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Most Influential Blogger

27 May, 2013

Well thank you Renee for nominating me for this award. I’m not an awards person really and I tend not to pass them on but I always acknowledge and thank those that thought enough of my blog to award me.

So thanks again to Renee, and on with the post. Here is the award itself:


and now to answer The 7 Questions:

1-If you could create your planet what would it look like? I like the blue-green colour of Earth (the familiarity of home I suppose) so I would start with that. Saturn’s rings are pretty cool so there would be those aswell as a couple of ice-moons. And a huge storm-spot like Jupiter. And of course I would contract the Magratheans to construct it, supervised by Slartibartfast who would have free rein to include as many fjords as he felt necessary to give it that baroque feel.

2-If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be? There are a few – Brazil, Australia, Canada to name a few – but top of my list has to be Iceland. You get to see the Northern Lights, swim in hot geysers, treck across ice glaciers, and drink in Reykjavik has a reputation for being a lively night city with great music. And it may cost an absolute fortune to stay and to eat anything that isn’t fish, but it’s only a couple of hours on the plane.

3-Have you ever taken a long distance train trip? It’s all relative. I’ve been to Lancaster on the train which is about 250 miles. I know for alot of Americans that is just a quick pop to the shops, but in England it’s the other end of the country.

4-What is something you would collectively change about humanity? Other than wanting an end to inequality, suffering, war, sandals-with-socks, all that sort of stuff, can we please stop obsessing about the newest technological gadget. No sooner have we bought the latest fancy dan phone or games console or type of telly, than the makers are saying “suckers” you’ve got that shit phone from last week, everyone is pre-ordering THIS now, it’s out on Monday!” And we all go “Ooooooo, I’ve gotta have that!” Can’t we all decide that our phone/game thing/telly/can opener worked just fine thank you and we don’t need 999trillion megapixels or 999trillion gig of disk space?  And then buy a new one if it breaks or gets lost.

5-What is your favorite song? Seriously, you’re asking for ONE song? Can’t be done. I couldn’t  even narrow it down to ten. You can flick back through my Choon Choosday posts if you like.

6-If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet? This is a tough one. But for purely entertainment reasons, and the fact that I have followed his career for a good twenty-odd years and he has never once – not in a single episode of a single telly or radio show – failed to amuse and fascinate me, I’ll go for Danny Baker.

7-If you could choose one symbol to represent you, what would that symbol be and why? I’m not really sure what this question means but I would say the Enigma machine thw Nazis used in World War Two. Because it looks like a normal typewriter but is wired so that what it types isn’t the key you press, and next time it would type a different letter again. Thats symbolises the fact I am a writer (obviously) and the fact that my head is wired in a different way to other people’s. Few people really understand what my head is like, and what I am like. Most of the time I am deliberately evasive and aloof, so you can only understand me if I want you to. And very few people have the code book.


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  1. Great answers. Liked the last one especially.

  2. {stands and applauds} well done! brilliant even! I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed worthy of the title Most Influential Blogger…also, love your answers! Congratulations!!!{stands again to applaud once more because it’s really hard to type while standing and applauding}:D

  3. Popping back in to say I just noticed on your twitter thingy that you are BTVS-athoning today…happy dance!!!

    • Disc1 last night then fell asleep so not much of an athon. Disc2 cued up and let’s see how far we get

      • I await your review with bated breath (what actually is bated breath? sounds weird :D) oh and I’ve noticed some of my replies are not going thru, is there a word limit or something? it’s the lengthier replies that seem to be stubborn

      • wow, disc 2 was incredible. Buffy vs Anya was thrilling, D’Huffron(?) was hilarious. The conversations with the Dead episode was terrifying. And as for the end of ep 8 where the axe is weilded at Giles…. aarrgh! how could they cut(!) it there.
        This show just keeps getting better

      • I’m happy dancing all over the place!!!! I LOVE the ep with B vs A but my little gripe has to do with the way they almost addressed the Xander lie from Season 2 when Buffy was going to kill Angel and Willow sent him to tell Buffy she was working on the soul spell but instead Xander says “kick his ass”- I was so happy they started to address that because it always bothered me but all we got was Willow saying “I never said that!” then they glossed over it 😦
        LOVED the part where Anya sang that song (I’m his mrs) which took place offscreen during Once More With Feeling and then Halfrek being killed instead of Anya 😦
        So do you think that Halfrek was actually William/Spike’s Cecily?
        Conversations with Dead People- ah!!!! soooo good, especially Buffy’s ‘therapy session’ with Holden (?) and Joyce!!!!!!!!!
        Ha! yes they really had to ‘cut’ that scene right there??? Oh I just love this show so much! Since I’m just getting to my comments now you’ve moved along obviously at least till Showtime- have you gotten any further? I plan on watching Buffy tonight and I’d love to watch whichever one you’re watching so let me know if you can…you think you know….haha! so much more to come yet (spoilers, keeping my mouth zipped!) 😀

      • you clearly know your Buffy, ihave forgotten all about Xander’s comment (although i obv knew she had killed Angel – what a brilliant comeback to X that was) Yes, the song was wonderful – a nice reminder of OMWF and a brilliant juxtaposition amongst the apparent tragedy of Anya being killed.
        I am not convinced Giles is really Giles – i know we havent seen how/if he escaped that axe, and i assume JW is with-holding this for a reason. Buffy says the First can only take on the form of dead people, so maybe Giles was killed and is really the First and B will have to kill (a version of) Giles? The ultimate dilemma for a slayer – can she kill her watcher? I know you can’t tell me. I know you are desperately biting your tongue, I will keep watching this weekend as and when i get time and i will tweet which ep i am on so you can Buffathon along with me 🙂

      • OH and i love the name Xander – so mystical and pseudo-greek legend, a bit like Xena or something. Turns out to be short for Alexander. Brilliant.

  4. Perfect answers sweetie. I loved every one of them. I think I understand the last one a little. It’s so difficult to understand the mind of a writer and passionate soul. It isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s okay though. Nothing worth learning ever is. Only a few understand me too. Screw the rest of them that don’t. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • I totally agree with your last comment. I’m not bothered that people don’t get me. if i was then i’d make an effort to be open and approachable. In real life i am much grumpier than on WP and that suits me fine!

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