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Bucket List

23 February, 2013

I was telling you last week that I was looking into holidays now that I have a bit more cash in my pocket and L asked me where I was thinking of going. Well this got me thinking that aswell as my immediate list of achievables, I should put together my travel bucket list. And then I should write a wider bucket list too.

So here it is. I will probably come back and add to this list now and again, and if I tick off anything I will post about it and add a link.


Places to go back to
Sonar festival in Barcelona
Glastonbury Tor at sunset

Places to go for the first time
Camping in the Lake District
Isle of Man for the TT fortnight
Scottish Isles whisky distilleries
St Petersburg

Places to go (a bit less likely)
Melbourne to watch St Kilda play Aussie Rules football
Rio during Mardi Gras
South American motorcycle tour from the Tex-Mex border to Tierra del Fuego
South Pole

Things to do
Meet some of YOU
London Naked bike ride
Learn latin
Learn german
Direct Withnail and I for the stage
Have my fiction published
Read the Bible
Buy and rebuild a broken down classic car
Play Monopoly for real money
Play the Withnail & I drinking game
Find someone to do tick off this list with, and to help tick off their list.


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  1. LATIN… Are you Crazy? Like your bucket list, although you may wish to spare everyone and skip #2. #1 is a great idea, as is your last on the list. You also might want to avoid #9.

    My first car was an MG TF-1500. I know all about fixing old cars… As a hobby, it would be fun, but expensive.

    Just saw the paintings from Kenwood House at Seattle Art Museum. Have you been to see that place?

    • I like learning languages – i speak italian, french and a bit of spanish – so latin would make that easier.
      I am impressively inept at any kind of DIY or car maintenance – changing a windscreen wiper or topping up the oil makes me feel smug – so to have a go at a car would be to prove to myself that i can do it. or that i can’t 😉
      i hadnt heard of Kenwood House, but i might have to go and visit next time i’m in london. best not to combine with the bike ride though…

  2. I loved Rome. I’m itching to go back. There, Hawaii, and England. Soon I hoot

  3. You omitted the US on your Places to Go list. Cuz there’s a distillery somewhere in the middle of Kentucky that’s calling to you…. 😉

    • HAHA. it was on places to visit to start with but i thought it counted more as a thing to do so i moved it to there. And then i thought it omitted the bloggers in other countries so changed it again.
      I’ll save the distillery tour for when a TV network wants to fund the trip for all of us to celebrate the release of the film adaptation of the bestselling book 🙂

  4. I would love to learn latin I actually have a cousin who speaks around 8 languages and am so jealous of him, you should do some of the others before buying the car to fix up lol as they tend to be like a black hole sucking cash up I have to say as much as I like the idea of the rio mardi gras I actually would prefer the new orleans one as a big Anne Rice fan I could wander round all the places from here novels at the same times

  5. Good list! As you can imagine London Naked bike ride really stood out for me! Is there such a thing?? I can say the Lake District is amazing, especially to camp! Your bucket list is original, cultured. I’m fed up of seeing bunji jumping requests. lol

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