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Fiction Relay Part 36

2 July, 2013

Before I get to the chapter, I have some bad news. Those sharp-eyed amongst you will notice that Part 36 should be Hasty‘s turn. Well, sadly she has decided to pull out of the Relay due to outside commitments. It will be a sad loss, she is a talented and inventive writer. Thank you Hasty for your part in making this story the success it has been. There is always a place for you on the team.

This means that Part 36 falls to me, the next in line. So here is my effort. It is, I think, the longest chapter I have written so far but I had the endline in mind and had to work towards it. For those who want a quick recap, the Summary is here – to find out more about the Relay and who participates, the Homepage is here. Okay, here goes…


Part Thirty Six

Blue studied the waiter’s face as he helped her to a green leatherette bench seat. There was no sign of the fangs, the claws, the malevolence that had filled his features just seconds – or was it minutes? – ago. But that didn’t mean they weren’t hidden beneath.

“We should get you an ambulance,” he said, laying a hand on her sweating forehead. Blue flinched from his touch. “No ambulance,” she said through the fog of recovery. “But you were out for five minutes, you need to get to hospital.” “No ambulance, no hospital,” Blue insisted, “no entiendes?”

He stepped away, turned for guidance to his manager, watching from the counter. Seeing the girl was now conscious and hearing the irritation in her voice, the manager approached, eager to prevent a scene or a lawsuit. “She won’t have us call an ambulance, Tyrone,” the waiter reported. This suited Tyrone fine, the lower-key this went, the faster she was on her feet and on her way by her own power, the better. “Let me fix you something,” he said, and returned to his place behind the counter. He ducked down, opened and closed a cupboard. The white china mug he lifted to the chocolate spout was quickly filled, and he brought it to a now upright Blue.

“Drink this,” he said, proffering the mug, “it will help your nerves.” Blue took it and looked from the foam surface to Tyrone and back to the white and brown swirls, the froth. “Trust me,” he said, “I swear by this chocolate. The finest Ecaudorian. Only for my… preferred customers.” He nodded to the mug in Blue’s hand. She sniffed at it, inhaled its deep cocoa tones. That was chocolate alright. She sipped. It was good. She sipped again.


In her motel room, Melissa laid back on her bed. She had quietened Raj, placed him in a dormant state in the single chair, and cleared her mind, tried to relax. She brought down her mental curtain against outside stimulus, but could still sense one power, one mind outside it. The voice wasn’t calling for her, it seemed to be seeping unintentionally from the mind that contained it. Like a passing car playing loud music late at night, it disturbed her peace randomly. Melissa tuned to the mind, listened to its timbre, settled on its frequency. It was a consciousness she knew. It was Blue. She sat upright, her eyes open now as she listened. She was close by. She was alone, she was vulnerable. Melissa smiled, and reached towards Raj, lowered him to a full sleep.


As the cab glided to rest outside Jack-Ass Coffee, Melissa knew that Blue was hers. And what a valuable asset she would be. She told the driver to wait while stepped out of the car and towards the plate glass window. At the rear, Melissa could see Blue in a corner, a waiter and what looked like a manager standing over her as the three of them talked. From the way she was leaning awkwardly against the mirror, and the unfocussed thoughts she was unwittingly sending, Melissa knew that Blue had been drinking. And she knew that Blue herself did not realise. From the sidewalk, Melissa slowly subdued Blue further, exaggerated the effects of the alcohol. Blue’s eyes drooped.

A bell tinkled as she opened the door. “Sammy,” Melissa sang out happily, relieved, “so this is where you’ve been hiding!” She walked quickly to Blue’s table, ignoring the staff who stood aside, clearing a path for her. “You know this girl?” Tyrone asked, hoping that this woman might be the way that this inconvenience may resolve itself.

“Know her?” Melissa smiled, her innocent face beaming, “She’s my… well, it’s complicated, but I know her parents and we’ve been looking everywhere for her. Haven’t we Sammy?” Blues half-open eyes saw Melissa and tried to focus on her. She opened her mouth to speak but Melissa acted first. Using her power, she silenced Blue, vocally and mentally, ensured that she neither said or projected anything that would alert the manager or anybody else who might be searching for her. Blue sank down into her seat again. Melissa turned to Tyrone. “You didn’t give her a drink did you?” she said, accusing. “No ma’am,” he insisted, his hands raised in self-defence, “this is just a coffee house, we’re dry.” Melissa lifted one eyebrow, her face darkened. “I’m not a fucking idiot,” she growled, “I can see she’s drunk. What have you given her?”

Tyrone stepped back. This was taking a very dark turn. He didn’t know who this crazy bitch was, but he knew he had to tell the truth. “Just a shot of tequila to calm her nerves,” he admitted, his voice lowered, “well maybe two shots.”

“You know she’s underage right?” Melissa pressed him, played him, controlled him, “well, you would if you’d been doing your fucking job properly.”

“Listen, I had no idea,” Tyrone said desperately, “she just started freaking out, I had to do something.” Oh shit, please don’t let this woman call the cops.

Melissa’s demeanour brightened. She looked to Blue, still subdued, and back to Tyrone. She smiled, and his worries visibly left him as his tensed shoulders dropped. “It’s ok,” Melissa said warmly, knowing that this fool would now gladly do whatever she wanted just to get rid of them both, “I’ll take her home, I can look after her.”

“That would be great,” Tyrone said enthusiastically. He wasn’t entirely sure what just happened, but if it meant this girl was going somewhere else with someone she knew, well that was fine by him.

Melissa allowed Blue to come round a little, enough that she could help her out of her seat. “It’s ok, Sammy,” Melissa sang, “we’ll freshen you up, get you straight. We’ll look after you, me and Uncle Raj.”

Melissa led Blue to the cab, and once they were both inside, the doors safely locked, she allowed Blue’s full consciousness to return. But not her abilities.

“So then, Melissa,” Blue said as confidently, casually as she could, “now you have my attention, where are we going?”

“Oh, somewhere secure where your mother can’t find you,” Melissa said with a mock-friendly smile. “Or that useless father of yours. Or Sanderson.” She allowed the name to hang between them before adding, “I know you work for him.”

Blue shuffled in her seat. “I don’t know what you mean,” she said innocently, but Melissa scoffed at her attempted deception.

“Don’t insult me girl. You work for him. You were sent to find me.”

Blue shrugged. So she knew, so what? She could take Melissa if she had to, she could finish her. Maybe not right now, but when the time came. “A job’s a job right?” Blue said, picking at the leather upholstery with a black-polished nail. Melissa stared, her head shaking almost imperceptibly. “You think you’re so smart,” she sighed, “you, your parents, your whole little gang.”

“Well, we had you all tied up,” Blue said triumphantly. Melissa replied with a glare, and a gesture to the cab they were currently sitting in, the locked doors keeping Blue where she wanted her.

“You lot need to question who the good guys are in all this,” she went on, “How can you work for that man? After everything his father did.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Melissa shook her head incredulously. “Tell me you know who his father was?”

“Who the fuck cares?” Blue sneered, looking through the window to Jack Ass. She quite fancied another of those Ecuadorians. Melissa should have one too, chill her down a few levels.

“So you really haven’t worked it out yet? Some special talent you are, sweetie. Think about it, what’s his name?”

Blue turned back to Melissa, held her eyes with what she hoped was a threatening stare. “They call him Sanderson, and he is a million times more powerful than…”

“Yeah. Sanderson,” Melissa said, cutting across Blue’s bravado. She repeated it, clearly, unambiguously. “Sanders Son. The son of Sanders.”



Over to you Cara

  1. This story is so intense sometimes. You maintain said intensity. I don’t even know how to go forward from here. Give me time…

  2. I love this story so much and I’m right there with you Cara, intense is a perfect word to describe it. It amazes me how smoothly it all runs together… from the first chapter it pulls you right in and doesn’t let you go, it’s like a roller coaster that you get on and you never want it to come to a halt.

  3. Reblogged this on joannebest and commented:
    On the off chance that you haven’t been following the Fiction Relay, although I’m sure that can’t be possible because, awesomeness, but if it somehow managed to slip past you, there’s no time like the present to jump on it and start reading. This way you’ll be all up to date when it’s my turn to write 😀 Go on, the links are there, you can read it all from this (most excellent) chapter, you know you want to! 😉

  4. ok wow I think i need to read the rest of these! That was so captivating. 🙂

    • Wow, thank you! I must admit i am standing on the shoulders of giants though.
      If you want to read the other 35 shoulders(!) click on the Homepage link above, all the other chapters are accesible from there

  5. Delilah permalink

    Brilliant TRG! Love where you’ve taken us this chapter. I was so hoping someone would connect Sanders and his son. Oooo, chills.

    • I only made that sanders/sanderson link on reading KC’s and i nearly wrote in the comments “am i the only one didnt notice?”
      But then i thought no, i’ll keep it back and use it myself 🙂

  6. I am consistently amazed at the creativity separate minds have brought to this story. You are all beautifully amazing writers and I was honored to add a few pieces. I can’t wait to see how you guys end this and I hope to one day see it at least self published by you TRG. I am also glad you guys found another brilliant writer to join. Cheers!!!

    • YOU are one of the amazing writers that has made it what it is Hasty 🙂
      as to where it ends (if at all!) and whether it is published… well, time will tell

  7. Nice chapter… you handled the supernatural well, and moved the story along. I liked what you did with Melissa. Loved the Sander’s son!

    • Why thank you Ted, Im intrigued by how Melissa may have changed from the warm and friendly diner owner in Chapter 1 to a cold ubervilliain as she is now, mainly inspired by the way treatment Raj treared her. And i also find it interesting that the bad guys have to justify their actions to themselves, which M does by seeing the others have (in her view) sided with Sanderson.
      As to what sort of person Sanderson turns out to be, well time will tell…

  8. *giggles* Hey, guys…sorry I haven’t been commenting or really being around for a bit, been another one of those “bleah-I-have-a-real-life” moments. Hate that. ;p

    Now that that’s over…yay, boss! *hugs* I was waiting and waiting for someone to grab that bit…and you did it perfect! Also, about Melissa…heh…just wait and see, if I get the chance… *eg*

    Cara…yes, take as much time as necessary…(I mean, seriously, y’all waited -how- long for me? *sighs*)…but just know that I am waiting on the edge of my toes for your chapter. *hugs*

    Hasty…*pouts, sighs*…fine, I guess you can go…but just know you’ll be seriously missed. Hope things are/stay good for you. *hugs*

    • glad to see you back online KC! *hug*
      The sanders/sanderson link really made me smile, it opened/opens up so many potentail new avenues. And who knows what the future brings for any of them, but im sure it will be a thrill ride, and a well-written thrill ride at that 🙂

  9. Wow. Just… wow. Again! 🙂

    Okay, first off, I must be asleep because I did NOT make the connection between Sanders (didn’t Ted call him the KFC-master, or something?) and Sanderson. Well played, TRG (and whoever else picked up on that). Well played.

    Second: seamless, intelligent, and exciting! Totally keeps the forward-pace, explaining some previous mysteries, while adding new ones of its own. Excellent! (Holy crap: do you realize how much deep-shit you can get into here, in the U.S., for serving alcohol to minors? Let alone at an establishment that doesn’t even have a license to serve alcohol? HUGE legal/ethical dilemma, w/ serious criminal ramifications! Nice!)

    Finally: I think I want to come back as British in my next life, seeing as how deeply you all believe in chocolate as a panacea. I think I’m in love (though, for a different reason than my 14 year-old daughter, who thinks the sun rises and sets on that boy-band, One Direction.) Awesome! 😀

    • Hi Dawn! thanks for your kind comments. I only spotted the Sanders/Sanderson link recently but once i saw it, it was too good not to use! The hardest part was then getting Melissa to a point where she could use that last line.
      And the alcohol was just a way to make that happen, so the dilemma is just a convenient fluke 🙂
      Chocolate is rhe answer to alot of questions – not sure i can say the same for One Direction!

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