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A WIP is like a relationship

1 October, 2013

I am struggling to find motivation for my latest WIP, its early sparkle has dimmed for me and I am wondering whether we have a future together. More and more I find myself thinking back to my previous WIP – I know there is unfinished business there but I promised myself I would spend a few months apart from it, let my emotions cool. And I realised that there are many similarities between a WIP and a relationship.


You might find a new WIP (or it might find you) anytime, anywhere, sometimes in the most unexpected places

you can be inbetween WIPs or in a serious WIP already when another catches your eye

at the beginning, you are full of excitement

the new WIP is full of promise and potential – maybe this is The One

it’s the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing at night

wherever you are, whatever you are doing, your mind is on your new WIP

you are desperate to finish what you are doing so you can spend time with it some more

Maybe after a short while you realise it just isn’t meant to be

maybe the early thrill is gone and your new WIP isn’t what you expected

and you part, never to meet again

except perhaps for a quick fling, one night even, as you try to recapture that spark

But if you make it past those early doubts when the initial buzz of excitement fades then you settle into a comfortable routine

a familiar pattern develops of times when you will be together, and the WIP becomes part of the furniture of your life

there will be times, dark days, when you doubt how serious your WIP is, whether you aren’t wasting your time

maybe another WIP tries to tempt you away with promises of a happier future together

and as your time with your WIP grows longer and longer, you may come to resent it

to dread the time you spend together, see it as a chore and not a pleasure

its quirks, once so fascinating and enthralling, become irritating, infuriating

But you stay together, remembering those early happy days, keeping in mind how well suited the two of you were, and still are

determined that this time you will make it work

this will be different to previous failures

you will learn from past mistakes

A WIP has its own rhythm, its own timing

and the time will come when it reaches a natural end, but that can be hard to recognise

is it time to step away, or do you work at it some more?

When the end finally comes, when it is finished and you walk away, do you launch straight into another WIP?

or do you take a break and rediscover your old life?

go out more, see friends more, catch up on those books you meant to read, those DVD boxsets you’ve not had time to watch?

Maybe the time between WIPs will be long, maybe it will be short

maybe two or more will overlap

and you feel guilty when you spend time with one and not the other

or thoughts about one enter your mind while you are with its rival

but whether there is a break or not, it is inevitable that another WIP will catch your eye

will seduce you

allure you

and before you realise, you are smitten again

with another WIP

it will always happen

we are programmed that way

we’re writers

we can’t help it

we can’t change




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  1. You are my favorite WIP

  2. and I, my dear, love you very much, so there 😛

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