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Don’t Look Down

29 April, 2013

I’m in a good mood, I am on an up. The down will surely follow but I’m trying to ignore it and stay positive for as long as possible.

I’ve had a good couple of days. On Sunday I made myself get up and go to the allotment. I have loads of planting to do, and I got the bulk of what I wanted done. I could so easily have just not bothered, especially as I had gone on Saturday, but I found some motivation from somewhere. And in four hours I planted eight different veg. In other news, I had a flat tyre on my bike this week. Worse than that in fact, the inner tube had burst and torn the tyre in the process. So both needed replacing, a job I have never done before and I was dreading. I read up on it on the net yesterday and, ignoring my usual DIY ineptitude (and buoyed by my recent success with the border), I decided it couldn’t be that hard. It took me about half an hour and a lot of swearing but I did it. Go me!

Today, work was crazy busy. The sort of busy that makes me want to eat. But I decided that if I gave in to the Crisp Demon then my post about food was for nothing, it really would just be whinging. So I resisted. My tummy was rumbling by 4pm but I told myself I was going home soon, ride it out. And I did.

For dinner I made one of my favourite meals – aubergine fritters with chick pea couscous. With a little dollop of ginger/garlic/chilli sauce from the Asian supermarket. Quick, easy and extremely tasty. I should have taken a pic but I was too busy eating it and enjoying it. And then, I went to play badminton. I haven’t cycled anywhere for a couple of months but I decided I would just go for it, otherwise I would never get back on the bike. 5 miles to the sports centre took a lot of effort, but I was tired in that good way you only get after exercise. I am shit at badminton but I played some of the best I have ever played this evening, and bizarrely I knew this was because I had cycled in. Does exercise release endorphins or something? Or did I just make that up? Either way, the more I ran around, the more energy I had. I still lost every game of course, but it didn’t get me down. Even when I was losing 11-0 in the last game and then got a couple of points, I was thinking maybe I could win this one. I didn’t of course, but that’s irrelevant. And then I cycled 5 miles home. A bit puffed out but feeling energised and pleased with myself. Oh, and when I got home I had a text from a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and I assumed had moved on with her life. But she hasn’t.

I am intending to cycle to work in the morning, and I hope that even if my legs ache (which I’m sure they will) I will still have the motivation to get in the saddle and ride the pain away.

So yeah, I am good. I am enjoying the feeling while it lasts. I am trying to stay up and not look down.



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  1. Woot! Maybe this will motivate me to jump back into exercising. Either way, go you! 😀

  2. Glad to hear your motivated!

  3. Morbid Insanity permalink

    That’s awesome! I’m glad for you. 🙂

  4. Exercise releases endorphins, which are your feel gurd chemicals. Fantastic for your health!!
    Lovely to hear you’re on an up, keep your chin up high!! 🙂
    P.s oh my your dinner sounds yummmy!!!

    • i knew i’d read that somewhere! had a bit of a curry tonight but will be back on a health(ish) kick (and maybe the bike) tomorrow.
      And yeah, it was amazing! I’m not a food blog but next time i make it i will post pics and a recipe

  5. BEST POST EVER! oh and send me that recipe it sounds AMAZING

    • Thank you Hasty 🙂 I will be making the fritters again at the weekend and i will take pics and write out the recipe. Then you and L can both try them for yourselves!

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