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WIP limbo

22 January, 2013

I’m mentally twiddling my thumbs at the moment, kicking my heels, chucking playing cards in a top hat. I finished the first full draft on my WIP at Christmas as you probably know, and I decided  I needed a month away from it to create some distance before I re-edit. I thought I would get some work done on one of the many other WIPS I have on the back burner, but I am reluctant to start anything with the next draft hanging over me. So I’m doing a few chapters of Summer Heat, reading a bit, watching episodes of Buffy… waiting for February to come round so I can get back to it. I’m in WIP limbo.

I’m a bit nervous about going back though. The early chapters were written six months ago – parts of it are two years old – are only a vague memory now, and I worry that the characters aren’t consistent all the way through. I worry that as it headed towards the ending and the conflicts preceding it, the style changed too drastically from slow scene setting to quick paced dialogue chapters.  I worry that I have not found the right balance between fully spelling out each character’s motivation and development, and making the reader work it out for themselves. I worry that I have too many subplots that are only semi-resolved beneath the main plot arc.

In short, I worry about the book as a whole. Will I still be proud of it when I come to it fresh? Or is it actually rubbish? Come February I will find out, and I will let you know.


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  1. The first short story I ever wrote kept me up one night until I had scribbled it from start to finish and tucked it in my nightstand. It took me months before I had the nerve to open that drawer and read it. When I did I was pleasantly surprised–it was better than I remembered. I hope you have a similar experience because (quite frankly), it rocks!

  2. I can relate. I have, at the present moment, three books that I’m working on. Two of them have been on-going projects dating back a few years, and one is very new. I find that I ask myself the same questions, have the same worries, and fret about the ‘flow’ of them to the point where I get frustrated and procrastinate completing them. It is quite frustrating, as I want so badly to finish just one in hopes to be published! …I feel your pain! Maybe I can use you to motivate me to getting through my self-induced frazzle and get to work! ~ J.

  3. I hate the waiting, but it always bites me in the ass when I don’t do it. I’m impressed by your fortitude. Now I can’t wait for February for you, either….

  4. TheOthers1 permalink

    Have you thought about having someone read it for you? I don’t have eyes to see those plot things in my own piece that’s why I sent the second draft of my story off to people to read and offer thoughts on the stuff I’m blind to. Just a thought.

    Ps: I’m taking a month away from mine, too. I’m hoping I can do the necessary edits when I come back to it.

    • Betas are a good idea but 80+k words is alot to ask of someone

      • TheOthers1 permalink

        Maybe send it out in chunks as you’re editing? That way you’re getting the suggestions as you go and they aren’t committed at long stretches. Though it may not be as difficult to get takers as you think.

      • good thinking. im new this, ive never finished before!

  5. TheOthers1 permalink

    Boo. Why’d you stop there? Then what? The parts of this I’ve read are really interesting.

    How do you write as much as you do?? Blows my mind.

  6. All I could see was an amazing story I can’t wait to finish.

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