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Saturday Smile – 24th August

24 August, 2013

When i am away my normal routine is completely discarded and it takes me a few days to re-adjust back to life at home. So coming back from France, combined with massive upheaval and pressure at work, has had me feeling out of sorts this week. But there are still reasons to smile. In particular:


  • Saints won the first game of the new football season for the first time in a million years
  • We broke our transfer record for the third time this summer
  • Today will be Osvaldo’s debut, and I have a ticket
  • And unconnected to football, the heart-melting cuteness of Kaylee from Firefly


So tell me… what has turned your frown upside down this week?


  1. My biggest smile has a downside; my BFF arrived a week early for a visit, the only downside is my time management skills are blown to pieces but if that’s the worst thing that happened this week, I’d say I’m smiling like a grinning fool 😉
    So best friend I haven’t seen in 4 years here? Huge smile!
    Waking up the other morning to find one of my poems had been published? Big smile!
    My vacation-envy has gone away now that vacations are over (is that rude to be happy that people’s vacations are over? I don’t mean it rudely, just selfishly 😉 )
    Oh! I didn’t die! That’s a smile-inducer for me,lol, I went to pick up one of our kitties from the animal hospital and got caught in a torrential downpour on the 10 mile drive back and of all things to happen, my driver side windshield wiper broke in mid-swipe and I had to drive 10 miles with no wipers, did I mention torrential? That’s an understatement, it was the kind of rain that had cars pulling over on the road instead of driving; with a yowling cat in my car I had to keep on going, so I’m smiling because I made it 😀

    And finally, Kaylee is one of my favorite ever Whedon creations but she’s only as awesome as she is because Jewel Staite is adorbs <3<3<3

    • well done on the not dying, thats definitely worth smiling about.
      And your poem – that’s fantabulous news 🙂 Do tell all the wheres and whens.
      Oh and yes, Jewel is a cute little bundle of adorbs!

      • I’m a bad girl when it comes to the where’s but I actually wrote this one down, soon as I find where I wrote it down I’ll let you know lol, but the most important thing is Kaylee ;-D priorities you know hee!

  2. For once I actually have a few smiles worth sharing, so thanks, world. ;p

    First, meeting a fantastic new best-bud-forever-and-ever, and having -several- long “chats” over email already…and they still haven’t run away! O.O! (It’s all your fault, btw… *eg*)

    Second, getting the new chapter of Suzi’s Saga a day before expected…#40!! *blinkblink* Totally awesome chapter, adds more mysteries than it solves, absolutely perfect…and a big smile maker. *hugs*

    And last but definitely not least…a random sighting of a pre-teen Whovian. I’m going to put the really bad pic I snapped on my blog in a little bit, but the story goes here as well. Sitting in CVS (big chain drugstore) waiting for a prescription to come in, kid runs past and my first thought was “hmm…long coat?” That got my attention, and then I almost squee-ed out loud and barely managed to keep it in so as to not scare the poor kid. *laughs* Full Matt Smith Dr. Who. Well, all but the fez. Coat, bow-tie, sonic screwdriver…just perfect. Kid couldn’t’ve been older than 12. Listened to a bit of fen-talk between a random patron and the kid…”Y’know, there’s a theory that the Dr. is the Master, only from the future…No way, cause that’d mean that he came back…” They walked out of earshot, but I don’t think my grin went away until I left the store. The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth! *giggles*


    • Glad to hear of the smiles – that’s shiny!
      yep I’m a one-person Whedonian bringerer togethererer
      and your who story is great, it’s nice to hear how wide a quaint british teatime show has spread 🙂

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