offered her daughter for adoption for her safety, then wiped her own memory. But she still has the map she had stolen.
Sam is headed for the cave, Suzi thinks they must go and help. Ephraim says no – how could he have left her? Because, Suzi says, he didn’t know he is a father.

Part Twenty-Four

Melissa is angry that again she has been outwitted and has lost. Like when Raj wanted Meagan. Meagan doesn’t remember her childhood and that SHE had rescued her after the accident.
Melissa recalls her hate for Meagan when she was strapped down, but the thought of Raj getting his way had driven her to kill him.
Sam arrives at the cave to be met by Melissa floating many scalpels in front of him. But they fall as Blue enters, negates her power. She shocks Sam by calling him Dad. She gives a drink to Melissa who passes out.

Part Twenty Five

Blue restrains Melissa in a shack next to the distillery. She is the daughter of two talents and hugely powerful – she could bring Raj back to life if she wanted. Melissa teases her over her mother leaving her, and Ephraim stops Blue from killing her. Blue storms off, and Sam shows Melissa the flash drive, tells her Suzi has the map. They will take her to Florida and expose her to “certain individuals” who have an interest.

Part Twenty Six

Suzi wakes at 2am, remembering nothing since leaving her apartment with Sam. She senses danger but knows “where I’m going, what I need to do” and heads West along the road through the fog, ducking out of view when Blue comes past, searching for her using all her senses. Blue knows how The Club would react if she failed, and calls Sanderson who tells her to forget the others, to find Suzi before she reaches New Mexico. Suzi sticks out a thumb and climbs aboard a passing truck.
Sam and Ephraim find Suzi and Blue gone. Ephraim has an idea to head West. They leave Melissa to fate.

Part Twenty Seven

Melissa has taken one of Blue’s powers and is plotting revenge, which Ephraim senses. Meagan is in the truck, she can now remember Sammy, sees her face as a baby, wondering about her now. Blue meanwhile cannot find Meagan but knows when they are together they will be invincible, more powerful than the Club. Melissa laughs triumphantly as she uses Blue’s borrowed power to re-animate Raj, puppet-like.

Part Twenty Eight

Suzi wakes in the truck in Nashville. Cal, the driver, is headed for Alabama but this makes her uneasy and they part. She is grabbed by a drunk in a truckstop, and flashbacks of Raj cause her to port unseen into the bed of another truck on I-40. She can’t afford to get caught or even contact the others, the risk to them (and especially to her daughter Sammy) is too great with Melissa still out there. She misses Sam, loves him, can almost hear him as she travels further West.

Part Twenty Nine

Suzi wakes as the truck crosses into Arkansas. She was last here fifteen years ago when she handed Sammy over to her new life somewhere in New Mexico. And now she was headed to Albuquerque to start her search, unaware that this is the home of The Club. She was closer to NM than KY now, surely she would be safe to send out signals?
Sam and Ephraim are driving westbound and senses Suzi’s search. Ephraim has a disturbing vision of Raj and blood, but says only they must find Suzi.

Part Thirty

Blue feels Meagan closer and she enters the bar she is in. Meagan is grabbed by some drunks and ports, Blue freezes time and strips them, wipes 20 minutes of their memory. Outside a car from The Club blocks her. She closes her mind and climbs in to see Spencer. He kisses her, she sits on his lap…

Part Thirty One

Blue wants him, needs him, everything else can wait for now. The meeting of their minds and Spencer’s gift of a power cause her to orgasm, as does the sex that so quickly follows. Spencer has had a similar vision to Ephraim, and the “gift” he has given Blue means she will know what to do.

Part Thirty Two

Meagan arrives in Albuquerque and ports from the truck to a Lowe’s store. She stocks up on gas cans, rope, flashlights. Outside, she is stopped by a man who saw her port and takes her to be one of the Club – Sanderson leads the local chapter from the Country Club. He offers to help her, and Meagan asks to be taken there. But first she needs to find her daughter…

Part Thirty Three

A multi-strand chapter: The police arrest Spencer for statutory rape, having been tipped off by nearby van driver under instructions to help Blue… Jose Torres loads Suzi’s bags in his pickup and asks where she is headed… Sam and Ephraim arrive at Albuquerque airport… In a private hanger in the same airport Melissa disembarks with a shrouded figure

Part Thirty-Four

Ephraim knows his vision was in a room but knows no more. He and Sam are taken to the Country Club to meet Sanderson, but when they arrive Meagan (and also Jose) is waiting. They catch up on events and on Blue, still missing. Sam and Meagan telepath their love for each other, then Sanderson enters, a white-bearded Navajo witch, ancient and ageless. Jose whispers to Meagan that Sanderson cannot be trusted, he is a Skinwalker – a shape-shifter. “And yet,” Sanderson grins, “you have no choice but to trust me.”

Part Thirty Five
This chapter is so full and well written it’s hard to summarise. I’ve had a go, but you’re best off reading it in full…
Blue and Spencer have been friends since they were 8 and 10, he taught and guided her through so much of her development and in secret they grew closer. And later he knew her and her powers better than anyone. After their most recent meeting she needed space and a drink.
Meanwhile… Sam eyes Sanderson, who lets his awesome power be seen for a second. Sam recoils, keeps on his guard. Ephraim also looks deeply at Sanderson, sees the coyote beneath the human exterior. Sanderson knows what they both have seen. He invites them to sit.
Blue finds a coffee bar Jack-Ass Coffee and screams as the waiter’s face becomes full of fangs and flaming eyes. She scrambles away but he attempts to attack her…until the vision fades and she collapses in the corner.

Part Thirty Six
Blue comes round, and Tyrone the manager gives her a hot chocolate to calm her nerves. She is unsure but drinks it.
Melissa relaxes in her hotel room, closes her mind but senses a mind calling unintentionally. It is Blue, and she is vulnerable. She takes a cab to Jack Ass, sees Blue, realises she is drunk. From outside she subdues Blue and, persuading a compliant and relieved Tyrone she is a family friend, takes her to the cab. Melissa tells Blue she knows she works for Sanderson, and realises Blue and the others don’t realise that Sanderson is in fact Sanders Son.

Part Thirty Seven
Blue secretly fingers a switchblade during a battle of wills in the cab with Melissa. Melissa sees Blue as an insolent brat, Blue knows Melissa cannot match her power. Melissa tries to rile her by saying her parents abandoned her, but she stays calm. Instead, Melissa sees a series of images from the past, all those who loved and worshipped Meagan and begins to lose her cool. She knows she is losing this round and shouts at the driver to take her to her mote. But the cab pulls up in a dark road, and the divide opens to reveal the driver is Meagan.

Part Thirty Eight
Melissa is angry and unsettled as Blue is no longer in the cab, and neither is Meagan. The original driver is in the front seat and reminds her to take her luggage – was the bundle her luggage?
Blue has ported back to Spencer’s room, laughing. She knows they still need Melissa and the others until she is reunited with Meagan. But for now, she needs to fetch Spencer and punish Tyrone.
Sanderson sees, properly sees, Ephraim and Sam, warns them about using the powers. He sends for Spencer and adopts a human form to warn him (in front of the others) to be careful around Blue, she will turn rogue. Spencer leaves and Sanderson returns to his natural form. Spencer is not his son, he reveals, Spencer is Sanderson’s son. The man they saw as Sanderson is in fact Sanderson’s father. And this information he has just handed them comes at a price…

Part Thirty Nine
Meagan doubts that Melissa is her “real” sister, and is also unsure how this man can be the true Sanders. When she demands Blue’s return, “Sanderson” shows them an image of Blue strapped to a table, just like the orphanage, and offers her safety in return for Meagan completing a mission for him – retrieving a box from the mysterious mountain. She agrees – and Jose will act as to guide Meagan, Sam and Ephraim.
Ephraim sees the past –  Sanders as a young man, battling to reach the mountain but failing. He absorbed his form into a coyote in order to survive, but couldn’t go near the mountain again.
In his room, Spencer tells Blue of his meeting. She asks after Meagan, but is unconcerned about Sam. Suddenly she is aware of Meagan moving, and decides they should follow.

Part Forty
Melissa takes the bundle into her room and unwraps it to find a wooden coyote she recognises but is unsure from where.
She senses another power – a cold, ancient, awesome power which is only present in New Mexico. The power fades and she sees a coyote – the same coyote as the carving – and then remembers. She saw this coyote before, when she knew to open the diner and wait for Suzi. The coyote vision fades, but not before Melissa sees Sanderson and realises he derives his strength from the ancient power, this is why he never leaves the Club. He has been protecting them all, and helped Blue outwit her in the cab. If she wants to overcome the others, she will have to lure them from him, or him from the Country Club.

Part Forty One
As Melissa sleeps, Raj is watching over her. He has allowed her to believe his mind is dead aswell as his body, but rage is intensifying within him. He will have his revenge on her, and the rest of them. He eyes the coyote and sees the same visions Melissa has. He is desperate to visit their source, but must be patient.
Blue sets off on her mission to search for and help her Mother (but definitely not her Father), Spence is happy for her to go alone, he has other things to do…
Ignoring the urge to revisit Tyrone, Blue speeds towards Meagan but can sense a rotting, evil smell as she makes her way through back roads. She knows that wherever the evil is, Meagan is there too.

Part Forty Two
Jose follows, his fingers round his leather pouch. His time is finally coming…
Sanderson sits, faces the mountain that he is so deeply connected to, and waits to see if the tools he has created will work
As Melissa sleeps, Raj projects into the room. The statue turns to him briefly and he freezes until its attention passes. Spiritually he stands over Melissa, sees and touches her similarities with Meagan – her twin. He kisses her, attempts to bring his plan into effect. Melissa wakes from her nightmare in tears at Raj’s suffering she had seen. His body is still there, not destroyed as she dreamed, and she sleeps again.
The coyote smiles.

Part Forty Three
Blue is following the SUVs containing Meagan and the others as they head towards the mountain. Its energy is increasing. Spencer is also on his way.
In one SUV, Sam is relieved to feel Blue following but nervous for Ephraim’s visions and the future they promise for her. He is learning to be a parent. They stop by an old uranium mine and together they – Sam, Meagan, Ephraim, Jose – port inside.
Dak, the Jack Ass waiter drops his order and runs outside. Tyrone follows and sees that where Dak was, there is now a coyote running towards the mountain, and he is one of hundreds.

Part Forty Four
The four arrive in a dark tunnel which Jose – unimpressed that their talents do not include seeing the in the dark – illuminates with a light stick.
Blue arrives, assumes they are in the mine but the brick walls block her way. They refuse to answer her questions, even resist her telepathic powers, and she searches for her mother’s powers. She senses she is close but the mountain’s force is distorting her view. Spencer arrives, explains Tsoodzil is making her believe Meagan is close, but if Blue comes with him, he can help. She opens his passenger door.
The four arrive in a room with a ransacked cupboard and a wooden restraining chair. This is not where the relic was kept, Jose says. But Ephraim recognises this room from his bloody vision. Jose’s light stick fades, leaving them in darkness.

Part Forty Five
Raj watches Melissa sleep through the nightmares he placed inside her. He has been changing her memories and thoughts, taking over. All part of his vengeful plan.
Blue is hearing voices from somewhere, voices which Spence doesn’t hear. The way he speaks makes Blue suspicious. She insists he turn the car round but he accelerates away, his eyes glowing red.
Coyote is seeing all. They would soon learn the strength of his power.

Part Forty Six
They find themselves outside the room again, unable to re-enter. Jose feels his time has come and a chanted spell “unlocks” the room and brings forth the spider-form Anansi. Meagan feels a power growing in her and in the voice of the Mountain, reluctantly accepts Anansi as an ally. Outside the room, “the witches” approach…
Blue ports back to her bike, where the walls eyes are glowing red. She must come home to fight “the witches” – and her brother will join her.

Part Forty-Seven
Raj, his mind free but his body under Melissa’s control, sits in the car as she drives, following the coyote pack towards the mountain. But she is under the control of the coyote statue, and he attempts to draw on the mountain’s power.
Sanderson, having caught Spence taking photos in the secret room (photos he has uploaded), has locked Spence in a room. He is using him to get to Blue through the doppelganger with her and draw her away from the mountain. Spence risks telepathing to her, and she ports him to the mountain. The four bodyguards morph into coyotes.

Part Forty Eight
Jose reveals that he was once Elijah – Raj’s father. He carried out some experiments on the children but the worst of those were done by Sanders, shapeshifting to his form. Sanders forced him out of the orphanage but under Anansie’s protection he was able to track Sanders as he became Sanderson, and changed to Jose in order to watch. Blue is the only one strong enough to avenge his wife, save Raj and defeat Sanders.
Melissa and Raj arrive at the mountain. The bodyguards, now coyotes, are leading the pack. Raj feels the mountain’s energy and uses it to move of his own accord.

Part Forty Nine
Blue and Spence face the oncoming coyotes together. Blue can’t access her powers but Spence deliberately angers her by questioning her trust, and he is able to use the strength to port them to a dark cavern, just in time.
Raj feels his power increase as he draws on the mountain and knows that he will make Melissa pay. He finds he is able to understand some of the coyotes’ speech and his face breaks into a smile.

Part Fifty
The coyote, quietening Melissa in her fear, raises Raj from the dead.
Blue and Spence find themselves in a cavern, lit by tiny blue lights and confronted by a mysterious, ancient woman who tells them Spence himself sent them there. As the woman disappears, Blue sees the floor is covered with spiders, all heading in one direction along the web of lights. Suddenly there is an electrical crack and an arc of darkness reveals their way out.
Ephraim stops Sam as he lunges towards Jose, and at that moment an indistinct female form appears – the same woman who visited Blue and Spence and calls herself “Aunty Nancy” – and chastises Jose who vanishes. She reassures the others they will be with Blue soon and that Tsoodzil can look after the coyotes… for now… before disappearing into a flood of spiders.
Raj and Melissa appear, she is carrying the statue until Raj trips her and it smashed on the floor, emitting smoke. Meagan, childlike, calls out to the sister she has missed. Raj, slowly morphing to a coyote, lunges for Ephraim who shoots him in the shoulder. Ephraim demands an explanation but Raj mocks their ignorance and Meaghan’s confusion, and nimbly overpowers Ephraim, knocking him out with his own gun. He forces Sam and Meaghan against the wall where they share what may be a last kiss. Meaghan pleads, but Raj will not be stopped from getting what he wants. His transformation is complete. How will the three escape?

Part Fifty One
Blue and Spencer walk along the tunnel, hoping to find an exit. Along the way they discuss the old woman’s comment they are twins and dismiss it – neither of them feel a relationship between them. There is a scream and a crash, and they know this is where they must go.
Megan tries to sneak out of the room as Raj continues to transform, but he kicks the table and it crashes against the wall next to her. Melissa sees her and blocks the exit. Raj is now completely coyote and he stands on his hind legs, eyeing Sam. Megan sees a trapdoor where the table was – and knows it leads to Sanderson’s box.

Part Fifty-Two
Meagan stands between Sam and the coyote, reaches out to Khalid buried deep inside and calms him. Next she turns to Melissa and reminds her of their happy childhood, and she appears won over too. Ephraim opens the trapdoor and lifts out the box.
Melissa explains that Sanderson gains his power from inside the mountain and Meagan knows they must lure him to the Lowes Store.
Blue and Spence arrive, Meagan reassures her that Melissa and the coyote are on their side, and the seven of them port.

Part Fifty Three
The seven port to the Lowe’s store and ponder their next move. Meagan sees Blue as the strong woman she has become, and keeps her calm. Sam tries to calm her too but it will take time to win her over, despite the love he clearly feels for her slowly winning her over.
As Ephraim reminds them of the box in his hand as it pulses. Jose emerges from the shadows.

Part Fifty Four
Raj leaps at the approaching Elijah, but Melissa restrains him. Blue and Spencer overpower him instead. Elijah mentions The Cup before Blue knocks him out.
Blue and Spencer are taking the roles of soldiers, suggesting they can never win a war against gods and spirits, but a war against people they can. Meagan assumes the place as leader of her army but as she begins to speak, the box Ephraim is holding glows, and above it hovers the image of a Cup.

Part Fifty-Six
Blue stands up to Sanderson, trying to out-bravado and out-wise him, against Meaghan and Spence’s advice. But they trust her to know best. Sanderson gives her an idea of the power she will have when she fulfils the destiny he has trained her for. He plans to rebuild every world the way that The First Man did, but in the way he wants them. The group all stand defiant before Sanderson now. All except Jose who chants, and tiny webs stretch from the spider to Sanderson.

Part Fifty-Seven
Sanderson explains his wish to join together with Blue, to reshape the world he sees as broken. When she refuses, he takes control of the minds of Raj, Sam and Ephraim and turn them on Melissa, Meagan and Spence. Blue knows she cannot win all of the fights, even fighting Sanderson will mean sacrificing one of her companions. She concedes, hands The Cup to Sanderson who reads its inscription “He who drinks from this cup will know the power of worlds” and drinks from it. He offers The Cup to Blue who drinks, and interrupts his incantations. The inscription in fact reads “She who drinks…” and Sanderson has inadvertently handed all the power to Blue. The fights end as Sanderson fades, and Blue returns The Cup to the box, sealing Sanderson inside with it.



Who’s Who? – **CAUTION, SPOILERS**

The Five:
Suzi – waitress at Maisys, aka Meagan
Melissa – manageress of Maisys
Sam – mysterious customer, aka Daniel
Khalid – the man from Tampa, aka Raj
Ephraim – detective, aka Garrett

(this isn’t a definitive list but I add those who become important, or who seem like they might be. You never know when a bit-player from twenty chapters ago might turn out to be a central character!)
Blue – “talented” biker, aka Samantha/Sammy, daughter of Suzi and Sam
– cook at Maisys, killed by Melissa
The Colonel – ran the orphanage, aka Sanders
Elijah, Khalid’s father – lead scientist at the orphanage
Melissa’s father – administrator at the orphanage, died in “an accident”
Khalid’s mother – died in “an accident”
Sanderson –  Boss of The Club – son of Sanders, aka Sanders
Spencer – Sanderson’s son, object of Blue’s lust
Cal – trucker who takes Suzi to Nashville
Jose Torres – Suzi’s ally(?) in Alburquerque, leads her to the Country Club, later revealed to be a disguised Elijah
Tyrone – manager of Jack Ass Coffee
Dak – Jack Ass waiter, and coyote shapeshifter
Tsoodzil – mountain spirit
Anansi – spider goddess, “mother” to Jose, aka Aunt Nancy

  1. Nice recaps… This will help new readers… And old writers!

  2. Soooo glad you posted this! Brilliant! 🙂
    (Also, I wouldn’t have known that Ted posted Part 15. It didn’t show up in my WordPress reader…?)

  3. Good summary…

  4. Good summaries, RG. I was in Mexico and all of the sudden had 3 stories to read when I got Delilah’s notice.

  5. Ack! Howcomewhy do my posts show up here every time I mention FR in a post? I mean I know I linked my post to this summary page but I don’t want it to take up spaces in FR for one thing, also, I feel creepy about it ’cause it looks like i’m inserting my words where they don’t belong and nuh uh, i’m not 😀
    So Dear TRG, can #25 be deleted so I can replace it with the for real #25 aka Part 45 ? Also, back to writing it, I was just rereading some stuff here…..can’t say yet, spoiler free zone 🙂
    And yeah, I know we’re not in twitter-land but, #amwriting #yay!!!!!

    K bye

    • hello! the links show up here because i approve them 🙂
      when i started the summary i was only going to have links to chapters but the completist part of my head wanted to have all links showing to all blogs that mentioned the summary, So in short, no i won’t remove #25 but nobody thinks bad of you for linking!

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