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Summer Heat – Part Eighteen

28 January, 2013

My WIP’s loss is the Summer Heat readers’ gain. Click here for past chapters if you are new to SH, otherwise let’s join Jessica and Toby at the smoking bench…


Summer Heat – Part Eighteen

Oh god, that voice. Hearing his voice again she felt like the last week apart had never happened, like she could just fall into his arms, rest her head on his strong shoulders and just be held. And there was that surge of desire deep within her that she had come to know whenever he was near, that aching to have him inside her. Thoughts of the two of them together came to her, bringing with them the rush of excitement she always felt when they touched. Every nerve tingled for him, centred on that most sensitive spot where now she felt his voice coaxing the sweet honey of arousal from her. If she had been alone, if his words had come to her by voicemail, her hand would have strayed, would have increased the passion he lit within her. She would have frantically brought herself almost instantly to a powerful, desperate climax which even then would only have been a shadow of those she had reached with him.

But she took a breath, reminded herself that the reason she had not seen him for the whole of this long, seemingly endless week was because he had disappeared, because he had chosen to walk out of her life. She resisted what her heart was telling her, what her body was begging her, and assumed an air of disinterest. “I was just about to delete them actually,” she said, and turned away, puffed on her shortening cigarette.

“Don’t do that,” Toby said, sitting next to her, “there are some really nice pictures of us on your phone.”

Jessica grinned non-committally, said nothing.Toby saw her reaction, realised he was going to have to work to win her back. He still didn’t understand where she had been all week, why she had suddenly needed space to see someone else, but he understood that he wanted her, couldn’t lose her. He had made the first move in coming out to talk to her, and it seemed it would be up to him to make the second, third, however many moves she needed before she would accept him. Well, if that’s what it would take, that’s what he would do.

“Can I have a drag on your ciggie?” he asked. Jessica passed it to his outstretched, expectant hand, carefully avoiding a touch, any slightest touch, that would prove irresistible. “Finish it if you like,” she replied, “but you don’t smoke, do you?” He gave a shallow shrug. “Not normally,” he admitted, “but then I don’t normally get this nervous talking to girls.” He inhaled deeply, held the smoke in his lungs.

“So I make you nervous do I?” she asked, pulling another cigarette from the pack. He shook his head, breathed the smoke into the air in a large blue cloud. This was not going well. “No I didn’t mean that,” he said, “I mean… something has happened to us and I don’t know what it is. I don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to lose us and I’m nervous that it’s already too late.”

Jessica relaxed a little as she realised he still wanted her. But until she knew where he had been, she would still be cautious. She brushed a stray fleck of ash from her jeans. “So what happened to you on Monday?” she asked, “You disappeared.” Toby ground the finished cigarette into the sand of the bin. “I thought you wanted some space,” he said, “you were telling me how you don’t usually do this so soon, and seemed a bit distant at lunch. I thought you were trying to back away from me.”

Jessica was shocked to hear that he had picked up signals she hadn’t been sending him. And was touched that he was so worried about their relationship. “I wasn’t backing away,” she said, moving a little closer to reassure him, “I was just telling you how I feel, how despite the fact this is all new to me, you make me feel safe.”

“But in the pub you were looking over my shoulder like you were worried someone might see us.”

“Of course I was worried, silly,” she said, grabbing his hand and giving it a squeeze, “I had taken a sickie, I was scared of getting caught.”

Toby brought his other hand to enclose hers. “And then I saw you with that other bloke,” he said. And heard you, he thought, but knew to keep this to himself.

Jessica laid her head on his shoulder, happy to feel the closeness of him again. “That was a mistake,” she said, “I was angry. Confused. I thought I’d lost you.”

He said nothing, kissed the top of her head.

“I thought about you,” she said, “I’ve been thinking about you all week.”

“So have I,” Toby breathed. Jessica looked up, saw the lust in his eyes and their lips met hungrily. And as their tongues tasted each other once more, Jessica sighed her passion for him, freed her hand from his. She reached between his legs, traced her way upwards to place a hand on the growing bulge she found there. Her hips writhed together in anticipation and she gave a deep moan as her arousal dampened her underwear further.

She slowly stroked him, felt him harden further, felt his moans as their kisses became more open-mouthed. He stayed her hand, grabbing it and placing it on her thigh. Jessica backed away from their kiss, searched his face for a meaning.

“No,” Toby said, “this will be just for you. Let me show you how much I’ve missed you.” He stood from the bench, bent down to kiss her from above. Just their lips touched as he lowered to his knees, his hands on her thighs. He slowly parted her legs, brought his eyes level with the bench, and slid his hands to the button of her jeans. He deftly flicked it open, lowered her zip. She needed no persuasion to lift herself from the bench for Toby to ease her jeans and underwear to her knees, her calves, her feet. He shuffled closer to taste her, first with light kisses on her clit, then with his tongue as he stole between her lips. Jessica slid forward to the edge of the bench, and Toby buried his face against her. His hot breaths, his eager tongue, combined to raise her passions higher. This was what she had missed with Simon, Toby knew instinctively what she needed. Right now, she needed to be pleased by him, to know that he was gaining pleasure from her pleasure.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispered as he switched his tongue’s attentions to strong, stroking licks against her straining clit.

Why had she wasted a week not calling him? Why had she risked everything by seeing Simon? She grabbed at Toby’s head, ground herself against him, used him. He took her into his mouth, sucked hard, and with a shudder, with a gasping cry of his name, her powerful climax radiated through her. He had come back to her and she never wanted to lose him again.



  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    Aw! Yes. Lovely. Can I say I loved the line, “his voice coaxing the sweet honey of arousal from her.” Purrfect.

  2. *sigh!* I’m so glad they’re back together again. 🙂

    Okay, I have to say this, and I’m only doing so because I think you have a really, really good story here, and on the chance that you might want to develop it for publishing: I found the fact that they smoked before kissing off-putting. Probably it’s because I’m a non-smoker. But since I was putting myself in their heads, all of a sudden I found myself “tasting” a smoke-kiss. It ruined the otherwise-hot mood for me. (I apologize if I’m completely out of line with this comment! I really do love your story, TRG; my intent here is to help you be able to market to a broader audience. Hope you’re not offended!)

    • Hi Dawn! Youre not out of line, i like having these things pointed out and i was concentrating too much on what they were doing after the kiss to notice! I’m a non smoker too but thats what Jess does before bed.

  3. State of Grace permalink

    Nice! New follower, looks promising.

  4. We women will always love the man that coaxes sweet honey of arousal from us. Sigh.

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