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My undeniable talent for DIY

22 July, 2013

I was off work last week which meant I had time for a little DIY. Firstly, I finished the project I began 3 months ago on the allotment and have now rebuilt the crumbling borders. They are a bit wonky as you can see, but it’s tricky to keep a straight line going for 30 yards on uneven groud. I still need to build a couple of steps but the retaining planks are done. Look:



In addition to this, I built myself some shelves to keep my tea on at work. Today was my first day back and after thanking me for making the tea, the first thing GAW said to me was how impressed she was with my shelves. You can see them too if you like, but don’t look too closely or you will see how uneven they are and how the horizontal bits dont quite line up. But hey,  I made it and I’m proud:


Cuppa anyone?


  1. I thought of you when I saw these guys ona show making their own “Apple Jack” homemade apple moonshine. yeast, brown sugar and crushed apples they put through a wood chipper! I’m getting the urge to make my own alcohol beverage since you did it and these guys did it. Maybe I’m just follower!

    • Oh Jayne, you should make some! And then post some pics. It really is easy once you have the few pieces of equipment you need and a few recipes.You’ll never buy alcohol again!

      • it sounds like an endeavor! The whole yeast thing sounds scientific. Is there only one kind you use? See how lazy I’m being? I’m asking a man on the other side of the world instead of entering “yeast” into a search engine. I did make my first all fresh marinara sauce this weekend. It turned out so good. Are you a vegetarian?

      • you have to use the right sort of yeast – i use wine yeast as i make wine, but there are yeasts for beer, cider, everything.
        I had to google Marianara sauce! that’s what i make most times i have pasta – and i add either peppers, capers, olives, mushrooms… whatever i have spare. and yes i’m vegetarian

      • well, I heard parmesan cheese as another ingredient…but I used on 85 yr. old’s advice – I put a small pork roast to slow cook in the sauce after 2 hours and let it cook for another 6? It was amazing. The devil could use it as bribery – that’s how good it was. but, not your thing. : )

      • Wow 8 hours cooking! It must taste incredible, but i’ll never know 😉

      • olive oil for sauteeing onions and garlic. fresh tomatoes blanched, peeled and crushed, little wine for depth of flavors, add another vegetable ( zuchinni or eggplant?) for thickening and flavor, salt pepper and anything else you like – Parmesan cheese? and simmer for as long as you can and let it thicken. It will be just as delicious.

      • I forgot herbs! fresh basil and could grow those in your allotment!

      • Herbs go without saying. i grow those on the kitchen windowsill

      • You’re my hero. : )

  2. Look at you being handy, BT! Nice work

  3. You had me at tea (she said as she sipped her first cuppa today) 😉
    And how cool are you with the DIYing? Thank you for posting these pictures, it’s slightly cruel (aka I’m so jealous I don’t get to live in England) but still, I love looking at the one place in the world I want to go to but won’t get to until I can teleport myself there 😉
    Oh and as for the marinara sauce, a little trick I learned from my Mom, add a little bit of carrot, small little tiny pieces in the beginning when you sauté the onions and garlic, it can add a hint of sweetness, or, what I usually do is drizzle a little bit of honey in the sauce as you let it simmer and bam! yummy sauce/gravy/whatever you call it …. as for the tea, even more jealous! great DIYing, it’s such a great feeling to make something yourself yes? now i’m going to go make myself another cuppa 😀

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