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Very Inspiring? Me?

6 February, 2013


I am chuffed. Really. CJ over at Cliterary Review has nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger award. I try to be entertaining if I can and always strive for quality, but Inspiring wasn’t something I ever expected to be.  So I’m surprised and massively grateful to CJ for the nomination and her incredibly flattering comments in her post 🙂


As per the rules, I get to tell you seven things about myself now. Hmmmm let’s see…

  • I love the film Amelie
  • I once flew to Bucharest for an evening to watch football
  • I buy all my socks from the womenswear department
  • I have nearly seventy Monopoly set
  • I am terrified of bees and wasps
  • I know how to say “I am from England and I don’t speak Icelandic” in Icelandic
  • I keep all my cinema tickets and display them on the kitchen door.


Now I’ve got that out the way, I can spread the love and nominate some other Inspiring bloggers. There are a few blogs I love reading but I have narrowed it down to my super-top favourite bloggers. I think most people who read me will already read them too so I don’t need to tell you to go off and discover them…

Clotilda tells the wackiest, deepest, funniest, profoundest tales. And her illustrations are delightful too.

KC is the most recent Relayer and is an extraordinary writer. I have likened her to Chandler, (the noir detective novelist, not the character from Friends) because she has such powerful and original phrasing.

CC is a talented author and poet, who is unflinchingly honest in her non-fiction posts. We have a habit of posting what each other are thinking and feeling, and she inspires me to be open in my posts and to reflect on who I am and where I am going

Hasty is the finest poet on WP, and always accompanies beautiful words with beautiful pics. She introduced me to the idea of duets, for which I am always in her debt. She is a wonderful friend who inspires me to see the good in myself when I lose sight of it.


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  1. Awwwww….Thank you TRG…there is a lot of good to see in you!

  2. TheOthers1 permalink

    But you are inspiring. That’s why you were nominated! Thanks a bunch, BT. You’re a gem. 🙂

  3. Woow…seriously? Top four? I’m…gobsmacked! I’ve never been in anyones top four list for -anything- before! And with all your nifty stuff…even if I -wasn’t- so flattered, I’d agree that you definitely deserved the nomination. Now, me, on the other hand… ;p

    Okies…I think I remember the rules…7 things and 5 nominees..or 4?…or…some? *chuckles* I’ll figure it out…and thanks! I’m still officially on my “break” for a bit, but you just made it a bit shorter! 😉


    • you definitely deserve the nomination KC! as for how many you want to nominate, im not sure there was a definite rule. And i tend to view these things as guidelines anyway… 😉

  4. Congrats! What a great feeling this must be. You are a great writer! ~J (I write with Miss Hasty, and I agree with what you said. She is a great friend, outstanding poet and I’m happy to write duets with her.. ) I’ll check out your other fav’s too because I trust your opinion 🙂

  5. Congratulations, I think.

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