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New lunch routine

3 June, 2013

I’ve changed my lunch routine and it’s been a revelation. I still go at dead on noon, I still have sandwiches and fruit every day, I still write. But I have changed where I sit and it is so much more productive.

The canteen is sort of L-shaped:


I always used to sit at the far end of the breakfast bar, plug in my laptop and work. But a few times every day, someone would come in and use the coffee machine, and more often than not they would want to talk to me, pass the time of day, comment on the weather. And I would try not to be too rude when I tried to avoid any conversation and get some work done. The exception of course was when GAW came in, when I would happily press Save and sit and chat whilst swooning at how cute she is.

But now, it’s all different. I have moved, and now I sit on the right-hand one of the three tables, hidden round the corner. Now and again someone will say something like “are you hiding over there?” to which the obvious answer is “yes actually, so leave me the fuck alone” but usually I am undisturbed and my writing is better for it. Even GAW doesn’t come and chat as much now which on one level is disappointing, but professionally speaking it’s a win. On the days when my lunch coincides with New GAW’s break we exchange a few pleasantries but then she sits on the table near the coffee machine (as she always has) and then she reads her mag and I work. Which suits me fine.

One day of course, my workplace will be the study in my detached house overlooking the Itchen. Or the desk on my narrowboat. But for now, it’s the table round the corner, out of everyone’s way.


  1. Thank God I have found this out… I don’t think I would have been able to sleep at night without tis revelation…

  2. Morbid Insanity permalink

    Sometimes is good to change.

  3. Well I love thinking of what you do at lunch….

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